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Brian: The following is a re-enactment of historical fake events.
Brian: The elves hold a special place in the world. Your kind are the guardians of the kingdom, crafted by Correlon Lorathien to be the fairest and wisest, and to have long lives to watch over the other races. But that's really just the king. For you, being an elf just means living in the village of Tinsboro, supporting the family cooping buisness after your father's passing, and the passing of your human step father. And for you, it means practiceing with Aema, the only girl in town, and as far as you know the world, with the same magical gifts as you.
Brian: It's been some sixty years since the races of men found the gods, and gained their blessings, but different. You don't pray for this power; it just comes to you. And you two have resolved to get to the bottom of how to use it before it destroys you, or worse, gets you in trouble.
Aema Smith: About time you got here...
Artyom Cooper: Sorry, I had to finish making a churn.
Aema Smith: How long does that take?
Artyom Cooper: A long time, if you want to do it right. You've got to get the right oak, for a start. And cutting it's a pain, since you need to go against the pores.
Brian: Aema immediately regrets starting you off, attempting to hide her look of regret.
Aema Smith: Alright, nevermind. It's long.
Artyom Cooper: You asked.
Aema Smith: I was polite. My mistake.
Aema Smith: Anyway, I've learned a new trick. Wanna see?
Jaden: I nod.
Brian: Aema begins to summon energy. You're familar with how casting looks, even though you can hardly tell what's actually going on, even when you're the one doing it.
Brian: Soon, a wave of water as big as a man emerges from the lake, washing over the shore into a pool you just noticed she dug with her feet.
Aema Smith: You got any tricks?
Artyom Cooper: Yes I do...
Jaden: I summon Earth energy.
Brian: how much?
Jaden: a safe amount, say 5
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+9 => 10 + 9 = 19
Brian: You get it safely
Jaden: I'm going to use it to lift up the ground below my feet.
Brian: The silty ground begins to rise, and starts to bury your feet a little
Brian: Aema grins
Aema Smith: Can you go higher?
Jaden: can I?
Brian: yes
Jaden: I do so
Brian: The earth rises, and you with it, albeit a little slower. Your feet are now entirely under the earth.
Artyom Cooper: There.
Aema Smith: Nice. Now wanna see my next trick?
Artyom Cooper: Sure.
Brian: She dashes forward and steals your coinpurse.
Brian: you may roll speed to prevent it
Jaden: I let her have it
Artyom Cooper: Have it. Nothing worth stealing in there anyway.
Brian: She's already started to dash away, but stops when she hears you.
Aema Smith: You're no fun...
Brian: she tosses it to the ground near your feet, which happens to be a man's height and a half below you now.
Aema Smith: I just wanted to see you try and get unstuck.
Jaden: I try to pull myself out
Brian: roll strength
* Jaden rolls: 1d20-2 => 6 - 2 = 4
Brian: You get one foot free, but another is stuck on a root or something
* Jaden rolls: 1d20-2 => 8 - 2 = 6
Brian: Good enough, you're free
Jaden: I fetch my purse
Artyom Cooper: See, not tough
Brian: Aema sits down in defeat after the utter collapse of her prank.
Aema Smith: Do you think there are others like us?
Artyom Cooper: I don't know. But they would probably hide too.
Aema Smith: Maybe. But how would we even know in this town. Have you ever been anywhere else?
Artyom Cooper: No, have you?
Aema Smith: My dad travels to the capital for work, but I never go.
Aema Smith: But I've heard about magicians there. Maybe some of them are real?
Artyom Cooper: I suppose some could be, but why would they ever tell us?
Aema Smith: There's got to be a way they find each other. I bet this has been going on forever.
Artyom Cooper: That's great, but how are we going to get there? I doubt anyone is buying butter churns in the capital...
Aema Smith: ...
Aema Smith: unless...
Brian: She gives you that look. One you know all too well.
Brian: It means that she's going to think what comes out of her mouth is a great idea.
Brian: But you're not.
Jaden: I give her a look, too. A look that says, "I already don't belive you"
Brian: As she starts to speak, you're not sure she even noticed...
Aema Smith: Unless you weren't selling a churn.
Aema Smith: What if, say, you come into town with a very nice water pump. One that could...almost lift water by itself? *nods towards water pool*
Aema Smith: And you went to sell this in town, and showed it off.
Aema Smith: I could pose as your wife or something. Nobody would notice me saying a little mumble when you did your thing.
Artyom Cooper: No no, that wouldn't work. We need something that works without you around all the time.
Artyom Cooper: But we could use this...
Jaden: I summon one mana
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+9 => 13 + 9 = 22
Brian: you got it
Jaden: I go on to summon a conjuration
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+9 => 5 + 9 = 14
Brian: no problems
Jaden: I'm going to cast bottomless pocket and pull out a small glass sphere or something.
Brian: She smiles.
Aema Smith: Not bad! We might need to polish them or something...
Aema Smith: I'll see if I can find an excuse to borrow my dad's cart and-
Emita: Arty?
Brian: your sister is calling from the direction of the village, probably looking for you.
Emita: Where you at brother?
Aema Smith: I should go.
Brian: she looks down at the pool and earth pillar
Aema Smith: Shouldn't get caught near the evidence...
Jaden: I nod and go to meet my sister before she comes to me.
Artyom Cooper: What do you need, sis?
Emita: Mom says the lady you sold the churn to came back. It broke.
Emita: How do you mess up so bad that you leak butter?
Artyom Cooper: It must be cream that's leaking out.
Artyom Cooper: Is it at the house?
Emita: Yeah. Where were you?
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Artyom Cooper: I was by the lake.
Brian: make a deceit check for lieing by ommision
Jaden: what stats?
Brian: charm + int
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+1 => 14 + 1 = 15
Brian: Emita doesn't buy it for a second.
Emita: Aema?
Artyom Cooper: Alright, you got me.
Emita: About time you were wed, brother. How old are you again?
Artyom Cooper: I'm 45. Not old for an elf.
Emita: Well you're old enough that you're forgetting how to make barrels.
Artyom Cooper: It's a churn, and let's go fix it.
Brian: You return to your mother's house, although she's off at church again. The churn, still oozing cream from one side, sits in the middle of your one-room house.
Jaden: I inspect it
Brian: Roll int
Jaden: +2 for cooping skill?
Brian: absolutely.
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
Brian: There's a slight warp along the whole of one of the planks.
Artyom Cooper: This won't do...
Jaden: I fix it.
Brian: May I ask how you go about that.
Jaden: I'm going to take the whole thing out and replace it with a better-fitting one.
Brian: The most difficult fix.
Jaden: I want to get it done right.
Brian: roll int+dex to get it done correctly.
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+2+2+2 => 9 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 15
Brian: It's tricky to keep everything in the hoops, but you manage it. You even pour in some water from your family bucket, and nothing spills out.
Brian: It's earlyish in the afternoon at this point, and the rest of the day is yours. What do you do?
Jaden: I do one of my hobbies: I whittle.
Jaden: Using the old plank I just tore out, now that it's useless
Brian: After you de-cream it?
Jaden: Yes
Brian: And what, pray tell, do you whittle?
Jaden: A tree.
Brian: A tree made of wood.
Brian: Interesting.
Brian: You don't notice when Emita slips out to do something, but when the door opens again, you see her bend down and pick up a note on the floor. It looks like it was slipped under the door without your notice.
Emita: Huh, looks like it's for you.
Artyom Cooper: For me?
Jaden: I get up and take it.
Brian: The hand writing is definitely Aema's.
Brian: "I've got an idea for how to get to the capital. I don't want to get caught this time. Meet me by the crapping mayple at sundown and we can talk more"
Jaden: What time is it?
Brian: Almost sundown.
Artyom Cooper: I'm gonna have to head out.
Brian: Emita smiles and gives you a knowing look.
Emita: Ohh really? Just now?
Emita: What do you want me to tell mom when she get's home?
Jaden: I smile at her, knowing she doesn't know.
Artyom Cooper: Tell her I was out getting some herbs for dinner.
Emita: Sure thing brother. But just remember mom's in the church of Nerul now. You know how much they hate fun.
Artyom Cooper: I won't be having any fun, just doing a chore.
Emita: Mom's cooking is that bad?
Artyom Cooper: See you later sis.
Brian: You head into the woods?
Jaden: Yes, and I try to find some herbs along the way.
Brian: roll int+wis to find cover-up herbs, adding any skills if you actually have one.
Jaden: I have "local flora/gathering"
Brian: damn you
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+1+3+2 => 16 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 22
Brian: You find herbs. The best herbs.
Jaden: Cool. I keep them in my coinpurse for later.
Brian: In addition, as you approach, roll a wisdom+discipline check
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+3+2 => 19 + 3 + 2 = 24
Brian: As you approach, you see a knight standing about in the woods.
knight 1: Hello, who goes there?
Artyom Cooper: Artyom Cooper. What brings you to these woods?
Brian: You can't see the man's eyes through his helm, but the helm lifts slightly as you say that.
knight 1: We've been given orders by the king to bring you back to the capital.
Artyom Cooper: What for?
knight 1: I don't question the king's orders. You may ride atop the back of my horse if you desire.
Brian: roll another wis+disc check
* Jaden rolls: 1d20+3+2 => 16 + 3 + 2 = 21
Brian: You notice another knight behind a tree, nearing your position, and Aema by the crapping mayple, but she's tied to it.
Jaden: I summon 10 points of Arcana
Brian: (Skipping the battle section. Artyom summons an impressive tentacle to grapple them, but he didn't give it reach, and is soon beaten into unconciousness by the knights.)
Brian: You wake up in a small, enclosed wagon, already in motion. You aren't tied up, but presumably the door is locked.
Aema Smith: Are you alright?
Artyom Cooper: Somewhat.
Aema Smith: They got me the moment I came.
Artyom Cooper: This is what I warned you about. People are afraid of us, and now they are taking us to some kind of prison for people like us.
Aema Smith: I'm sorry. I was stupid. I messed up.
Brian: She largely keeps quiet on the trip after that. Do you do anything else of note?
Jaden: I summon some abjuration, and use it to compensate for my wounds a little.
Brian: (skipping lots of healing rolls, but by the end of the four days it takes to get to the capital, Artyom is partially back to full health, with one point of permenant damage suffered.
Brian: You are finally realeased from your wagon, and in front of you you see the largest stone structure in your life. You are surrounded by a city of buildings that dwarf anything in Tinsboro, but this one, this MUST be the king's castle itself.
Jaden: You have little time to look though, before you are escorted in by the knights, into a large anteroom. You notice holes in the ceiling, and quickly identify them as murder holes, for killing guests not as welcome as yourselves
Brian: You have little time to look though, before you are escorted in by the knights, into a large anteroom. You notice holes in the ceiling, and quickly identify them as murder holes, for killing guests not as welcome as yourselves
Guard: Take the girl, I'll watch the elf.
Brian: Aema is quickly escorted off down the hall, and out of your sight.
Artyom Cooper: What exactly am I to do here?
Guard: You will await our priestess.
Brian: The guard returns to standing. Do you do or say anything unusual before she arrives?
Jaden: nope
Brian: Eventually, an elven woman appears, dressed in a fine blue and white robe marked with the moon and star of the patron god of the elves, and official religion of Damriel, Correlon Lorethian.
Eldati: Hello, you are Artyom?
Artyom Cooper: I am.
Eldati: *looks at your remaining wounds* You're hurt.
Artyom Cooper: I am.
Eldati: Come with me, I can heal you.
Brian: I assume you folow?
Jaden: yeah
Brian: She takes you to the castle's chapel, a suprisingly small structure given that it's the primary faith of the official religion.
Brian: There, she calls upon magic of the kind the world is more familiar with, and your wounds (and permanent damage) are healed.
Artyom Cooper: I take it you are the priestess?
Eldati: High priestess. You may call me Eldati.
Eldati: I sent for you. Were you hurt on the way here?
Artyom Cooper: Yes, by the knights that found me. They weren't very gentle.
Eldati: Really? I ordered them to treat you with respect, and give you a horse to ride.
Eldati: But I suppose that that's what happens when you leave warriors in charge...
Artyom Cooper: Now that you mention it, one did offer to let me ride on his horse...
Eldati: Well I'm very sorry to hear it. You are here as our guest, not a criminal.
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