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Eldati: I will see to it you are properly taken care of from this point forward. For a start, I recommend rest.
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Artyom Cooper: That sounds like a good idea. Thank you.
Brian: She smiles, and shows you out of the chapel and down the hallway. Walking the oppisite direction is a man in bright silver armor, with the scarf that symbolizes a high-ranking knight. He seemed to be walking with a bit of purpose, but at the sight of you two he slows down and raises an eyebrow.
Sir Eryson: Your holiness. *bows slightly*
Sir Eryson: You made a new friend and didn't bring me out to greet him?
Eldati: I had assumed you would be busy with your knights, congratulating them on a heroic and dangerous quest.
Sir Eryson: I need proof they completed it before that.
Sir Eryson: And I have it. *turns to you* Sir Eryson.
Artyom Cooper: Artyom. You're a knight I assume?
Sir Eryson: Lord commander, in fact. I might be in carge of you actually.
Sir Eryson: How good are you with a sword?
Artyom Cooper: Giving blows, or reciving?
Brian: He smiles, and gives a pleased nod.
Sir Eryson: A talker. You should learn from the master talker then. *nods to Eldati* I entrust you to his care.
Sir Eryson: As you said, I have knights to commend.
Brian: he walks past you, proceeding along his origonal path.
Brian: Eldati takes you into one of the royal appartments without another word.
Eldati: These are the rooms we grant to visiting lords who do not own a home elsewhere in the city, so I hope they will do.
Eldati: A servant girl will be around to attend to any other needs you might have. I imagine you will need new things to replace the ones you were...seperated from.
Artyom Cooper: I don't imagine myself worthy of a servant girl.
Eldati: The king himself wishes your presence. You are an asset of the realm, and will be treated as such.
Artyom Cooper: That's not how I see it in my eyes.
Eldati: Then perhaps in time, I will be able to open your eyes.
Artyom Cooper: Where is Aema now?
Eldati: The girl you arrived with is currently in the dungeon. She will be taken care of, but is behind bars to protect herself and other from her powers.
Artyom Cooper: Then why am I free?
Eldati: Because our lord spoke to the priests and priestesses, including our king, who was once high priest himself, in visions. Our lord spoke of a great darkness to come, and that the elves would be tested for their throne, and must bring their finest to bear to protect the races of men.
Eldati: The military would see you all rot, but I truely belive you are one of these elves.
Eldati: I'm sorry. I know you didn't ask for this, and it wasn't right to steal you like this, but to be elven isn't just a privilage, it's a duty. And Correlon Lorethian has called on you.
Eldati: I have other work to attend to, and I'm sure you would like your rest, but do you have any final requests?
Artyom Cooper: I would like to send a letter home to my family. They still don't know where I am.
Eldati: *smiles* I will see to it personally.