Grike has connected.
Chris has connected.
Chris: finally
DM: Ok, I have to be a DM now...
Chris: Sorry to keep you waiting.
DM: Alright, first do you have a token to use Matt?
Keenan: what class are you matt?
DM: Well, no matt it looks like.
Keenan: is grike matt?
DM: I would like to remind folks that the downside of RPtools is how easy it is to not pay attention, and then this entire train grinds to a halt
DM: and I assume so
Keenan: yeah
Chris: I beg to differ on the ease of not paying attention. These clinks are so loud I can hear them across the room from my headphones.
Grike: Sorry, I just connected. Grike would be Matt
Keenan: ok
DM: awsome
Keenan: what class are you just wondering?
Grike: I'm currently Ranger1/Barbarian1
Keenan: are you undren?
Grike: And I do not have a token to use but I have a JPEG
Grike: No, I'm named Thad but it's not up yet
DM: pass it to any of us and we can make a pretty token
Grike: just put the link in?
Keenan: i guess not since undren has only 7 life, a ranger barbarian wouldnt ahve that
Keenan: dont pass it to me, i cant make a token for some reason
Boretos: yeah, put the link in.
DM: You got the token Adam?
Boretos: I'm on it.
Chris is disconnected.
Keenan: wonder why chri dced
Chris has connected.
Chris: I don't know why MapTool just did that, but it would be really great if it didn't do it again.
Keenan: that is an awesome image matt
DM: Cool. Meanwhile, the scouting party just met up with Odran, and tells him what happened...
Grike: Thanks, the crazed eyes really add some pinache
Torg: I bring meat.
Odran: Great, was never the type to like eating my vegatables to much. Always nice to eat meat.
Tadryn: Something messed up the lake. It's not safe to go there right now, and that kind of magic isn't something that gives me a good feeling about anything else.
Odran: Really? thats interesting, is it too dangerous to check out what may be causing it, and what effect is actually occuring there?
Torg: Not too dangerous for me.
Tadryn: I just said it's not safe to go there, didn't I?
Torg: Just appealing water.
Keenan: who would we report this too?
DM: Uder himself is ultimitely in charge, but doesn't interact with the common folk much. Ico is normally the man you report to, as you are his apprentice, but he is currently off on a vision quest. Joeseph Tamourne is the highest ranking guy who you actually talk to.
Keenan: I guess we should report this to tamourne then.
Odran: This seems like a very serious matter, its a shame Ico isnt here, we should report this to ico then instead
Keenan: replace ico wiht tamourne
DM: do you guys hunt for him?
Tadryn: Tamourne, you mean? That was my thought. Church, probably...
Chris is disconnected.
Odran: Ah, hello there thad
Torg: (( I check the church. ))
Thad is right outside the church
Chris has connected.
Thad: Hello friends, how goes the journey?
Keenan: i assume we all go to check the church for tamourne
DM: Church isn't often empty in your small town, but this evening it is.
Chris: maptool, are we going to have a problem
DM: Mass isn't often held after mid afternoon, but normally someone is in here praying, and Tamourne tends to this place like his only baby
Odran: apparently the nearby lake is magically enchanted with something that makes it appealing according to Tadryn and torg
Tadryn: Well, that's odd. Where is that boy?
Keenan: would the central area be a likely locaitonf or him
DM: you talking about Torg? He's standing to your left...
Keenan: since that is liekly a regualr socail gathering area
Keenan: and were talking about tamourne
DM: it is likely. Hunting a man down in a tiny village aint tough
Chris: I'm talking about Tamourne.
Chris: I'm an elf; any non-elves here are children by my age standards.
DM: We can assume you find him soon enough.
DM: He looks at you all with a grin.
Tadryn: Getting some fresh air, I see.
Joeseph Tamourne: Back from the trip, I see.
Torg: Trouble, I see.
Joeseph Tamourne: I'm sorry?
Torg: At the lake.
Torg: Magics.
Tadryn: Yeah. Someone put a spell on the lake that compels you toward it. No end result of that is good.
Joeseph Tamourne: Agreed. I was always weary of heading this far out, but Uder wanted us safe. What exactly happened?
You roll secretly to the GMs.
Tadryn: I pretty much said it already. We went to the shore, I felt something influencing my mind and making me run toward the lake.
Tadryn: I didn't think it would be smart to stick around.
Joeseph Tamourne: I'm glad to have you amoung us, Tadryn. You know when to not take risks.
Joeseph Tamourne: Gather the villagers and bring them here. I want to tell them sooner rather than later.
Keenan: i guess we do that
DM: mind helping to assemble villager tokens, or would yall rather just pretend for one scene?
Torg: (( shut it. ))
DM: Tamourne is not a particularly tall human, and any human is dwarfed by half-orcs, but his voice is well enough to pass over the crowd with authority, and they are all willing ears...
Joeseph Tamourne: Attention, followers of Uder!
Chris is disconnected.
Joeseph Tamourne: Today we have been at this village for four years. For those years we have hunted what we needed, gathered the wood we needed, and found the seeds we needed from this eastern forrest without truely understanding it. That was too long.
Chris has connected.
Joeseph Tamourne: Earlier today, an expedition was set out to the deeper parts of the forrest to see what lay out there, and what was found was danger. There are forces we do not understand, away from the guiding shadow of our god. There are evils we are too young to face beyond the horizon.
Joeseph Tamourne: Until further notice, travel into the deep woods is forbidden. I will have my scouts mark the boundries of where you may roam. Beyond there, I will have none travel.
Joeseph Tamourne: This is not just for your own good. We are one body, one union. Nerull has given us our gift of life not just to cherish our time and serve him, but to serve each other. To stray to far would be to give power to those forces beyond the guiding shadow, that may put us all at risk.
Joeseph Tamourne: Questions?
Tadryn: (mumbles to Torg and Undren) Another expedition into mortal peril, eh? Oh, Tamourne, you shouldn't have.
Torg: I am not afraid.
Keenan: he never suggested you to go ack there, eh said to mark the boundaries, which is likely closer than the actualy area of danger.
DM: If nobody amoung you asks anything, the crowd disperses
Keenan: and who is undren?
DM: you never met her before
Keenan: ok
DM: she is a 35ish half orc
DM: female. Not in the clergy
Keenan: ah, so middle aged
DM: does anyone do anything this night, or do you go back to your lives for now?
Chris: may as well get a head start on our job, eh?
Keenan: i dont see any reason why we would do anything new, i assume we already have people wachign teh outskirts regualrily
Keenan: or we should all go now
DM: border patrol has never been your job, but you can volunteer if you feel it is best for the community
You whisper to DM: I tell my mother to stay in town.
Chris: now why would i miss an opportunity to both play the hero and avoid the townsfolk?
Keenan: oh i know, just checking taht people do border control, and if tadryn wants to mark the boundary now, i dnt see a reason why not too, especially since if there are enemies we would ahve the advantage int eh dark
DM: Alright, so the only thing for now is Taydren marking his territory?
Keenan: is he going alone or is he asking us to come with just in case
Torg: (( I help. ))
Chris: I don't object.
Thad: I'll go, get a feel for the area
Odran: want any help from me since we dont know what may be casting those magics?
Tadryn: I won't argue with your tagging along, but be careful.
Keenan: so i guess we mark the area thats safe now
DM: Alright then, how far do you start placing markers?
Thad: You won't even know I'm here
Keenan: so probably we wont get even close to the lake
DM: (We assume you have something marker worthy)
Keenan: do we have paint? to mark the trees
Keenan: some that wont come off in rain
DM: (We assume you have something marker worthy)
Torg: I don't know you.
Thad: Nor I you friend
Torg: Torg.
Thad: Torg it is, you may call me Thad
Torg: Tell me what you do.
Tadryn: If it's all the same to you, let's not let the whole forest know we're here.
Thad: (whispers to Torg) What needs to be done
DM: BTW, Torg is 14
Torg: *whispers* Hmph.
DM: just in case that effects RPing
Keenan: eh, hes basically like your average young adult in maturity, for his intelect atleast, since half orcs mature faster
Grike: He's a man in half-orc years, that's good enough for me
Keenan: i assume your intellect is like 6 or 8
Grike: Mine?
Keenan: no, torgs
Keenan: with how he talks
Torg: (( No you're intellect is like 6 or 8. ))
Keenan: so i guess we get on with the jo
You whisper to DM: It's totally 6.
Keenan: anything happen?
DM: depends, how far out do you decide to mark?
Keenan: probbaly like 200 ft fromt eh danger area around the alke
DM: What does the rest of the team think?
Chris: that sounds good
Grike: agreed
DM: The party travels east, to the lake of danger....
Keenan: so around how far off are we from when the effect started
Odran: so around how far off are we from when the effect started
DM: You come across the same stream that led you to the lake, but it's still a good half mile to the lake itself...
Tadryn: Now entering bad mojo territory. We should consider placing the markers near here.
Odran: Very well
Tadryn: Especially if it might spread, we'll want to have the markers hang back a ways.
DM: everyone make le spot check!
Keenan: im assuming we place hard to remove and noticable, but only to those who know what to look for markers in the area
* Keenan rolls: d20+4 => 11 + 4 = 15
Keenan: eh, 15 isnt bad
* Grike rolls: d20+5 => 13 + 5 = 18
* Chris rolls: 1d20+9 => 10 + 9 = 19
* You roll to the GMs: 1d20+1 => 5 + 1 = 6
DM: Across the stream, you see an owlbear sitting. You can't tell if it's seen you
Tadryn: (whispers) Do. Not. Engage that.
Odran: (whispers) defintialy not planning to do that
Torg: (low growl)
Odran: (whispers) no, please no torg
DM: roll init all
* Chris rolls: 1d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 18 + 1 = 19
Chris: classic
* Keenan rolls: d20+2 => 10 + 2 = 12
* You roll to the GMs: 1d20+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
* Grike rolls: d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
DM: if owlbear is alerted to you, it goes at 19
DM: if it is alerted to you, it delays
DM: Thad, your move
Keenan: adam hasnt rolled
DM: ohh, he rolled to DM secretly, he has init 6
Tadryn: (whispers) Here's great. Tread lightly, and don't go any closer to it.
Grike: How equipped are my fellow teammates to move silently?
DM: that one didn't need to be secred
Torg: (( force of habit. ))
DM: your move Thad?
Grike: I draw my bow and move silently to the next tree
DM: roll it
* Grike rolls: d20+4 => 1 + 4 = 5
Keenan: well taht made me laugh atleast
Keenan: are you a rouge grike?
Keenan: wait, you arelady said
Keenan: nvm
Tadryn: (whispers) Are you trying to get us killed?!
Thad: (whispers) There was a root!
DM: you suffer -4 to hit anything south of you in melee due to the tree trunk in your square BTW
DM: ok, next?
Thad: That's my entire turn
Grike: whoops ooc
DM: ok, whose next?
Chris: I'm last...
Keenan: adam still needs to roll for torg
Keenan: if not, then im next
DM: he got a 6
Keenan: oh yeah
Keenan: keep forgettng that
Adam observes wolves on map that Brian forgot to conceal...
You whisper to DM: You might want to make those wolfs invisible to players.
Keenan: im next then, but i think ill just wait for tadryn to mark the area before we move since i odnt trust my self with moving silently too much, but i do ready channeling a spell
Keenan: so yeah, adam now
Torg: *taps Tadryn and points north west*
That's where the wolves are, which I guess he spotted in a private roll?
Keenan: we cant really mvoe till we mark the area
Torg: *draws great axe*
Keenan: ah
DM: Torg and taydryn, anything else?
Torg: (move silently)
* You roll to the GMs: 1d20+6 => 1 + 6 = 7
DM: glorious
Torg: Blast!
Keenan: what happened
DM: Ok Chris, now what?
Keenan: and did you just yell blast
Torg: Accursed root!
Torg: (( and yes. ))
Tadryn: ...just start running now.
Grike: Has the owlbear detected us?
DM: might have...
DM: you did just yell and break two roots
Chris: If it hadn't between you two's attempts at stealth, it noticed Torg shouting.
DM: Any other actions, or is it my friggin turn?
Unknown command: "turn". Try /help for a list of commands.
Torg: (( turn ))
Chris: Okay. I ready an action to fire on the owlbear if it starts moving our way.
Keenan: well i assume i cant do anyhting since i had said i already readied may action to channel if its alerted
Keenan: i guess i assume its allerted after taht
DM: you may cast now if you want
* Keenan rolls: d6 => 5
DM: or channel rather
Keenan: nice
Torg: (( anything else keenan? ))
Keenan: i cant do anyhting else, that was my readied action
DM: alright then.
DM: The Owlbear stirs and begins to saunter twards you.
DM: The wolves just move a bit closer
Keenan: threateningly like it'll fight, or just curously
Chris: ah shit, there are wolves, too?
Torg: (( I tried to warn you. ))
Keenan: you did?
DM: ok, yall's turn
Keenan: i channel spirt
Torg: (( Why else would I gesture to the north west? ))
* Keenan rolls: d6 => 6
Keenan: nice
Thad: What's the plan friends?
Torg: Kill or be killed.
Odran: Ill try to confuse the wolves, if it succeed we then focus on the owlbear while there ditracted beefore getting them
Thad: (( I delay until after Odran's turn ))
Chris: Time to kill some wolves.
DM: do you have LOS?
DM: you can see only the wolf on the right
Keenan: im not even in range yet, i was planninig to wait tillt ehy were
Chris: It's not my turn yet.
Keenan: once they all get within range im going to cast my spell
Keenan: what will you guys do?
Torg: (( I ready an attack on a charging Wolf. ))
Chris: I fire on the right wolf.
Thad: (( I ready an attack on a wolf coming into range ))
Keenan: you should get closer then matt, your pretty far away
* Chris rolls: 1d20+5 => 18 + 5 = 23
Thad: (( I've got 110ft, they can easily get within that in one move ))
Chris: THAT is a hit.
DM: yeah
* Chris rolls: 1d8 => 7
Chris: nice!
DM: ok, my turn?
Keenan: if tehy all go for torg it might be hard to cast my spell
Torg: (( your turn. ))
DM: the wolves retreat, attempting to put some bush inbetween you to
DM: the owlbear, fully awake, rushes past the trees, smashing everything in it's path.
Odran: change of plans then
Thad: (( I'm going to go with hostile. Can I use my readied shot on that? ))
DM: Nope, you were readying against the wolves
DM: but it's your turn now anyway
DM: you can go in any order, it doesn't matter now
Keenan: damn, still out of range, i will have to get a bit closer
Torg: (( turn. ))
Knowing Torg, the turn consisted of charging blindly...
Keenan: ok,t his will work, i cast 3 spirt and 3 antimind
Keenan: it ahs to rolla will save
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 10 + 2 = 12
Keenan: it fails, its confused for 3 rounds
DM: probably a failure
DM: awsome
Keenan: thats my turn, have to go for a min
Torg: (( chris and matt? ))
Thad: (( I drop my bow, move closer, and draw my spiked chain ))
Tadryn: I said RUN!
Chris: I shoot at the owlbear...
* Chris rolls: 1d20+7 => 15 + 7 = 22
DM: hit
Torg: (( on the ball today. ))
Keenan: didnt it go like 100 ft in a round, we cant outrun that since i imagine that was ajust a double move
* Chris rolls: 1d8 => 3
DM: anyone else, or is it my turn once more?
Keenan: or was that actually a run
Keenan: i imagine we coudl tell by looking at it
DM: It ran
Keenan: ah, ok then, we could run away
Keenan: what will you do torg?
Keenan: oh yeha, you already moved
Torg: (( yeah DM's turn. ))
* DM rolls: 1d10 => 5
Keenan: it does nothing
DM: The owlbear mutters to itself
DM: The wolves just watch. Your turn
Thad: (( I take a five foot step and attempt to trip it ))
Torg: (( touch attack. ))
DM: I assume you have improved trip?
* Grike rolls: d20+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
DM: It's not stunned
Torg: (( spiked chain tho ))
DM: right
Thad: (( not yet I don't, next feat ))
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 11 + 5 = 16
DM: 16 on resisting trip I think
DM: do you add BaB?
Keenan: i think
Torg: (( no ))
Thad: (( it's an opposed STR check ))
DM: kk. 16
Torg: (( or dex for defender ))
Torg: (( +4 for size ))
Keenan: i thought alrge was only a +1, or is that also a only pathfinder thing
Chris: Plus a lot for bing a quadruped.
DM: 20 then. Let me look this up
Chris: And I mean a LOT.
DM: and owlbears are biped
Thad: (( large is +4 ))
Keenan: ok
DM: yeah, grapple and trip use their own size bonuses
Keenan: im always happy that pathfinder made combat manuevers all work by the smae rules
Keenan: anyway, what do you guys do
Torg: (( roll that strength, matt ))
DM: They upset the balance of them a little though. Worth it? Maybe...
* Grike rolls: d20+3 => 17 + 3 = 20
Keenan: nice
Torg: (( Hot. ))
DM: roll off, no modifiers, to break the tie.
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 12
* Grike rolls: d20 => 4
DM: do you want to drop your weapon, or defend against counter trip?
Thad: (( I'll defend ))
DM: ok then
* DM rolls: 1d20+9 => 4 + 9 = 13
* Grike rolls: d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
DM: roll off to break the tie...
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 11
* Grike rolls: d20 => 12
DM: ok, nothing happens. My turn?
Thad: (( I use my remaining move action to retreat ))
Keenan: no, tog, chris, and me ahve to go
DM: What was that matt?
Torg: (( I'm afraid I can't let you do that , Matt. ))
Keenan: im not going to leave torg behind if he still wnt run, though i would prefer for him to
DM: you did a move and standard action buddy
Thad: (( I took a 5 ft step ))
Keenan: adn yeah, you did do a 5ft step and a standard
Keenan: you can do anyhting ebsides move that takes a move action, but not move
Thad: (( right, my bad ))
Keenan: i assume torg is going to attack, so i take a 5ft step, channel divination, and buff him
* Keenan rolls: d6 => 4
* Chris rolls: 1d20+7 => 8 + 7 = 15
Chris: ...
Keenan: you get a +4 on your next hit torg
Torg: (( MY man. ))
DM: if you were attacking you hit
Keenan: so, do you charge it i imagine
* You roll to the GMs: 1d20+13 => 10 + 13 = 23
Chris: oh, well then
* Chris rolls: 1d8 => 2
Chris: ...
Chris: why
Keenan: you really need a composite bow
DM: you strike it square in the hip with your whatever weapon you have
DM: while the arrow flies into it's leg
Unknown command: "rdm 1d12+9". Try /help for a list of commands.
* You roll to the GMs: 1d12+9 => 4 + 9 = 13
Keenan: can you please roll so that we can see adam in cases like this when your not trying to hide stuff, i like seeing whats happening
Chris: If I had enough starting gold to get one, I'd have one.
DM: yeah, I am recording damage anyway
Torg: (( Alright. ))
Keenan: oh i know, just saying you need one
DM: ok.
* DM rolls: 1d10 => 7
DM: it runs away
Keenan: that provoles
DM: withdraw action
Keenan: ah
Torg: (( every time. ))
DM: the guy with reach wasn't near enough
DM: yalls turn
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+7 => 17 + 7 = 24
Thad: (( I charge as well ))
* Boretos rolls: 1d12+9 => 11 + 9 = 20
DM: it has 15 AC
Keenan: wow, nice roll
Keenan: really really nice roll
DM: go thad go
* Grike rolls: d20+7 => 6 + 7 = 13
DM: and a miss
Keenan: i approach, quick channel antimind cantrip and cast bane, and then use my sling
Keenan: make a will save for it
* Keenan rolls: d20+1 => 3 + 1 = 4
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 8 + 2 = 10
Keenan: it gets a -1 to attack rolls and saves against fear effects
DM: is bane a ray?
Keenan: no, every enemy within 50 ft
Keenan: nvm
DM: I hate you all...
Keenan: now im in range for bane, didnt bother with sling then
DM: ok, time for this owlbear to try to avoid death?
Keenan: did chris go this turn?
Keenan: i dont think so
* Chris rolls: 1d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
Chris: nope
Keenan: ok, roll for confusion
Tadryn: It's running for the lake! Don't give chase!
Keenan: lets see what it gets this time
* DM rolls: 1d10 => 4
DM: babbles
DM: ok, kill the poor bastard
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+7 => 13 + 7 = 20
* Boretos rolls: 1d12+9 => 2 + 9 = 11
* Grike rolls: d20+5 => 15 + 5 = 20
* Grike rolls: 2d4+4 => 6 + 4 = 10
* Keenan rolls: d20+1 => 14 + 1 = 15
* Keenan rolls: d4 => 1
Keenan: yay
DM: ok, it's bleeding out
DM: no more need for init order
DM: the wolves backed off when it was clear you weren't getting murdered
Torg: (( I take a handful of feathers and will carry the body back to camp. ))
DM: Torg ties hopelessly to carry a large creature's courpse
Odran: Well, ncie that no one got hurt, and this food will last a while, i suppsoe we shoudl continue marking for now
Tadryn: Well, gentlemen, you've exceeded expectations by a mile.
Thad: right, can't forget what we came here for
Tadryn: Damned good work, all of you.
Thad: (( I retrieve my dropped bow ))
Tadryn: Here, I'll give you a hand with that, Torg.
Keenan: so i guess we continue marking, anyhting else happen?
DM: nope. You eventually mark the area and head home
Boretos: I'm afraid I must go. Something has come up.
Keenan: with this muhc food, this should be enoug to probide meat for the village for weeks
DM: fair enough
Boretos: sorry guys.
DM: there are over a thousand people here, actually. Nearly every half-orc from Damriel and many sympathizers the church of Nerul or the old king Veric.
Keenan: what?
Keenan: oh, nvm
DM: and don't worry about it
Keenan: sorry about what?
Boretos: I had planned to stay longer.
Keenan: oh you ahve to go, a shame, oh well, see you another time
Grike: What's the average length of these anyways?
Keenan: 2-3 hours
Keenan: is there anyhting liekyl to ahppen that wouldnt involve adam anyway that we should do, or should we just stop then
DM: actually, there is a scene involving you and one involving the two scouts...
DM: any prefrence on who goes first?
Keenan: if dam has to do but ahs time for this first i guess he should go first if he has time for it
DM: I don't need Adam
Keenan: isnt he one fo the 2 scouts
DM: ok, the scouts whoa ren't adam
DM: keep in mind that Torg just joined the scouts
Boretos: Yeah, I'll be at my house.
Keenan: ok
Grike: Am I a scout or no?
DM: you are
Keenan: yeah, was wonding that to
DM: Sorry if that was unclear.
Chris: okay, so it's me and thad?
DM: Thad and Taydren are professional scouts/hunters, Odran is a junior priest of Nerul
DM: yeah, you and Thad
Keenan: k
Keenan: how about you do yours first, ill be back in a min
DM: it's about a week since you do your marking (it takes a few days), and Tamourne calls you into the "Palace"
Grike: I can do that
DM: you heal at this point, BTW
Keenan: dont really need to muhc except for tadryn cause of my awesome confusion
Joeseph Tamourne: Alright, are the markers complete?
Tadryn: Aye. Even killed ourselves an owlbear.
Thad: Yes sir, went off without a hitch
Joeseph Tamourne: How far out is the perimeter?
Tadryn: A few hundred feet from the lake.
DM: His eyes light up with what seems like genuine fear.
Keenan: thats mroe like a few thousand or a few miles
Keenan: oh,y ou eman the magic effect
Joeseph Tamourne: That's way too far!
Tadryn: I figured that if the magic might expand, it would be good to have a buffer zone.
Thad: (( it was about half a mile ))
Keenan: that was way mroe than a mile
Tadryn: But perhaps I underestimated? I am not a caster.
Joeseph Tamourne: The lake isn't the only thing we have to fear, Tadryn. There may be other dark magics out there you didn't stumble on.
Tadryn: So where, then, should we draw the line? A bowshot from town? How much caution is enough, and how much is too much? We know nothing of any other hazards.
Tadryn: Just scout more, and we should be fine.
Tamourne takes a pause, and a seat.
Joeseph Tamourne: What do you two know about Glistar's rise to power?
Thad: Very little I'm afraid, I'm not really from around here.
Tadryn: Oh, what, it's because I'm an elf, isn't it.
Joeseph Tamourne: Ico is an elf. You know that.
Joeseph Tamourne: We came here to get away from matters of race, don't bring that with us.
Tadryn: And yet, more than once I've had to remind someone that just because my ears are sharp, I'm not a jackbooted goon.
Keenan: who is glistar?
DM: Glistar is the false king who shunted the half-orcs out of the capital, and now rules Damriel
DM: one moment
Tadryn: Not every day, mind you, but still.
Joeseph Tamourne: You must understand the resentment the half-orcs still bear. Hate is as hard to un-learn as it is to teach in the first place.
Tadryn: To answer your question, yes, I'm familiar with how it happened. The elves running Demriel aren't too fond of those of us who take exception to their idea of how things should be run. Why do you think I'm out here in the boonies to begin with?
Joeseph Tamourne: I knew him before his rise. He thinks he's invincible. That his one god and his elven blood make him the best. He even belives that elves cannot catch the goblin plague.
Joeseph Tamourne: When the exaulted one, founder of our church came to rule, he put into practice the art of curing those exposed to goblins so that they did not turn, but now with that madman in power we have 25 years until this problem comes back up, because he is too naive to see the danger.
Joeseph Tamourne: But don't worry about that for now. The lesson is this: never think yourself too mighty. Perhaps there are no other dark magics. Perhaps you can scout them all out. But what if you can't? What if you awaken something?
Tadryn: And you know, half-orcs might be the perfect solution to those with no curative magics. Ironic.
Joeseph Tamourne: For Nerul's sake, please don't talk about this with any half orcs. I don't want to break up any more fights...
Tadryn: I have better sense than that, Tamourne. You know that.
Joeseph Tamourne: Thank you. Now please, replace the markers, and only far enough that we have enough grounds for hunting.
Tadryn: Will do, and next time we have an assignment like this, please specify more.
Joeseph Tamourne: Will do
DM: So I assume you put down closer markers?
Chris: Yeah.
Chris: And I should be going soon, though not now.
Keenan: do we go with you, or do you do it alone
DM: Chris and matt may pick, but it doesn't matter
Chris: feeling like he's messed up, tadryn goes alone today
DM: Alright then. The next event for you is about two months later.
DM: you are in church, and sermon just ended...
DM: A human comes up to Thad
Human 21: Excuse me, are you one of the master scouts?
Grike: Am I? or just a normal scout?
DM: it's not a formal rank, but you are one of the top guys at this point
Thad: I would be, friend. What can I do for you?
Tadryn: He holds his own, at any rate.
DM: She's a young lass, a gatherer by the wears on her apron.
Keenan: i imagine her face is still like the one on the icon
Chris: I was thrown off by the beard.
Grike: A great big bushy beard!
Brian replaces icon with someone more in line with Chris' idea of feminine beauty...
Aemrien: Hi, I'm Aemrien. Did you put up the border?
Thad: I was one of the scouts who did, yes
Aemrien: Well, you blocked off this pond. I know it sounds dumb, but I want you to move the markers a little past it. It's really not that far out, you see.
Thad: What use do you have for the pond?
Aemrien: Well, it's fresh water.
Tadryn: Sure. Markers are closer than they really need to be, anyway.
Tadryn: Strictly speaking.
DM: you have a river to the south, by the way, that is well within marker
Keenan: is ico still gone at this point just curious
DM: by some plot device yes.
DM: I will figure out why later
Thad: Any reason why the river won't suffice?
DM: She pauses for a minute.
Aemrien: Ok, look. It isn't really that important. It's kind of stupid to say this now, but I just... like it there. All my friends do, really. It's the first place we found out here, and we go there to get away from the town...
Aemrien: ...I guess it's just the only place I feel alive.
Aemrien: Look, it's super safe. We've been there so many times before.
Thad: (( might be a good time for a sense motive if Tadryn has any kind of bonus to that ))
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 12 + 2 = 14
DM: yeah, can you all just give me your bonus
* Grike rolls: d20 => 12
DM: she seems sincere....
Thad: I would rather check it out for myself before any kind of decision is made.
DM: from now on, I will roll sense motive in secret whenever a lie is told
Tadryn: Yeah. We'll scout the surrounding areas. I don't doubt you, but it's a necessary precaution.
Aemrien: Thanks
Thad: (to Tadryn) Should we check with Tamourne? We likely know what his answer will be.
Tadryn: I don't think he needs to know. Surely he's busy enough as is.
Keenan: your just asking for trouble, i love it
DM: so you go explore?
Thad: Fair enough. Busy men can't be bothered with such things.
Thad: (( Yes ))
Travel happens
DM: you find a refreshing looking little spring, full of calm clear water
Thad: (( How far within the perimeter are we? ))
DM: you are around half a mile out of it
Tadryn: Time to get hunting.
Thad: (( and how far to the lake? ))
DM: zoom out and see for yourself
Chris: holy balls
Keenan: that looks like 50-200 miles, not too good a judge
It's like 20. Keenan is only good at judging how bad of a judge he is.
DM: do you scan out long range, or search the lake?
Chris: I'll be satisfied if we just search out an area where this pond's far side would be the edge of an arc with where the current markers are.
DM: here, have some mile long sicks
DM: The normal woodland creatures are there, but other than a single torn piece of a lady's undergarment, there is simply nothing out of the ordinary here...
Tadryn: Oh, these youngsters.
Tadryn: Should we rub this in her face and tell her to be more careful from now on?
Grike is disconnected.
DM: did I ever mention how much I love the fact that Taddy is a huge dick?
Chris: he's the biggest dick ever
Grike has connected.
Chris: and i love playing him
I'm actually gonna roll a d20 to not make a joke here...
I got a 3.
Anyone notice how Chris only started having good luck when he started playing with his dick?
DM: recap for the DCed
I deleted the part where I recaped what just happened.
Tadryn: I feel like she needs a warning if she's going to be all the way out here.
Grike: Is there anything in the pond?
DM: the pond itself is clear, and no more than 8 ft deep.
DM: There are a few fish
Thad: That might turn awkward lest we're sure they're hers
Tadryn: Oh, she just said she and her friends.
Tadryn: Could be any of them, really, but they do need to learn caution...
Thad: It might be reasonable to set a curfew for coming out this far, and to only come in groups
Tadryn: Fair.
DM: so that's what you do?
Chris: yep, works for me
Grike: Sounds good
Chris: though i am going to put in some allusion to having found one of her group's panties
DM: what is your alignment
DM: you are no longer lawful for this
Chris: pf, I was Ng.
DM: alright, well that is all for you two for now
Chris: cool
Grike: Sounds good. Same time next week then?
Chris: Guess I'll be out, then.
DM: yeah
Keenan: see ya
Grike: Sounds good then
Chris is disconnected.
Keenan: too bad we can only do i once a week
Grike is disconnected.
DM: alright, you ready Keenan?
Keenan: sure
DM: Alright, so it's a bit before that scouting, but it doesn't connect to this bit.
Keenan: k
DM: You are walking around the northern edge of the village when you see a few folks running off into the woods. They look like they don't want to be seen...
Odran: Hello there, going hunting?
DM: they don't seem to hear you
Keenan: am i busy at all? i imagine they seem pretty suspicious
DM: you aren't
Keenan: i decide to just follow them out of curiousty and to check taht there not doing anyhting dangerous since there acting suspiciously
DM: after about a half mile (well within the barrier) you begin to hear chanting...
Keenan: i think, I have a really bad feeling about this, if anyhing happens, please protect me nerull.
Keenan: i move closer silently
DM: you are able to sneak with no issue. They are not being quiet enought to hear you
Keenan: so, what does it look like then
DM: There is one half-orc in a headdress, who is leading the chant, seemingly randomly, while the others chant and shout encouragement
Keenan: its just some random chant, and not to any god in particular?
DM: Not as far as you can tell...
Keenan: i assume that theres no religous laws here, there doesnt seem to be
DM: there aren't, but nobody really has done any other religion besides the god of death....
Keenan: i guess i just watch for a while to check that nothing dangerous is occuring before walking away, if they dont do anyhting bad, then so be it
DM: the chanter starts saying a few words you can kind of make out, and the crowd turns silent to listen to them.
Keenan: and i imagine we believe in all gods but nerull is our patron god, after all, you would have to be stupid to not atleast acknowledge and respect the other gods, even if you dont give much worship
Keenan: what does he say?
Half-Orc in headdress: I... WEOTIGieriore WREToighdk... Spirit... werew ISP IIOOPPPOYT with you...
Half-Orc in headdress: Listen with your OIGERREEWEW ASAAREW TETETETET
Half-Orc 2: It worked!
Keenan: what worked, did something happen, and whats with those wierd parts of her dialogue
DM: That was the chants (they are kind of like random vocal noises, honestly)
DM: after she says that, they just start to calm down.
Keenan: had realy hoped my knowldege religon would be useful here, oh well
DM: yeah, there are many known gods, this corresponds to none of them
DM: they now all dine on some sweet berries that grow in the area.
Keenan: if nothing happens after they eat ill likely go
DM: alright then, that was the encounter.
DM: And that is session
Keenan: k, wonder what that was supposed to be about
Keenan: too bad we can only do this fridays,see you next week brian
DM: see ya
Keenan is disconnected.
DM is disconnected.