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DM: we are on the "prison" map
Chris: glad to see they were smart enough not to put us all in one cell
DM: actually, you are in an interrigation room.
Chris: oh
DM: Or something of that ilk. You have seen Ordos interrogation rooms, and they normally look much worse than this, so you don't feel too scared...
Man's Voice: This is madness!
Man's Voice: You are going to let a murderer walk free, just to put everyone at risk.
Ordos Officer: I know the risk.
Man's Voice: Then why would you do this?
Ordos Officer: Because risks are how we got this far. We have been fighting the daemonic threat for centuries, and we still know almost nothing about them. As our borders expand, do you really think we won't run into something we don't know how to handle?
Man's Voice: And what if this backfires? We will have let the Xenos right into our homes.
Ordos Officer: You just have to trust me...
Ordos Officer: Morning, Mrs. Stendatem.
Constance Stendatem: Good morning, Mister...
DM: He shakes his head in embaresment, probably feigned, and removes the scowl from his face. He now speaks in the soft voice of a boy, despite clearly being no younger than 40.
Ordos Officer: Septum.
Ordos Officer: You are in pretty deap, you know that?
Chris is disconnected.
Chris has connected.
Constance Stendatem: I got that impression. Breaking and entering, resisting arrest, accomplice to murder, interference in anti-daemonic activity...
Officer Septum: Indeed.
Officer Septum: But I think we can do better.
Constance Stendatem: Be hard not to.
Officer Septum: You are a good student at the arcane college, noted for your devotion to ordos principles.
Constance Stendatem: Thank you.
Officer Septum: Tell me, what exactly did you suspect by the time you were at that warehouse?
Constance Stendatem: That we were on the trail of terrorists. I'm not certain why anyone would seek to depose the only government still in existence, but some people are not very rational.
Officer Septum: That probably isn't the case. We think this was a murder.
Constance Stendatem: That's a lot of fireworks for a simple murder.
Officer Septum: But it was sure to kill it's target. Divers revealed that the bomb was directly under Mr. Stendatem's seat. What are the odds?
Constance Stendatem: ... slim. Who would want to kill my husband, though?
Officer Septum: I don't know. I actually don't care. Murder investigations are best left to investigators like the one in your company.
Officer Septum: I come to you about a different matter.
Constance Stendatem: Oh?
Officer Septum: We scaned all three of you with artifacts from the old empire, and both of your companions, but not you, had wards on them. They do not seem to be human in origin. This leaves only one conclusion: there are Xenos interested in the affairs of these two.
Constance Stendatem: That borders on unbelievable.
Officer Septum: I work with the unbelievable every day, Mrs. Stendatem. I think you agree that this isn't something to be taken lightly?
Constance Stendatem: How would one even begin to investigate it?
Officer Septum: That's the trick. We don't.
Officer Septum: Neither of these two seemed to be up to anything illegal or cult-related, other then Mr. Goodfellow's normal work, prior to the bombing. I want to simply let the three of you go, and watch what happens.
Constance Stendatem: That is surprisingly generous.
Officer Septum: You see, the Ordos Manuastra has always killed anything suspicious on sight, and for good reason. But this time, it's different. The wife of the man in question is an Ordos trainee. This is where you come in, Mrs. Stendatem.
Officer Septum: You will watch these two, and keep us aware of anything of suspect that goes on. We need to know if and how they are cooperating with Xenos. It will give us insight into what daemons do when they don't think we're watching.
Constance Stendatem: They haven't since I've been with them. I would have noticed that for certain. It would be difficult, but not impossible, for Ignatius to have hidden such activity.
Constance Stendatem: Kevin, on the other hand...
Constance Stendatem: His record for uncanny success may be related, perhaps.
Officer Septum: Erm?
DM: were you going to follow that line up?
Chris: no, just speculation
Chris: but i can
DM: he awaits your elaboration
Constance Stendatem: Consorting with daemons is a good way to know things that one otherwise wouldn't. An invaluable skill for an investigator.
Officer Septum: A bold hypothosis. That is the kind of thing you will need to be aware of. I was hoping you were the smart girl your instructers informed me of,
Constance Stendatem: I hope so as well.
Officer Septum: Then do you accept our offer?
Constance Stendatem: Yes.
Officer Septum: Glorious...
Officer Septum: This will be a great leap for humanity if all goes well.
Constance Stendatem: How so?
Officer Septum: Knowledge, my dear. We still don't know how daemons communicate amoung themselves or among each other. We don't know how capable of making plans they are. What they can and cannot do. This could reveal that and much more.
Constance Stendatem: Know thy enemy...
Officer Septum: There is one other matter that must be adressed. I can have your murder charges waived without an issue, but your unauthorized use of magic is my job to handle. Can't just let that slide...
Officer Septum: Unless you were an acting member of the Ordos Manuastra...
Constance Stendatem: I think I see what you're saying...
Officer Septum: You are an inducted watchmen of the Ordos now. As you are well aware, this grants you licence to arrest and use any magic or old empire artifacts, but not to nulify other lawmen or order soldiers. You are our eyes and ears, nothing more. If you think you have tracked a cultist or daemon for sure, call us.
Constance Stendatem: One question.
Constance Stendatem: What if you're wrong, and it's something other than a daemon? Some new form of magic, perhaps; you said only that it was unidentified. Or if it was daemons, but they never appear again. What happens then?
Officer Septum: Then it isn't my problem. Report of course, but if Xenos are not involved, it is not the Ordo's buisness.
Constance Stendatem: So we are free to go?
Officer Septum: Not yet. I do not want the others to know you are working for us, and so you will be returned to your cell. I will have you all released at once.
Officer Septum: This whole conversation never happend, by the way.
Constance Stendatem: What conversation?
Officer Septum: Good.
Officer Septum: And one last thing... your husband. Ignatious Spendatem is not accused of any crimes prior to this incedent, and the ward is the only thing out of order with him at all, but you must realize that there is a chance the worst is true about him. You do accept that?
Constance Stendatem: I accept it.
Officer Septum: And should he be found to be in cohoots with, or actually a Xenos in disguise, you are required to give us information that will lead to your husbands death. Do you fully understand that?
Constance Stendatem: I understand.
Officer Septum: Good. I am no fool, Mrs. Stendatem. I know you are conflicted in your intrests, but understand that this may do wonders for the new empire. Any more questions?
Constance Stendatem: None, sir.
Officer Septum: Then come with me...
DM: he leads you to your cell...
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