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Brian: yup
Brian: looks like yer in
amanda: yeah
amanda: can you give me the link to the nerp rules again?
Brian: Sure thing.
Brian: Do you remember what went down in session 1?
amanda: vaguely, I think
Brian: Ok, I'll email you the past transcript if you need a hard refrence, but essentially:
Brian: Actually, let ME double check some stuff...
amanda: ok
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amanda has connected.
Brian: Ah ok. You were approached by an orc named Rusuak who offered you 10 gold to get one of the potions strangers brought into town. Your old pal Garthin said he knew a guy who got one when they were here, but you will need something to trade him for it. You two just finished hunting a boar as sharemeat for the next barbeque where you can talk to this guy.
Brian: ringing a bell?
amanda: Yes. That sounds right.
amanda: I think I remember everything
Brian: Cool. So I know that Garthin was wounded at the end of that. Do you remember if he already stabilized?
amanda: I'm not sure
amanda: Adam = Garthin, right?
Brian: no, Garthin is an NPC
Brian: I'm going to say he's on hourly saves now.
Brian: He's still bleeding a good bit from the boar's goring, but if you tend to him he's still likely to make a full recovery.
amanda: And the battle is over, right?
amanda: If so, I'm goin to tend to Garthin.
Brian: Ok, roll a wisdom check.
* amanda rolls: d20 => 17
amanda: I'm not sure where my stats are
amanda: off the top of y head
Brian: lucky for you they are written on your token. Just double click.
amanda: that's what I thought but I don't see a token
Brian: sorry hold on.
Brian: I need to reconnect as a DM and move you to the scene
You have disconnected.
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amanda: ok sweet
* Brian rolls: 1d20+5 => 7 + 5 = 12
* Brian rolls: 1d20 => 15
amanda: then my wisdom mod is 2
amanda: we're waiting for adam, right?
Brian: nope, there is some stuff we can do without him.
Brian: actually a good bit.
amanda: ok
Brian: so after the first hour of tending to Garthin, you have not stabilized him, and he's still bleeding.
Unknown command: "roll1d4". Try /help for a list of commands.
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 3
amanda: I'm going to try to spend the next hour stabilizing him again
Brian: all right, you can go ahead and roll your check which comes to a total of +5
Brian: DC 20
Adam Boretos has connected.
* Brian rolls: 1d20 => 10
* amanda rolls: d20 + 2 => 11 + 2 = 13
Brian: no dice on hour two. This boar got him badly.
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 4
Brian: hour 3?
* Brian rolls: 1d20 => 3
* amanda rolls: d20 + 2 => 3 + 2 = 5
Brian: so keep in mind you add int,dex,and wis to this
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 3
amanda: that helps.
Brian: ok, he's still not in good shape, and the sun is starting to set.
* amanda rolls: d20 +5 => 5 + 5 = 10
* Brian rolls: 1d20 => 2
Brian: still nothing
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 4
amanda: we're really not high rollers atm
Brian: If you stay out here much longer you will miss your chance to meet Eunshan, if that matters to you right now...
Brian: What do you do?
amanda: Eunsh
amanda: nvm
amanda: Who is Eunshan again?
Brian: He was the guy who got the potion from the travelers.
amanda: can Garthin walk?
Brian: He isn't even concious.
amanda: This seems problematic
Brian: And these forests aren't for a young lady in the night...
amanda: I take out my fake mustache
amanda: and resume attempting to wake my comrade
Brian: so if you just want to wake him you can slap him to just try to get him to shrug him off.
Brian: But the trauma causes a mental damage.
Brian: or you can just keep trying to control the bleeding.
amanda: Can I roll again?
Brian: sure, it takes another hour though.
amanda: I'll slap him
Brian: ok.
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 4
* Brian rolls: 1d20+2 => 9 + 2 = 11
Brian: nope, it isn't enough.
Brian: But the slap was instant if you want to risk doing this more.
amanda: Sure
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 1
* Brian rolls: 1d20+2 => 7 + 2 = 9
Brian: still won't wake up.
amanda: Slapping again
* Brian rolls: 1d20+2 => 16 + 2 = 18
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 1
Garthin: Ughh?
amanda: Dude, wake up
amanda: We need to get back to town
Garthin: My legs...feel so cold.
amanda: like ASAP
Brian: you can right click on a token and hit impersonate BTW
Jane: We gotta get moving.
Jane: Can you walk?
Brian: He manages to stand up, but he is shuffing very slowly.
Brian: do you try to take the boar?
amanda: The boar is dead, right?
Brian: yeah
amanda: I'm assuming getting my companion back safely is my top priority
amanda: right?
Brian: that is up to Jane.
Brian: I mean, you are a horrible person if it's not, but...
amanda: Do I have any resources to help him move faster?
Brian: not that I can think of...
Jane: Garthin, we are walking back now
Garthin: Ok...
Brian: You eventually stumble your way back to camp, long after nightfall.
Brian: There is only one dedicated hospital in Gorewood, but it has some good staff. When you come in, however, nobody but the patients are here.
* Brian rolls: 1d20-1 => 15 - 1 = 14
* Brian rolls: 1d4 => 1
Brian: don't mind me, just more bleeding for Garthin
amanda: Well that seems to be his favorite activity
amanda: and now he can go hang out with other bleeding people at the hospital
Brian: alright, what do you do now?
amanda: we don't have a potion yet, right?
Brian: not yet, no.
amanda: Assuming we do not, I am going to try to find someone else to go with me to where the potions are supposed to be
amanda: one or more additional persons
amanda: preferably ones more able to stay awake and stable
Brian: Any potions or healing in general will be at the church of Nerul, where hopefully a priest is hanging around.
amanda: Ok sure.
Brian: There are some less hurt patients here as well.
Udra: I can look after your friend. Get a preist.
Jane: Thank you!
amanda: I'm going to the temple to find a priest
Brian: Cool. Adam, what are you up to right now?
Brian: It's about 10 in the evening at this point.
Adam Boretos: What was I doing last?
Brian: You were trying to find Ico this afternoon to tell him forboding news.
Brian: I think you had posted a note on the temple and left...
Adam Boretos: right. It's saturday night.
Brian: Don't belive me? Just watch.
Brian: But yeah, I would assume you either went to bed or are doing an evening round to your job.
Adam Boretos: Yeah, I'll go back to the ol' 'spittal and check on my patients.
Brian: So you see that Udra is doing well, as is her baby.
Brian: But now there is a teenage human with huge gore wounds.
Horik: What's this? Who left this mangled carcass here?
Udra: A girl came with him. I told her to go find a healer.
Horik: Some help you are, sending away business.
Horik: Boy, can you hear me?
Garthin: Help me...
Horik: Yes, yes one moment...
Brian: You can tell he's been putting way too much pressure on his broken knee cap.
Horik: (( I'll whip up some herbs to ease the pain ))
Horik: Go lie down on that cot before you fall.
Brian: He does so.
Horik: Now bite down on this.
Horik: Shoud ease the pain.
Rusuak: Excuse me, is Horik in here?
Horik: I'll be right with you Rusuak!
Horik: Now, boy, tell me what happend.
Garthin: We were hunting. In the woods.
Garthin: It stabbed me over and over.
Horik: (( I'm gonna check his wounds ))
Brian: roll wisdom.
Brian: you can also add first aid to this
Horik: (( what about medicine? ))
Brian: sure, that works too
Horik: (( I have both ))
* Adam Boretos rolls: 1d20+6 => 18 + 6 = 24
Brian: This is clearly a series of gore attacks by a boar.
Brian: Ohh also, he's still bleeding kind of heavily.
Horik: Hunting boars, huh? Foolish boy. You shouldn't be hunting them alone.
Horik: (( I'll be tending to the wounds while talking. ))
Horik: (( being sure to cinch the bandages extra tight. ))
Garthin: I had Jane with me. We needed a good share meat.
Garthin: I'm so dumb...
Horik: When will you kids learn that you should always hunt boar in six men parties.
Garthin: She...I don't know. I just wanted to prove I was strong enough...
Garthin: Maybe I just wanted to impress her.
Horik: You see what you ladies put boys through, Udra?
Udra: I fail to see how a boy going off in the woods and getting stabed is women's fault.
Udra: See this *gestures to baby in arms*
Udra: This is what we make. Most precous thing there is.
Horik: Doesn't sound like Udra's impressed by your stunt.
Horik: What happened to Jane? Is she injured too?
Garthin: No no. she stayed back and used a bow.
Horik: At least she has *some* sense...
Rusuak: Look, how about I cut you a deal boy.
Rusuak: You don't run off doing some fool thing like that, and I'll get you a fresh waterlark.
Horik: (( Wes wants to know how long you think we'll play tonight btw ))
Rusuak: Better sharemeat than any old boar, and nobody will know it came from me.
Brian: Umm, I think this has about 2.5 more hours.
amanda: does that mean he's looking at having a regular session tonight?
Horik: (( no he wants to chillax ))
Horik: I think Rusuak makes you a generous offer.
Garthin: Yeah, that would be *cringes in pain*...
Garthin: ...good.
Brian: Alright, roll dex+int+wis+skill if you have one to try and stabilize the guy.
Brian: but -1 because of his existing toughness damage.
* Adam Boretos rolls: 1d20 +6 => 17 + 6 = 23
Brian: See Amanda?
Brian: That's how you heal a guy.
amanda: psh
Horik: (( literally my job ))
amanda is disconnected.
Adam Boretos is disconnected.
amanda has connected.
Adam Boretos has connected.
Brian: The boy will need more care as he recovers, but he will make the night. Just needs rest now.
Brian: As do you, after the day you had...
Horik: Alright, boy, you'll be staying the night here and probably tomorrow night as well.
Garthin: Ok.
Horik: Do your parents know where you are?
Garthin: No.
Horik: *sigh*
Horik: Would you mind, Rusuak?
Rusuak: Not at all. I'll also get that waterlark I promised.
Brian: he heads off.
Horik: Wait
Horik: Isn't there something you wished to speak about?
Rusuak: Of course.
Rusuak: I almost forgot when I saw this.
Rusuak: We can't find Ico because he is on a sprit quest. His friends say Nerul has sent him horrible signs.
Rusuak: He needs time alone to make sense of them.
Horik: I've never heard of such a thing happening before. Can't be good.
Rusuak: Our lord has protected us this far. He will not abandon the living now.
Rusuak: To the best you can, have a good night.
Horik: You as well.
Brian: Do you do anything else tonight?
Horik: (( Nah ))
Brian: Ok, back to Jane then.
amanda: ditto
Brian: sure you don't check on your buddy?
amanda: Jane will check on her budy
amanda: *buddy
amanda: I can't see the tokens again
Brian: So Garthin looks much better than he used to, and is trying and failing to get sleep.
Jane: I'm going to laugh silently at it
Jane: *him
Garthin: Hey, guess what I got?
Jane: Ridiculule?
Jane: *Ridicule
Garthin: Ok, then maybe you don't want that potion after all...
Jane: You got the potion?!
Garthin: Not quite, but I did manage to get a fresh waterlark for tomorrow's feast.
Jane: Good job!
Garthin: Once a priest gets in I'm gonna be walking again, and we are gonna steal the show. Might even be able to trade the beak for the potion right off the bat.
Jane: oooh
Jane: I see your plan
Garthin: Garthin always gets his way in the end.
Garthin: You wanna hold onto it?
Jane: What do you think will be the safest place to keep it?
Garthin: Ehh...maybe not with the bleeding guy.
Jane: Is there a safe place to stash it here?
Garthin: I dunno.
Brian: I'm just gonna tell you now nobody is going to steal it from you.
Jane: Oh ok cool
Brian: Store or hold onto it whereever
Jane: I'm going to store it somewhere safe at the hospital then
Brian: ok
Jane: in case
Brian: So I assume you go to the barbeque where Eunshan is next night?
Jane: Yes
Brian: cool
Brian: now try to actually follow the token this time...
amanda: uh... no dice there
Brian: uggh
amanda: I can try switching computers...
Brian: can you see it now?
Brian: that's what matters
amanda: yes
Brian: So it turns out that nobody had time to see Garthin today, so he won't be able to come, but you can.
Brian: There's only five of you in total, a pretty small shindig.
Orc 2: Yeah, I caught it with my barehands. I swear it.
Eunshan Resmin: Shure ya did. Ahh, hello small one. You know Garthin right?
amanda: Yes, I do.
Jane: Yes
Eunshan Resmin: Poor guy.
Jane: It is quite unfortunate.
Jane: So you know him well?
Eunshan Resmin: Since kids.
Jane: Perhaps you may have heard about those potions
Jane: ?
Jane: If he had only had one of those potions, everything could have turned out far better
Eunshan Resmin: Of course. I brought mine with me.
Orc: You know, just holding it around doesn't mean you have the stones to drink it...
Jane: How many do you have?
Eunshan Resmin: Just this one. Why?
Jane: Would you be willing to trade it?
Eunshan Resmin: What do I get?
Orc: Just give it to her. You aren't gonna drink it anyway.
Eunshan Resmin: What do I get?
Jane: part of a waterlark
Eunshan Resmin: You caught a waterlark?
Jane: I was not the one to catch i8t
Jane: *it
Eunshan Resmin: You brought in a traded sharemeat? Hilarious.
Jane: We killed a boar to bring as sharemeat but had to run and couldn't bring it back
Eunshan Resmin: Looked more to me like the boar was hunting you.
Jane: You were there?
Eunshan Resmin: I saw Garthin's new butholes. Now he can poop in any direction.
Jane: Okay then
Jane: So the potion
Eunshan Resmin: So how big's this waterlark?
Jane: It's respectable
Eunshan Resmin: Well let's see it.
Jane: Ok, follow me
Jane: We are going to the hospital
Brian: In Gorwood culture the sharemeat is always brought to the barbeque. Leaving it behind would have been really weird.
amanda: At this point, I left it at the hospital though, right?
Brian: I assumed the next day you went back and got it.
amanda: Oh ok
amanda: nvm hospital walk then
Brian: kk
Jane: Here is the waterlark
Jane: I will trade you half of it for the potion
Jane: Like your buddy said, you probably won't drink it, whereas this waterlark you will no doubt put to use
Eunshan Resmin: I'm quite impressed, but I still don't think it's enough. I want the whole bird with the beak, and your bow too.
Jane: Not my bow
Jane: I will trade you the beak though
Eunshan Resmin: This is the lad potion pal. The stragers already left. They probably are at Daysriver by now.
Eunshan Resmin: last*
Jane: You are not getting my bow
Jane: It was a very special gift from a very dear family member of mine
Eunshan Resmin: Then what else are you offering? I don't think a bird is enough for this?
Jane: The bird is enough
Jane: I will let you join us on our next adventure if you take the trade
Eunshan Resmin: And I can watch you do such a great job against boars?
Jane: Absolutely
Jane: we will do a much better job next time
Eunshan Resmin: Don't become a trader. You aren't very good at it. The bird and the bow or no potion.
amanda: How easy would it be for me to get a replacement bow?
Brian: pretty tough, but not impossible.
Brian: Not the end of the world, but definitely a sacrifice
Jane: I must go discuss this with Garthin
Eunshan Resmin: Take your time, I'll be around.
Jane: Ok
Brian: Do you still hang out with them for this? That would entail actually eating the waterlark, which makes it less valuble.
amanda: Jane is going back to the hospital to talk to Garthin and see if there's anything else we can trade
amanda: I'm taking the waterlark with me
Brian: ok, zoom out and try to follow the token this time.
Brian: Ok, you find poor Garthin at the hospital still hurtin'
Jane: Garthin?
Garthin: did you get it?
Jane: No
Jane: Your friend is demanding the whole bird and my bow in exchange for the potion
Jane: Do you have any ideas of what else we can offer him?
Garthin: Uhh, I don't know. You got anything else valuble?
Jane: I have a shield, which might be less useful than my bow
Garthin: You know what? Take my spear and dagger. I promised a man I wouldn't go hunting again.
Jane: You sure?
Garthin: Yeah.
Brian: make a wisdom check.
* amanda rolls: d20 + 2 => 6 + 2 = 8
Brian: ok
amanda: Can I roll with my die?
Brian: I would rather see it on screen for refrenceing's sake.
Brian: Sometimes I scroll back to check stuff.
amanda: Ok
amanda: I have sewing/stitching as one of my other proficiencies
amanda: Does that mean I have a sewing/stitching kit?
Brian: You know what? sure.
amanda: sweet
amanda: Ok, Jane is going back to the party, this time with an extra spear and dagger
Brian: a block north
Eunshan Resmin: You done sulking?
amanda: Yes sir
Jane: Greetings again
Jane: I have something better to trade you
Eunshan Resmin: Ohh?
Jane: I have a dagger instead of a bow, and you can still get the waterlark
Jane: If you in turn give me the potiopn
Jane: *potion
Brian: roll a charm check
* amanda rolls: d20+2 => 19 + 2 = 21
Eunshan Resmin: You know what? That sounds good to me. Now give me that bird; I want to eat tonight and not just talk.
Jane: sweet
Jane: Enjoy your meal!
Brian: The monster of an orc tears though the waterlark in no time, and offers some of his dire weasel if you want it.
amanda: The potion is now in my possession?
Brian: yup
Jane: sweet
Jane: I'm going to go find Rusuak
Brian: He is at his house.
Jane: Is it too late at night for me to disturb him?
Brian: maybe?
Brian: kind of in the grey area.
Jane: But the traders might still be in town?
Brian: The strangers be super gone.
Jane: Ok
Jane: I'm going back to the hospital and updating Garthin and giving him his spear back
Jane: Also, I'm sneaking some direweasel out
Brian: Cool. Do you just wait until morning to give Rusark the potion?
Jane: Yes
Jane: Actually no
Jane: I'll go to his house now
Brian: Ok.
Rusuak: Who's there?
Jane: It's Jane. I have something that you wanted
Rusuak: Ohh?
Rusuak: *opens door*
Jane: a potion
Rusuak: You actually got it!
Jane: Yes
Jane: I just wanted to let you know
Jane: I think we can discuss a trade tomorrow though
Jane: I would like to let you know that the traders are gone but that I have procured the last potion
Jane: I will be on my way to the hospital now though. If you would still like to trade for the potion, please meet me there tomorrow morning.
Rusuak: Can we not meet up there?
Jane: Why?
Rusuak: It just...isn't really something I want spread around that I'm trading for foreign potions you know?
Rusuak: If we can just keep it on the down low, an old man can have a few sins...
Jane: How about somewhere quiet and secluded at the hospital?
Rusuak: It's a one room building, other than the curtain for Udra.
Rusuak: I'm not doing it there.
amanda: Is there a chance that he could steal it from me without paying me?
Brian: It's possible, but not too likely. He's a well known guy, and it's a small town.
amanda: Ok
Brian: Pretty hard to get away with really shady stuff.
amanda is disconnected.
Adam Boretos is disconnected.
Brian: ughh
Adam Boretos has connected.
amanda has connected.
Brian: so do you wait till morning?
amanda: No
amanda: I will trade now
amanda: Once I can find my token
Jane: Ok
Jane: I am ready to trade
Rusuak: Sure thing.
Adam Boretos: In the map explorer section, in the Players folder, you can double click your tokent to be taken to it.
Rusuak: You know what? This has been one hell of a week for me. Have 15 gold.
Jane: Thank you!
Brian: He hands the dough and takes the potion.
Jane: I prepare to skip giddily away
Rusuak: Wait.
Jane: Yes?
Rusuak: Want to stick around and see what it does?
Jane: Sure
Rusuak: Maybe share some biskets if I still have any? I could use some company that isn't meeting me over matters of life and death.
Jane: Ok. Sounds good.
Brian: And so you dine.
Brian: So Adam.
Brian: You are at church in the morning, where one of the standard priests is doing the standard speech.
Priest: But I am sure Ico shall return from this with more answers and hope for all of us living.
Ico: *opens front door* I only wish I could.
Horik: *gasp*
Ico: The lord told me to be with my people now. A great test comes for us.
Brian: Ok, back to Amanda.
Jane: yo
Brian: You have nibbled on some biskets, and now Rusark looks at the potion.
Rusuak: Welp, I think it's about time I drank this thing.
Jane: Ok
Jane: I am holding my bag and am covertly clutching whichever weapon was small enough to hide in my bag.
Brian: He gives an adventureous shurg, and drinks the whole thing in one go.
Brian: ...and nothing happens.
Rusuak: Huh.
Jane: Maybe it takes a while to kick in?
Rusuak: Well, I guess we just wait then.
Brian: You continue to dine, and he begins to tell stories of the early days of Gorwood. Of the days when we thought Uder lived, and the cautionary tale of Torg.
Jane: I listen attentively
Brian: He even tells a few jokes, which he never fails to laugh at.
Rusuak: Would you join me in a song?
Jane: Sure!
Rusuak: No no, no song.
Rusuak: That's dumb.
Rusuak: I should tell you the greatest story I know before I forget it!
Jane: Yes!
Jane: You should do that!
Brian: Then, suddenly, he collapses to the ground.
Jane: Uh oh
Brian: Biskets fall to the floor as his mighty arm sweeps them off the table.
Jane: I check his pulse
Brian: he doesn't have one.
Jane: Uh oh
Jane: Does anyone else live with him?
Brian: no
Jane: The closest place of medicine would be the hospital, right?
Brian: actually, the church is just around the corner.
Brian: And it's almost time for morning prayers.
Jane: I'm gonna run there then
Brian: So as you are talking, Jane bursts in the doors.
Jane: Hey! Sorry to interrupt, but Rusuak just collapsed
Jane: He needs help ASAP
Brian: you are hrere for this right Adam?
Horik: (( Jane just burst into the room. Got it. ))
Horik: What's happened?
Jane: I do not want to divulge all of the details aloud in front of everyone. Come see him for yourself though.
Ico: Absolutely.
Ico: Let's go
Brian: Rusuak is on the floor, out cold. There are biskets all over the floor and an empty bottle of wine on the table.
Priest: The drink the traders had...
Jane: Yeah
Jane: Have you heard much of it?
Horik: A bit. He drank the whole bottle?
Ico: Rusuak! Rusuak, can you hear me?
Jane: Yes
Jane: He drank the whole bottle
Horik: Start from the beginning. What happened?
Jane: So he wanted to try the potion.
Jane: For noble reasons
Jane: Of course
Ico: Not now! I might need your help!
Brian: he begins to cast.
Brian: but nothing happens.
Ico: What? No, how?
Horik: We can't treat a man without knowing his ailment! That could just make things worse!
Jane: He drank the potion and had wine and biscuits
Ico: We have to start his heart again! He's going to die!
Brian: dude, the potion is the wine.
Brian: You've just never seen wine.
Horik: (( I'll check his vitals ))
Brian: No breathing, no heartbeat.
Horik: (( CPR? ))
Brian: I'm gonna call that a dex check that your first aid helps you with.
* Adam Boretos rolls: 1d20+3 => 13 + 3 = 16
Brian: Nothing. You begin to feel his flesh cooling.
Horik: (( All my knowledges are in my token if you want to check them ever btw ))
Brian: cool
Horik: This... doesn't look good.
Ico: Why Nerul? Why abandon me now?
Horik: Can you sense any life in him, Ico?
Brian: Ico just stares in disbelif, but the other priest speaks.
Priest: Our lord is looking over his soul's final report as we speak.
Priest: He is gone.
Horik: Then it's out of our hands.
Horik: (( Girl, what happened after he ate and drank? ))
Horik: Girl, what happened after he ate and drank?
Jane: He started telling stories
Jane: and jokes
Jane: He said that he was going to tell me the greatest story he knew before he forgot
Jane: before he COULD forget, rather
Jane: but then he collapsed
Horik: (( I'm gonna check to see if he hit his head on the way down. ))
Brian: His head hit the floor, but not nearly hard enough to have done anything.
Horik: (( I know enough about achohol that it doesn't just kill you in five minutes like this, right? ))
Brian: You do not, although yo uknow that three orcs splitting two bottles didn't die. They were younger though.
Brian: But even then, these people sold you a drink that apparently just kills you, so it's still effectively poison.
Horik: And I thought we had enough problems to worry about without getting poisoned.
Ico: But why would they do this? We lived in peace for so long...
Horik: I know they were headed to Daysriver. I sent someone to intercept them. I think there's no better way to get our answer than to hear it from the horse's mouth.
Brian: Do you guys do anything more until you hear back from them?
Horik: (( Has Ico heard about the baby yet? ))
Brian: You assume not.
Horik: There was another thing, Ico. I assume you didn't get my message.
Ico: No, I heard about that. My prayer was not as isolated as I would have liked.
Horik: What should we do?
Ico: I don't know. This...none of this makes any sense.
Ico: Wait until we hear more about this.
Horik: Hear from whom?
Ico: You sent someone to Daysriver, right?
Horik: Oh yeah. Them. Sorry, I'm all mixed up after everything that's happened.
Ico: I suppose I need to uncover why I was unable to save this man.
Horik: They left yesterday, so they should be back by tomorrow.
Brian: Do either of you guys do anything else until then?
Horik: He was gone by the time we got here. Not even you can pull a man back from death.
Horik: (( no. I'm done. ))
Ico: It wasn't too late. I knew I could have saved him.
Brian: Jane, anything from you?
Brian: Take that as a no?
Horik: (( guess not ))
amanda: no
Brian: Ok.
Brian: News does come back in time. News that the travels found a way to block Nerul's power. News that the whole church at Daysriver sank into the ground.
Brian: And news that the clerics were able to cast again only once the holy tomb guards of the crypt rose by their own power to kill the intruders.
Brian: Ico soon orders all the remaining wine locked away for security, although villagers burned the cart before anyone could get to it.
Brian: And that ends this mini story.
Adam Boretos: grats
Brian: grats?
Adam Boretos: we made it to the end.
Jane: we did?
Brian: Plans are already being discussed to take the fight back to Damriel, or at the very least investigate these new weapons, but those are stories for Goblin VI proper.
amanda: Did we succeed?
Brian: Depends: what was your goal?
Brian: This was a prelude. I wanted to set up some character motivations and explain how Goblin V ended, and I accomplished that I think
amanda: Ok
amanda: that makes sense
Brian: Ok, any last questions?
Brian: Otherwise I'll save transcript and call it a campaign.
Adam Boretos: sounds good. when's goblin 6?
Brian: Depends on what I'm doing with my life and if I have enough time to run it.
Brian: And how many other shumks can actually commit to a full campaign where everybody needs to show up every time.
Adam Boretos: well, you've got 3 already, I reckon