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Boretos has connected.
Brian: aha?
Brian: aha!
Boretos: I'm all you need.
Brian: are you love?
Boretos: For the right price, I'll be whatever you wan.t
Brian: How much would someone have to pay you for oral sex?
Boretos: Depends on the person.
Brian: yeah, that's fair.
Brian: In all seriousness though, do we know if anyone else is gonna show?
Boretos: Unless you got word to amanda:, I don't think anyone else is interested.
Brian: ok.
Boretos: you could always page keenan
Brian: I may, actually.
Brian: If it's just you, I want to do a one-off in Goblin setting to flesh out some of the events immedeiately following Gob V, and to test out the NeRP system so far.
Brian: If it works well, this may also be your character for Gob VI.
Boretos: Alright. just tell me what I need to roll up.
Brian: ok. nerp 2e is at my website, It's the last link there. in Nerp you roll 12 ability scores, pick your educations, and that is it for char gen.
Brian: You will be starting with nothing but common villager stuff, but for combat builds assume that you won't be equipmentless forever and will be able to spec out at some point. You will be the equivelent of level one for this, since I haven't written leveling rules yet.
Brian: One change from what you see on the doc. In the section where it says skills, instead it is now educations. You now select either a skill, weapon profiency, or spell for each point of dicipline.
Brian: I also don't have spells so far, but if you want to play a divine caster type you can just denote "I am saving X for spells". I will also let you respec if the rules end up dramatically different than what you expected.
Brian: This session kind of hashes out your backstory for you, so you can start as any Gorwood-born character reasonable.
Boretos: Do you have any classes or races?
Brian: No classes in this system, but for races just use the 3rd e ones but double all the ability score modifiers
Boretos: Did you take into consideration the watering down of average ability modifier due to doubling the number of abilities?
Brian: you mean that race only effects half as many stats?
Boretos: no, I mean that it's far less likely to get a character with good stats.
Brian: No, I had not considered that. But bad stats are also less likely.
Boretos: How?
Brian: law of averages. Same reason it's harder to have an overall good character.
Boretos: right.
Boretos: So is there a reroll threshold?
Boretos: My average bonus is .75
Brian: That's reroll worthy for a PC
Brian: I'm gonna say you need +1 average bonus, one stat of 16 or higher, and two stats of 14 or higher.
Boretos: Got it.
Boretos: Would you mind updating the doc real quick?
Boretos: with the part about the educations
Brian: sure
Boretos: The soul abilities all seem geared toward good aligned players.
Brian: Empathy is definitely a good-aligned trait, but loyalty and discipline are more lawful than anything else, and passion could go either way.
Boretos: Passion: Your drive for both life and moral rightness.
Boretos: moral rightness sounds good to me.
Brian: ok, maybe misphrased or I got a different conception later on.
Brian: Ultimately though, NeRP does deviate from the 9 alignments model of D&D. There are virtues, and if you have a lot of them you are the equivelent of Lawful Good. You can choose to dump stat them for power in other areas instead, or take opportunities to trade away points in those stats for things, and you fall from that ideal.
Brian: It's no longer a flat playing field, and it's harder to be good than evil. There are also a lot more ways to be evil than good now.
Boretos: and are evil characters weaker than good ones?
Brian: no, unless you fall into evil via soul damage from making your character do things they weren't ready to handle or other tramas effecting them. Having no discipline is always negative, but loyalty doesn't matter if you have no leader (and there are risks to having a leader), and empathy is only good for healing people and making friends.
Brian: If you have garabage all across your soul, then yes, you are a useless bum who just always gives up. But you can be a mean dude and still quite good at being a mean dude.
Brian: And yet, in some ways, yes, a blackend heart leaves you weak.
Boretos: So my race options are half orc...
Boretos: and elf?
Brian: half orc, human, elf, or halfling if you really want to.
Brian: Halflings are in the setting, even though we have seen very little of them.
Boretos: Do feats exist?
Brian: nope
Boretos: So a quick guide to character creation:
Boretos: Step 1: Roll and assign stats
Boretos: Step 2: pick 3.5 race, double ability modifiers and apply
Brian: Step 3: pick education (which shit I forgot to post hold on)
Boretos: do I double ability penalties too?
Brian: yes
Brian: actually, forget that.
Brian: Don't double any modifiers.
Brian: I was being a dumb dumb
Boretos: ok
Brian: also, re-uploaded.
Brian: Step 4: pick equipment, but we are skipping that for now.
Boretos: I assume Charisma bonuses == Charm bonues now?
Brian: sometimes, but not always. diplomacy rules are going to be more complicated and use most of your soul attributes as well as charm, and bluff is done with int and charm
Brian: ohh, for race
Brian: yeah
Boretos: and I have to be a gorwood native?
Brian: For this, yeah. You can drop the character if you end up hating it.
Boretos: ok
Brian: And do tell me what your background is so far so I can fit you in the plot
Boretos: Well, I was planning on being the guy sent to find out what happened to the last couple elves, but for tonight... I don't know yet.
Boretos: and nothing but racial abilities transfer, right?
Brian: I'm going to say they all do, but we will eyeball the rule conversion for now.
Boretos: Am I blind? I don't see a list of educations
Brian: There isn't one. I can start naming things if you really need me to, but the idea is that none of them have a set place in the rules like D&D did, so you don't need a constant list.
Boretos: So things like spot and listen are two educations? or merge into perception? or are not educations at all?
Brian: not educations at all. Pure wisdom checks.
Brian: But neither is sneaking.
Boretos: Then I guess I'll just make some stuff up.
Boretos: My Discipline is 13. So I have 13 educations or 1?
Brian: 13
Boretos: oboy
Brian: also, did you add 10 to all the stat rolls?
Boretos: No...
Brian: read the first section on abilities again.
Brian: This has a base score of 20 for all abilities instead of 10
Brian: so a 13 would give you a -4 to dis checks
Brian: and be literally the lowest possible score
Boretos: huh.
Brian: This is because ability damage is far more important now, and I don't want penalties to max out at -5.
Boretos: or to have people die in three hits.
Brian: what's wrong with that? >:)
Boretos: 24 educations... This will take a while.
Brian: keep in mind weapon proficiencies also go under this list.
Boretos: oh, my doc didn't update.
amanda:pollak has connected.
Brian: boom, and she's on
Boretos: hot
Brian: Hear that? Boretos thinks your hot.
Brian: So, I was setting up a one-off session as a follow up for the campaign that ended about a week ago. I can add another character into the storyline if you want to try out the rule system I just whipped up.
amanda: thanks ;)
amanda: oh so it's not the campaign right now?
Boretos: it is, but we gotta learn the rules first.
amanda: ok cool
Brian: So I have the rules posted on my website at
Brian: it's the last link in there.
Boretos: You have no spells, right?
Brian: Yeah, not right now. This session will have to be with non-magical characters, or before you learned the ways of magic.
Brian: The basic idea of the system is that there are 12 ability scores instead of the old 6, but pretty much everything banks on that.
amanda: where on site?
Boretos: Jump, climb, acrobatics count as educations?
Brian: nope
Brian: maybe acrobatics actually.
Brian: Yeah, I'll allow it.
Brian: Also, do you want to give the history of Gorwood, or should I?
Boretos: I'm busy
Brian: Fair enough.
Brian: So this session starts with the story of some Gorwood villagers. Gorwood was founded about 30 years ago by Uder, rightful king of the nation of Damriel (the only other nation in the known world right now) when the usurper king Glistar banished him and all of the other orcs and half-orcs. The town, as well as the outlieing villages that form the kingdom of Gorwood, are now about 90% orcish, with the rest being humans and elves, with a tiny amount of halflings. The whole society is now centered around the church of Nerull, who is not evil right now in this setting. After Uder's death was announced to the populace, Ico, leader of the church, is both the religious and political ruler.
amanda: ok
Brian: Your character was born in Gorwood (sometime in the last 30 years since it's founding), but other than that I am open to ideas of your backstory so far.
Brian: Keep in mind Elves in this setting only grow to be about 200, and mature by 30, so you can play one and still be an adult if you want.
Brian: Also, don't hesitate to ask if you need help with the rules. I expect char gen to be tough the first time.
amanda: ok. can I go with a halfling
Brian: sure.
Boretos: Does common count as one of my educations?
Brian: ehh, I'm going to say yes.
Brian: good question though. I will need to think on that more in the future.
Boretos: okay. You wanna sift through my educations?
Brian: sure.
Boretos: 1. Dagger 2. Fist 3. Longsword 4. Battle Axe 5. Great Sword 6. Hunting 7. Short Bow 8. Long Bow 9. Cooking 10. Rope Use 11. History 12. Geography 13. Acrobatics 14. Religion 15. Animal Handling 16. Fishing 17. Underwater Basket Weaving 18. Midwife 19. Medicine 20. Alchemy 21. Orcish 22. Elvish 23. Common 24. First Aid
Brian: I question the wisdom of the underwater basket weaving, but I have been wrong before.
Brian: It looks gud to me though.
Boretos: cool
Boretos: step 5?
Brian: figure out what kind of friggin character you want to be so I know how to start the plot.
Brian: I have an idea, but I want to make sure it makes sense
Boretos: I'm a nurse, dude.
Boretos: Did you not gather that?
Brian: You do have midwife on there, but you also have hunting and georaphy.
Brian: all three of which could denote a profession, or be side skills handy in small town life
Boretos: Everybody's got to know how to catch a meal in this town
Boretos: BBQ's and whatnot
Brian: Ohh yeah, I can't belive I started to forget how epic Gorwood culture is.
Brian: Scout houses and BBQs are totally showing up in games in the region until one of you idiots inevitably gets the place burnt to the ground.
Boretos: someday
Brian: You good amanda:?
amanda: not yet
Brian: more meant that as in, "do you need help"
amanda: possibly
amanda: i need to look over it though
amanda: Can you guys continue without me while i try to figure out what I'm doing?
Brian: We can wait for a second. Gives me time to think anyway.
Boretos: we don't know what we're doing either
Brian: ohh yeah that too
amanda: ok cool
amanda: so creating a character...
amanda: how can i do that?
Brian: Step 1: roll ability scores like with D&D (roll 4d6 drop lowest die), but do it 12 times and add ten to each result.
Brian: The allocate to the twelve abilities on the doc.
Brian: Step 2: pick a race and apply ability mods
amanda: is that with chartool?
Brian: Ohh right your mind is still corrupted.
amanda: always
Brian: Here in the free land of Maptool, you don't need to do dumb stuff to get a character on the board. You can write your character's stats on paper, on notepad, or just write it on a token.
amanda: sweet
amanda: I can handle that
Brian: RPTools trusts that nobody is trying to cheat.
Boretos: At least the way we set it up, it does.
amanda: where do I input allocated rolls?
Brian: how are you writing your character?
Brian: I like to just put it in the descriptoin section.
Boretos: I just made a word document
Brian: Also, when is bedtime for you guys? There is a long and short version of this story I can do.
Boretos: I have no bedtime tonight.
amanda: my bedtime is sometime monday
amanda: but I can't spend too much time
amanda: because I have a paper I need to finish by midnight
Brian: And now I feel guilty about dragging you into this. How much time do you need for it. It's 8:30 already.
amanda: no worries
amanda: it's 3-5 pgs
amanda: I can hopefully do it in an hour
Boretos: That would take me like... 10 hours.
amanda: I'm a recovering english major
amanda: bullshitting papers is top stat
amanda: *is my top stat
amanda: or feat
amanda: or something
Brian: She's starting to become one of us.
Brian: or something
Boretos: Do half orcs have green skin?
Brian: Is the spacepope reptillian?
amanda: whaaat
Brian: yes, they do. Less so than full orcs though.
Brian: It's a minor Futurama refrence, that I actually only know from the wiki
amanda: reptilian spacepope sounds like a band name
amanda: like the mgmt kind of band that is enamored with hallucinogens
Brian: I don't know, almost seems like it's trying too hard to me.
Boretos is disconnected.
Brian: Ok, Adam's having technical issues. Want to play badmouth chicken?
amanda: what is that?
Brian: you take turns insulting the guy until he comes back on, which could happen at any time. Last insult on the chat wins.
Brian: Adam is a dumbass.
amanda: ooh ok
amanda: I can do that
Brian: actually, wait no. You have a character to generate.
amanda: darn it
amanda: you're right
amanda: psh
Brian: gened a character yet?
Boretos has connected.
Boretos: What I miss?
Brian: Pretty much nothing
Boretos: How's amanda: doing?
Brian: She stoped talking to me, but that doesn't really prove anything one way or the other.
amanda: got char stats
Boretos: progress
amanda: word
Brian: ok, do you still need to pick educations?
amanda: yes
amanda: one ed per 1 of the 12 areas
amanda: ?
Brian: one ed per point of discipline stat. each one can be one of those subtypes.
Brian: Either a weapon proficiency, a language, first aid, operations or a skill
Brian: Skills you essentially just make up. They are non-combat crafts.
Brian: Adam's list is actually very good
Boretos: cuz I'm a pro at rpgs
amanda: underwater basket weaving?
Brian: besides that one. Highly doubt that is going to come up, but maybe.
Boretos: baskets don't weave themselves.
amanda: does that mean you can fix things underwater/make rafts as needed?
amanda: nvm
amanda: I'm gonna figure out my educations
amanda: does hiding and/or lying count?
Boretos: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Brian: no. Those are covered by existing stat rolls
amanda: ok
amanda: I think I got it
Brian: ok. So who are you?
amanda: rogue halfling
Brian: First off, class isn't a thing in this system.
amanda: halfling
amanda: then
Brian: But doesn't answer my question. Who ARE you?
Tokens dropped onto map 'Overmap' by player amanda:pollak (Player)
Brian: Also, Adam: race?
Brian: Personally, I like the top-down minis better, but your call
Boretos: half orc
Brian: Cool. Do you have any noble-looking Orc tokens for me to use as an NPC?
Boretos: I was working on that before my memory leak.
Boretos: I didn't get an answer about their skin color.
Brian: Yes
Brian: dey green or grey.
Brian: amanda:, what I meant by that is is there anything else you have in mind for your character and what he or she stands for or does in life or is motivated by?
Brian: Who you ARE. It's important to get the character enrolled into the story in a way that works.
Brian: I can just go with the default "rogue" if you want.
amanda: Curious and bored halfling who is up to no good, often
amanda: being a busybody
Brian: hmm alright. I guess we will roll with it and see how it goes.
Brian: Pick one of the two tokens and give it a name and we can begin.
Tokens dropped onto map 'Overmap' by player amanda:pollak (Player)
amanda: which 2 tokens, and how do i give it a name?
Brian: so I saw these two guys.
Brian: If you double click on one you can edit data in there
Tokens dropped onto map 'Overmap' by player amanda:pollak (Player)
Brian: You don't need to fill most of it out
Tokens dropped onto map 'Overmap' by player Boretos (Player)
amanda: got it
Brian: Awesome.
Brian: Horik, you are at the hospice (hospice is the religious hospital right?). Just pick a building and we get to your end of the story first.
Boretos: cool
Brian: In a village of fronteer orcs, it doesn't get much tougher than being the halfling. You can't tustle like the big boys can, and you can't carry as much water. Not to mention almost nobody lives in the whole kingdom who looks like you.
amanda: Ok
Brian: The dreaded "M" word, money, has become increasingly important to the orcs of Gorwood. They hate having to pay for things instead of just making, hunting and trading. Once let back out into nature, nobody wants to be a part of an economic hive, counting on others to bring you food. But you? You've had to embrace it a long time ago. You aren't big enough to tustle with an owlbear, and the heroic and honored scouts sure aren't gonna let a pipsqueek like you in. Luckily though, having been in the game longer has given you an advantage over the big guys, so maybe it will pay off in the end.
Brian: We start our story on an ordinary day of Jane lurking about town, when a very good deal about money happens to walk her way...
amanda: awesome!
Rusuak: Excuse me, halfling?
amanda: yes, sir
Brian: ohh, so you can right click on a token and select impersonate
Brian: play any character, don't need to "own" it
Jane: sweet
Jane: Hello, good sir
Boretos: While impersonating, you can use the /ooc command to tallk out of character
Jane: (( thanks! ))
Rusuak: I wanna ask you something, but it's got to stay between us.
Jane: You got it
Rusuak: You ever been to Daysriver?
Jane: I am not sure
Jane: Why do you ask?
Rusuak: So there were these wanderers from Damriel. They came into town with this weird sprit potion.
Rusuak: They left and went down that way, but they were trading it while they were here. The church says not to trust the potion, but come on.
Jane: Ooh, this sounds good. Lead the way.
Rusuak: I want to see if you can snoop around and see if they are still selling any. Name your trade.
Jane: (( as in my cost? ))
Rusuak: I got too much family in the church. Can't stain the names ya know?
Jane: 400 gp
Brian: He lets out a hearty laugh at your absurdly high offer.
Jane: ok
Rusuak: I really do have some gold though if you want coin.
Rusuak: How about... 1 if you tell me where to buy it, or 10 if you actually get some?
Jane: Sounds good!
Jane: I would also like a promise that, if I get it, you will call on me next time should a similar need arrive
Jane: *arise
Rusuak: I've heard some great things about this stuff. If you deliver, I might just have a lot more need for you. *winks*
Jane: exxxcellent
Brian: Daysriver is the only other large settelment in the kingdom of Gorwood. It's so named because of the river that connects the two towns. The current is suprisingly fast, and if you ride a raft you can save about a day's travel.
Brian: That means building a raft or conning someone else out of theirs though...
Brian: what do you do?
Jane: Do I know anyone who knows something about raft building?
Brian: You have a human friend.
Jane: (( excellent ))
Jane: Dear human friend, where are you?
Garthin: Yeah?
Jane: I would very much like your assistance with raft building
Jane: or raft acquiring
Jane: whichever you would prefer
Jane: also, I have an adventure!
Garthin: I have a few extra rafts for someone who needs to-
Garthin: wait, and adventure? What's going on?
Jane: It will be exciting, and there will be money involved!
Garthin: How much of that is going to be mine?
Jane: Depends on how useful you are
Jane: I promise you something
Jane: We'll split the coin 50-50
Jane: actually
Garthin: And how much coin are we talking about here?
Jane: Unclear
Jane: 10 coins if we acquire the item
Jane: so you'd get 5 and I'd get 5
Jane: but you will bring the raft and I will not be responsible for additional provisions
Jane: that sound fair?
Garthin: The item? What, are you looking for Uder's underpants?
Jane: weird sprit potion
Jane: from wanderers from Damriel
Jane: I seek nothing from Uder for he smells funny
Garthin: Ohh I heard about those guys. Did you hear they tried to join the scouts?!?
Garthin: As forigners!
Jane: no!
Garthin: Yeah.
Jane: what a strange lot
Garthin: But it's a good thing you mentioned them. I know a guy that bought one of their potions!
Jane: do tell
Jane: How'd it go for that guy?
Garthin: Yeah, his name is Eunshan. I don't know. I don't think he had the guts to really drink it.
Garthin: You might be able to get it from him if we get something to trade.
Garthin: Or win it in a bet...
Jane: Hmm
Jane: Bet sounds good
Jane: let's go talk to you friend
Jane: Do you have anything he might want in a trade?
Brian: For a pious society, Gorwood tolerates gambling quite a bit. In fact, it's quite key to economics for people who don't have enough to trade. If A's item is of more value than B's, just put down odds of B getting nothing until it's statistically fair.
Brian: Unfortunately, your pal is out of ideas on what might make a good offer, other than the 10 gold you are splitting.
Brian: There is one thing you do know though: he will be at the next barbeque, and if you want to attend one of those, you need to bring a good sharemeat.
Brian: And that means hunting something fresh.
Jane: Ok
Jane: So I'm going to go hunting then
Garthin: Need a hand?
Jane: yes
Jane: please
Brian: ohh, what do you have for equipment right now?
Jane: I have education in longbow
Jane: Are we allowed to start with equipment?
Brian: I will let you have a longbow, and either leather armor or a dagger as well
Jane: Okay, longbow and leather armor
Brian: awesome, purist ranged build.
Brian: So you wander into the woods
Jane: ok
Brian: timecheck 10:30 btw.
Jane: errr
Brian: if you need an hour and a half better to stop before the battle.
Jane: I don't want to bail when you guys already put in work to characters and storyline
Brian: we can pick it up later.
Jane: (( ok ))
Brian: Or literally tomorrow after you turn the paper in
Jane: (( until next time ))
Jane: (( ok. that might work ))
Boretos: yeah, if we're still going when you're done, just come back.
Brian: yeah, I like meant 12:01
Jane: oh
Jane: ok
Brian: or not. just let us know
Jane: (( ok ))
Jane: (( I'm gonna go work now then ))
Boretos: have fun
amanda:pollak is disconnected.
Boretos: Why'd you make her a troll?
Brian: She picked the troll. I made a token for her of THE halfling rogue.
Brian: I'm gonna snack on some cheese real quick.
Boretos: cool.
Brian: I don't have 1.5 hours of stuff ready for ya, so this is gonna be interesting...
Boretos: I believe in you./
Boretos: You didn't plan on me hunting with her, did you?
Brian: I did not. Unless you guys really though me a curveball, this session is actually pretty railroaded.
Brian: Ok, so for your side:
Brian: actually, pause
Brian: Anything you want about your character before I fill in the massive blanks?
Brian: no?
Boretos: Well, I am am Horik: midwife, nurse, healer, surgeon, alchemist, half orc, strong guy, and probably one of the more intelligent members of this community.
Boretos: Not a genius by any means, but something for these folk to look up to.
Brian: Awesome. That works perfectly well for me.
Boretos: I spend a lot of time picking herbs and testing new concoctions.
Brian: You live in a town built by runaway orcs. Your king ruled for four years after he died. And even in this upside-down world, the idea of an orc nurse still confuses. You're so strong, they said. You could make scout easy, they said. You always did have a way out of the scouts, of course. You are the nephew of Odran, once the second-highest ranking priest of Nerul. Several of your cousins joined the cloth, and you know that your parents probably wanted that for you too. But one of your uncles, Rusuak the wise, always belived in you. He alone gave you the tomes from the old kingdom that taught you the ways of healing. Not just praying for a healer, but true curing from a mortal hand. And in time, you gained the respect from all those who questioned you. To them, you are a true orc, a true healer, and a true inspiration.
Brian: At the start of your story, you are in the hospice on a relitively calm day, discussing a strange incident with the one of the clergy.
Priest 1: While their actions were nothing short of madness at the time, in the morning they simply reported a headache and now they seem completely healthy.
Horik: Sounds similar to the effects of some of the mushrooms I use in my medicines. Did you manage to retrieve a sample?
Priest: Honestly, it slipped my mind. I try to put the patients first.
Horik: Sufficient emergency protocol, but now we have time to study. Nobody has fallen ill, have they?
Horik: More than the headaches and light vomiting, that is.
Priest: Doesn't seem so. But the strangers moved on, and they took more of the stuff with them.
Priest: How familiar are you with a substance called "alcohol"? I thought I heard one of the two mention it by name. I reckoned you would be the most likely to know what that meant.
Brian: int check to know what that is, adding +2 if you have a connected skill
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+2 => 7 + 2 = 9
Brian: hmm, is it a DC 5 or 10 to know such a common substance that you have been isolated from for so long?
Horik: (( wouldn't that be wisdom though? ))
Horik: (( "Your collected knowledge" ))
Brian: ehh, yeah, you're right.
Horik: (( vs "Your capacity to think of new ideas" ))
Brian: God I don't even know my own rules
Brian: but you get +2 from profession
Horik: (( in which case I get 11 ))
Brian: ok, you know it, but not well.
Horik: I have heard of it. My tomes mentioned it is used for cleaning wounds.
Horik: (( would I know it's for drinking too? ))
Brian: yeah you would
Horik: Drinking it is supposed to feel enjoyable. For a time, at least.
Horik: I guess it must be popular with the elves if they sent a whole cart load.
Priest: What a strange life they live over there. Sacrificing themselves for just a fleeting moment.
Horik: Did anyone think to warn Daysriver?
Priest: Ico gave no order to.
Priest: It's like he just trusts them.
Horik: Do you not wipe your rump unless Ico orders you to?
Priest: What, do you suggest I just get a raft right now and...
Horik: Look, it's not those elves I'm worried about. I just don't want somebody to hurt themselves. You said yourself how crazy the drinkers got.
Priest: Well I'll tell you one thing, it's certainly going to be the serman tomorrow.
Priest: Anything else? I would like to see if any of my disciples are heading out to Daysriver and coordinate our teachings.
Horik: Did you hear that Udra gave birth? Tiny, little male.
Horik: Sure fought against coming out into the world, though.
Priest: You don't say?
Horik: Aye, so she won't be making it to the sermon tomorrow. I'm keeping her here to rest.
Priest: I'm glad to hear Udra made it alright though after what happened to her father. A heart can only take so much.
Priest: Ohh fool she's here?
Horik: She's sleeping. Behind the curtain.
Priest: I need to learn to not gossip, or sin more quietly.
Priest: Now here's the real question Horik:
Priest: When are you going to be midwifing your own kids?
Priest: We all know that's why you turned down these nice robes here.
Horik: Not this agin.
Priest: You would be a great father. Any of the green girls would love to have you.
Brian: note that "green" is not considered racist at this time
Horik: I could hardly get done all my work if I had little ones tangled in my feet all day.
Brian: and generally most races only mate with their own, even half orcs
Horik: (( Undren = slut ))
Brian: well we knew that
Horik: If you've quite finished pestering me, I have work of my own to do.
Priest: Sure...whatever you want Horik.
Brian: He smugly walks out.
Horik: (( and then trips apparently. ))
Brian: shut it
Brian: I suck at mouse
Young Orc 1: Sir!
Young Orc 1: Horik sir!
Horik: Yes? What can I do for you?
Young Orc 1: my sister is coming! Right now!
Horik: With child?
Young Orc 1: My sister is coming mom sent me for you!
Horik: Well, don't just stand there. Take me to your sister.
Horik: (( I grab my medical supplies ))
Brian: Still got the Undren token?
Horik: (( the baby making ones ))
Brian: You mean the baby delivering ones?
Horik: (( yeah whatever ))
Horik: (( I can get it ))
Tokens dropped onto map 'Overmap' by player Boretos (Player)
Brian: Lucky for Crentuma, her liitle hovel is right near the best doctor in Gorwood.
Horik: (( prime real estate ))
Brian: She has been with child for some time now, but was it that long?
Crentuma: Ohh, thank Nerul!
Horik: You're looking well, dear. What say you we get this child delivered?
Horik: Now lie down.
Young Orc 1: I'm gonna have a sister!
Brian: she does.
Horik: Do you mind, young man? Make yourself useful and boil some water.
Brian: make a leadership check to convince him to leave.
* Boretos rolls: 1d20 => 7
Young Orc 1: But, but...
Horik: Give the girl some privacy!
Rusuak: It's a good idea boy. Go on.
* Brian rolls: 1d20+3 => 16 + 3 = 19
Brian: the child nods and leaves, slipping past Rusuak at the door.
Crentuma: What...arrg...the hell are you doing at my house?
Brian: Rusuak opens his mouth, but he can't seem to find somethign to say.
Horik: (( oh, that was to him? ))
Brian: yeah
Brian: She knows why you're here
Horik: You had best wait outside as well. I don't want her under any more stress than this is already going to be.
Rusuak: I...I'm going to need to stay here Horik.
Horik: (( Rusuak is... ))
Brian: He is your uncle. A scholar in his own right, and the only man who stood up for your decision to be a nurse.
Horik: (( lol. oh ))
Brian: the guy in the intro paragraph
Horik: (( I thought the name was familiar. ))
Horik: Very well.
Horik: Alright, little lady, just listen to the sound of my voice.
Brian: roll cha+emp
* Boretos rolls: 1d20-2 => 2 - 2 = 0
Horik: That's out of the question. You can yell at me all you want, but this is going to happen.
Brian: she tries to back away from you against the wall in spite of her contractions.
Brian: which are going oddly fast...
Horik: Now is not the time for games, Crentuma. Your child is going to arrive any minute.
Brian: roll cha+emp again
Brian: charm, sorry
Brian: charm+empathy
* Boretos rolls: 1d20-2 => 9 - 2 = 7
Brian: What are your charm and empathy? Why are you so bad at being a nurse?
Horik: (( I didn't realize I was going to be a nurse before allocating my stats. And I'm a half orc ))
Horik: (( at least add 2 for midwife ))
Brian: ohh yeah
Brian: I will give it a three just because "midwife" is such a specific skill.
Brian: Still, that's not enough to make this a needlessly shouty, strugglingly intense labor.
Horik: (( mind if I swap my loyalty and empathy scores? ))
Brian: go ahead
Brian: Any re-specing is okay for now
Brian: A couple hours of this madness passes, with Rusuark hovering in and out of the doorway like a creep.
Brian: Finally, a baby boy comes out, and you now realize there are twins in there.
Brian: His twin sister comes out a mere two minutes later, and it's the most horrifing thing you've seen. Already developed to the point of being a mini toddler, the creature is already musclebound. Upon leaving she immediately opens her eyes with an insane and inhuman intelligence.
Brian: it begins at initiative 10 since it begins combat. You start at initiative 5, as does Rusuak. Crentuma is at init 0, since she couldn't see any forwarning.
Brian: the beast attacks. What are you HAC and WAC?
Horik: (( 12 and 13 respectively ))
Brian: ok.
* Brian rolls: 1d20-2 => 6 - 2 = 4
Brian: and a miss. It attacks a second time though, going down to init 6
* Brian rolls: 1d20-2 => 9 - 2 = 7
Brian: and a miss. It's turn ends, and now it's yours
Horik: (( could you describe it's attacks? ))
Brian: Upon opening it's eyes, it gains a balance and jumps at you, making slashing motions with both it's claws in the direction of your face, before bouncing off your shoulder and falling back inbetween it's mother's legs, right next to it's twin.
Horik: (( I hope you wrote your grapple rules. ))
Horik: What is this??
Brian: you are going to write them with your fists...
Crentuma: That's called a baby you idiot!
Crentuma: Do you even know what you're doing?
Horik: (( wisdom check? ))
Brian: roll it. Midwife would actually help you here belive it or not.
Brian: But this takes 2 init to do
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
Brian: You don't konw
Horik: (( init = 5+wisdom score? ))
Brian: ohh yeah
Brian: lolz
Horik: (( but I'm worried about speed which is... 12 ))
Brian: Rusak actually goes first unless you have 28 wis
Horik: (( nope. go nuts. ))
Brian: a move for four, and he draws a battleaxe for 2
Brian: then he tries to swing for another 6
* Brian rolls: 1d20-1 => 13 - 1 = 12
Brian: that's a miss
Horik: (( he doesn't say anything? ))
Brian: not a word. It's like he was waiting for this.
Brian: your turn
Horik: (( I'll go with some dagger swipes, since the knife is already in my hand from cutting the cords. ))
Brian: alright.
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
Brian: that hits
* Boretos rolls: 1d20-1+4 => 12 - 1 + 4 = 15
Brian: that wounds, for 4 physical damage
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 3
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
Brian: -4 speed to the sucker
* Boretos rolls: 1d20-1+4 => 17 - 1 + 4 = 20
Brian: ohh...
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 1
Brian: and -9 str
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+3 => 18 + 3 = 21
* Boretos rolls: 1d20-1+4 => 16 - 1 + 4 = 19
Horik: (( NOW I roll high. ))
Brian: you have enough init for 3?
Horik: (( 12 init -2 wisdom check. -3 per dagger ))
Horik: (( 12 speed rather ))
Brian: huh, was it 10+spd bonus, or just raw speed?
Horik: (( 10+ spd bonus. My speed is 24 ))
Brian: ahh ok
Brian: very solid
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 1
Brian: and 8 more str damage
* Brian rolls: 8+9 => 8 + 9 = 17
* Brian rolls: 1d20+4-3 => 9 + 4 - 3 = 10
* Brian rolls: 1d20+4-3 => 11 + 4 - 3 = 12
Brian: and it is incapacitated.
Horik: (( 0 str? ))
Brian: Also, Crentuma is now freaking out.
Brian: 1 str, but it failed the check to stay in the fight.
Brian: Rusuak takes the creature's bleeding body and wraps it in his cloak.
Rusuak: I need to go. My stay is outworn.
Horik: Perhaps an explanation is in order?
Rusuak: Can I ask you to come by later? She really shouldn't hear this...
Horik: So be it. Tell the boy to come in after a couple minutes.
Horik: Crentuma, I need you to breathe. You must be strong for your daughter. See how weak she is?
Horik: (( son* ))
Brian: roll a chr+emp again, but this time with a +4
Brian: although it's DC 20 to actaully make this OK
* Boretos rolls: 1d20+4+1 => 14 + 4 + 1 = 19
Horik: (( any chance midwife adds also? ))
Brian: ohh yeah
Horik: (( 22! ))
Crentuma: She's beutiful.
Horik: (( Wasn't the girl the abomination? ))
Brian: ohh whoops.
Brian: flip it
Crentuma: He's beutiful.
Horik: He's a bit premature, but I think he's going to turn out very strong.
Crentuma: If he's anything like his father, I know he will be.
Horik: For now I want you to get some rest. It has been a long day.
Young Orc 1: ...Horik sir?
Young Orc 1: Can I come in now?
Horik: Yes, come meet your nephew.
Brian: brother.
Brian: You are Rusuak's nephew
Horik: (( I thought his sister was the one giving birth. ))
Brian: no, he was just really big on having a sister.
Horik: (( ooooooh ))
Brian: neither here nor there. These people don't come up again.
Horik: (( OR DO THEY ))
Brian: yeah, I guess this is D&D. I can never be sure.
Brian: Anyhow, I assume you go to Rusuak's place sometime later?
Horik: (( yeah ))
Brian: Rusark actually has one of the nicest homes in Gorwood. He built it in his younger days, and still often lets young scouts stay the night while telling tales and giving them advice.
Brian: You find that he has already prepared a fine cider by the time you arrived.
Rusuak: So, how has nursing been besides this?
Horik: Rather repetitive.
Rusuak: Still like it though?
Horik: It's an important job.
Rusuak: It is.
Rusuak: Alright, about what you saw there.
Rusuak: Now I don't need to give you a speech on where Goblins come from, or that we are the spawn of those infected by the first goblin plague.
Rusuak: Do you know how it spread?
Horik: How?
Rusuak: By slaying goblins.
Rusuak: The half-orcs were born from the seed or garden of those who had faught in the old invasion, back in the time of king Henric. Most turned out just fine like us, but a few were true monsters.
Rusuak: Usually only the parents turned, and all the children got was strength and green skin. But I had a feeling about this pregnancy. That's why I rushed over when I heard the news.
Horik: So you're saying this child was some kind of goblin?
Horik: A real goblin?
Rusuak: Possibly something even worse.
Rusuak: The infection normally only happens on a cycle, when all of those tainted start to turn. It seems we are coming to the next cycle.
Horik: That's it? We're just doomed?
Rusuak: We survived two cycles before being exiled. And the half-orcs don't go mad.
Rusuak: Most of us have never even been near a real goblin.
Horik: So we just have to prepare to smother our young. That's much better.
Horik: For how long?
Rusuak: It normally runs its course in a season.
Rusuak: Last time the priests were able to cure it. Perhaps noone knew that someone in this family had an encounter.
Horik: An encounter with a goblin? Is that what started this?
Rusuak: Yes. There was a spotting of a goblin right when the father dissapeared.
Rusuak: I hoped that it wouldn't harm the child, but apparently my hope almost got everyone killed.
Rusuak: I just...didn't know how to bring that up.
Horik: After the events of today, I don't think it wise to try and keep quiet about it. It only puts more lives at risk.
Rusuak: You are right. I will speak with Ico about this the next chance I get.
Horik: You might want to do it before tomorrow's sermon.
Rusuak: The sermons are the only time I can pin that guy down!
Horik: He won't be at tonight's barbeque?
Rusuak: I don't expect him to. He rarely comes to those things. Stuck in his elven ways.
Rusuak: I would suggest we just start telling everyone, but the last thing I want is more rumors.
Horik: Then we had better find Ico. Those sermons are the best chance we have of informing everyone at once.
Rusuak: Well I'm out of ideas to find him in time.
Horik: Have you gone to his house?
Horik: Or perhaps the chapel?
Rusuak: Not just now but...uggh you're right. No point sitting on my ass lets go.
Horik: (( awaaaaay ))
Brian: The chapel has a fair share of church-goers praying in silence, but no Ico.
Rusuak: If only you could just tell Nerull to pass on a message ya know?
Horik: Not a bad idea. Have you a pen?
Brian: He produces one from his vest pocket.
Brian: He then pulls out a strip of leather that is usually used for writing on in Gorwood.
Horik: "Ico, come to Rusuak's place to discuss an urgent matter before the next sermon. -Horik"
Horik: Now, you return home and await Ico. I shall keep looking.
Rusuak: Yes sir!
Horik: (( I'll place the note on the podium ))
Brian: cool. Do you also check his house and stuff?
Horik: (( yeah ))
Brian: not there either.
Brian: This isn't uncommon. Ico is a hands-on leader, and will not hesitate to raft to Daysriver if important things are going on there.
Horik: (( I'll help myself to his writing supplies to leave another note. ))
Brian: His house is locked.
Brian: Gorwood has advanced to the point that folks have to worry about burglers again.
Horik: (( We have locksmiths? ))
Brian: like 2, but yes.
Brian: ACtually, nah. There is a little trade with the west though.
Horik: (( hmm... I guess I'll ask around town if anyone's seen him. ))
Brian: ok. You don't really have luck by nightfall.
Brian: Also, this is a good stopping point if amanda: really chose sleep over D&D
Brian: we can make this a two-parter.
Horik: (( and not even a note. what a jerk. ))
Brian: I know right?
Boretos: well, I'm not busy tomorrow
Brian: I'm either totally busy or totally free
Boretos: well, you better figure out which one.