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Chris has connected.
Chris: Back to Prison, I presume?
DM: yup
DM: note that I have already done the 3hp of healing from your head wound
Chris: i noticed; thank you
DM: problem with a divine-free society. Natural healing
Chris: unless you happen to find a bard lol
Chris: they tend not to be in government service though, methinks
DM: right, bards are the only healers in the new imperium...
Chris: YEP
Chris: gotta love bards
DM: no you don't. They can get annoying when you want then to actually get shit done.
Chris: all too true
Chris: they're still pretty heavy on the insanity-fueled awesome, though
Chris: when played well
DM: yes
DM: Come on Adam...
Chris: ...seriously...
Chris: What about Zac? I mean, there's no reason to drag him in 'til Adam shows, but...
DM: he had previous arrangements, so he couldn't come to this. This shall only be a partial session
Chris: ah, okay
DM: Given that this campain is a little bigger than the others, we will need to squeeze in what gameplay we can when we can
Chris: yeah
Chris: is it just me, or have the campaigns been getting bigger?
DM: God, I feel sorry for anyone reading this transcript right now...
DM: but in responce to your question, have they?
DM: ELWOB I was a one-session
DM: ELWOB II was a three session
DM: ELWOB III and ELWOB IV were one session
DM: And it sounds like ELWOB V was one session
Chris: yeah
Chris: then there's this, which looks like it's going to clock in at three
Chris: and then there's mine, which will definitely be at least two
DM: I think this one (It's kind of booked at ELWOB VI now, it's not like it's racing another game) will be more than 3
DM: I hope for about 6, not including solos
Chris: wow
Chris: minicampaign in a microcampaign series
DM: I think Wesley's plan is to migrate to real campaigns once things get rolling
Chris: yeah
Chris: the ball's taking forever to get rolling though, due to LOADS AND LOADS of races
DM: I said from the start this setting was too big...
DM: I'm gonna be AFK. If Adam shows, call me
Chris: okay
Adam has connected.
DM: ok
DM: so, when I said "call me"...
DM: I meant, ya know, call me
Chris: yes, note what i said on skype, and that your phone proably rang about 20 seconds ago
DM: it didn't. But it don't matter none now
DM: Adam, we are on the "prision" map
DM: but spelled right
DM: put your token in one of the 10x10 rooms
DM: those are cells
Chris: there
DM: And now, let us begin....
DM: After a day in jail, the two of you are let out of your cells to a small lobby room
Ordos: Come along.
Officer Septum: Mr. Stendatem, I see.
Officer Septum: Have you slept well?
Ignatius Stendatem: *silence*
Officer Septum: Interesting.
Officer Septum: I think you will be glad to hear this, however, so try to wake up. We have decided to release the two of you, with no charges.
Ignatius Stendatem: *inquisitive yet doubting look*
Ignatius Stendatem: yet skeptical*
Officer Septum: You were investigating an important matter, were you not?
Ignatius Stendatem: Aye.
Officer Septum: The warehouse was in fact owned by this inspector after all. The death of the police officer was unfortunate, but we cannot do anything about that now, can we?
Ignatius Stendatem: Aye.
Officer Septum: Then why are you so afraid of me?
Ignatius Stendatem: I'm not.
Officer Septum: Then go. Return to your lives.
Ignatius Stendatem: *nods*
Ignatius Stendatem: (I assume my gear is returned?)
DM: ues
DM: yes*
DM: Do you return to your home?
Constance Stendatem: (might as well)
Ignatius Stendatem: (my wife could use some medical attention from our nurse)
DM: She has already received the best care a society without clerics can provide
DM: healing at 3hp/day is the best that can be done
Ignatius Stendatem: (oh, good.)
DM: Also, you level up Adam
Ignatius Stendatem: (woot)
Chris: actually, i think you can heal 2/level with bedrest and constant attention, but that's kind of a hindrance
Chris: i.e. COMPLETE dedication to regenning
DM: You return to your home, located by a small lake right outside the capital. Your vacation plans may have been ruined, but this home is nice enough to compensate, given you still have time off from work and arcane studies...
DM: The house seems as you left it...
Ignatius Stendatem: Home at last.
Ignatius Stendatem: What shall we do?
Constance Stendatem: ...
Sextus: Master Stendatem! [annotation: sextus is their butler]
Sextus: You are home early by several days.
Ignatius Stendatem: Yes. I had figured you would have gone home in the mean time.
Ignatius Stendatem: Good to see you regardless.
Sextus: I had been making an attempt to tidy the villa while you were away. It is much easier to clean while no one is making more of a mess.
Sextus: No offence...
Constance Stendatem: (Adam stepped out)
DM: noted
Constance Stendatem: Life is messy.
DM: get out of character, damnit
Ignatius Stendatem: (back, sorry.)
DM: ok
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, we've ran into a bit of a speed bump with our vacation plans, so it looks like we'll be vacationing at home.
Sextus: Very well. I would say make yourselves at home, but I suppose that would be pointless to say...
DM: do you do anything else today?
Constance Stendatem: (not of note, probably just study or whatever)
Ignatius Stendatem: (I take a long bath and get my equipment cleaned while I go for a horse ride.)
DM: and how long do you ride?
Ignatius Stendatem: (Into the afternoon. About 6PM)
DM: very well.
DM: Constance is in the sunroom that afternoon, when somthing strange happens...
DM: make a spot check
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 3 + 3 = 6
Constance Stendatem: (fuck)
DM: You see a mass of worms on the outside door of the master bedroom.
DM: They just seem, stuck there...
Constance Stendatem: What the shit?!
Constance Stendatem: (right. i have a feeling they're not just worms, so i think i'll refrain from zapping them)
Constance Stendatem: Er. You may want to leave. There's something... odd... on the outside of the house.
Sextus: Madam?
Constance Stendatem: You probably don't want to know. But I'd recommend against going into the master bedroom.
Sextus: Very well...
Constance Stendatem: (back to worm watching)
DM: Do you just watch them?
Constance Stendatem: (wait. do we happen to have a telegraph?)
DM: yes. It connects to an operator in the city.
Constance Stendatem: (then I'll need him to connect me to the Ordos)
Constance Stendatem: (or pass a message, either or)
DM: fair enough
DM: the telegraph is in Ignatious' study
Constance Stendatem: (are the worms on this side too?)
DM: no
Constance Stendatem: (gah, have no way to detect magic)
telegraph: Ordos Manaustra. State Buisness.
Constance Stendatem: Ordos Member Constance Stendatem reporting. Mass of worms has appeared on side of house, suspected daemonic in origin. Recommended course of action?
DM: you do realize that will take like ten min. to type, right?
Chris: holy hell
Constance Stendatem: Suspected demon worms on house. Do what?
Ignatius Stendatem: (does she really suck at morse?)
DM: she isn't a telegraph operator, and that was alot of characters. 10 min. may be a bit too much, but it would take a while.
Ignatius Stendatem: (A proficient morse code operator can send a message faster than a proficient text messager, just to give you some perspective.)
DM: really?
Ignatius Stendatem: (yeah. I can find you the youtube video if you want.)
DM: that's alright
telegraph: Await dispatch.
DM: make a spot check
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
Chris: better
DM: you see a few of the worms file into the filing cabnet
Constance Stendatem: (I know I'm going to regret this. I open it to see what they're after.)
DM: this shelf contains nothing but a small black chest
Constance Stendatem: Huh. -take chest-
DM: it is of medium weight
Chris: locked, I presume?
DM: no
Constance Stendatem: (let's see what's inside)
DM: the box is dusty, as if unused in some time. It contains a photograph of a family you don't recognise, a little toy soldier, and a book.
Constance Stendatem: (book's probably what I want. I put the photo in its pages, pocket the soldier, and leave the room.)
DM: do you pocket the book?
DM: do you return the chest?
Constance Stendatem: (oh. doy. yes. I drop the chest to save time and weight.)
DM: ok
DM: At this point, Ignatious returns
DM: yes, that is supposed to be a bathroom
Ignatius Stendatem: (thought so.)
Ignatius Stendatem: (Does it not have a bath?)
DM: It has one, just forgot to make it
Ignatius Stendatem: (okay)
Ignatius Stendatem: (I turn on the water)
DM: congradulations
Ignatius Stendatem: (While I wait for the bath to fill, I head to the kitchen.)
Constance Stendatem: Ah. Hi.
Ignatius Stendatem: Hello. What's for dinner?
Constance Stendatem: So many remarks come to mind, I don't even know which to use. There are daemon worms on the bedroom walls.
Christopher has connected.
Adam 2 has connected.
Chris is disconnected.
Adam is disconnected.
Ignatius Stendatem: Did you call the authorities?
Constance Stendatem: Yes. They're on their way.
Ignatius Stendatem: Right. We'd best get out with all due haste.
Ignatius Stendatem: Sextus!
Sextus: Yes?
Ignatius Stendatem: Is my equipment clean yet?
Sextus: I am afraid not, sir.
Sextus: I had assumed you were not going out again in short time
Constance Stendatem: (have the worms spread at all?)
DM: they are gone
Ignatius Stendatem: It looks like the daemons have other plans.
Ignatius Stendatem: What you've got done will have to do.
Constance Stendatem: OHHH, WHERE DID THEY GO?!
Sextus: It is in the closet as always...
Ignatius Stendatem: Help me put it on.
Ignatius Stendatem: (is this the closet?
Ignatius Stendatem: )
DM: no
DM: the other one
DM: as you apporach the bed, you see somthing on it...
DM: a letter
Ignatius Stendatem: (I grab the lettter, and stuffit into one of the pouches of my armor.)
DM: Sextus helps you dawn your armor
Ignatius Stendatem: (is it considered donned hastily?)
DM: do you want it to be?
Christopher: you'd want to
Christopher: fully takes 1d4+1 minutes iirc
Ignatius Stendatem: (and hastily?)
Christopher: nope, four minutes
Christopher: donned hastily with help is 2
DM: I'd say do that
Ignatius Stendatem: (I do.)
DM: then what?
Ignatius Stendatem: (to the stables.)
Christopher: (I chack the box real quick. Any worms?)
DM: no
Constance Stendatem: (odd. I follow)
Officer Septum: What is the situation?
Constance Stendatem: That was fast. There was a swarm of worms all over the outside of the master bedroom, but they seem to be gone now...
Officer Septum: Let's check the area, just in case
Officer Septum: Men, lets check the outside first
Ignatius Stendatem: I read the letter in the mean time.
Constance Stendatem: They were after the contents of a black box.
Constance Stendatem: (I produce its contents)
DM: The letter is a love note. It begins with "To my beloved Constance," but that is as far as you get before being interrupted.
Ignatius Stendatem: Hm...
Chris has connected.
Adam has connected.
Constance Stendatem: What's that?
Adam 2 is disconnected.
Christopher is disconnected.
Ignatius Stendatem: Relics of an age long forgotten.
Constance Stendatem: I meant what you have in your hand.
Ignatius Stendatem: Oh, this?
Ignatius Stendatem: I'll tell you once I finish reading it.
Ignatius Stendatem: (I continue reading..)
DM: It is quite the love note. The man writing claims to be writing from the front line, and his prose (as well as the wrinkles in the paper) would support this. He writes of his unending love for constance, and that he intends to make good on his promise to marry her when he returns from the front. It is from someone named "Kinal"
Ignatius Stendatem: Constance, do you know anyone named Kinal?
Ignatius Stendatem: ( check the date of the letter too)
Constance Stendatem: Kinal... was my ex-husband. He's... MIA.
DM: No date is given.
Ignatius Stendatem: (appraise check)
Constance Stendatem: For years, if you see what I'm saying.
Ignatius Stendatem: I see.
Ignatius Stendatem: (would an appraise check help determine the age of the letter?)
DM: go ahead and try
* Adam rolls: 1d20+10 => 20 + 10 = 30
Ignatius Stendatem: (bollin)
Constance Stendatem: (you would)
DM: holy shit
DM: It does seem old... the ink is faded and the paper has grown soft.
DM: Still is odd you never heard of this man before
Constance Stendatem: He died chasing daemons. It seems we've both hidden things from one another.
Sextus: Look at that! Something over there do go... walk to...
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, it seems one of his letters may have gotten lost in the post.
Ignatius Stendatem: Here. (hands letter)
Ignatius Stendatem: I'll take those things from you, if you don't mind.
Constance Stendatem: Only if you explain what they are. Who are the people in this photograph?
Ignatius Stendatem: My family.
Ignatius Stendatem: From when I was a boy.
Ignatius Stendatem: As was the soldier.
Constance Stendatem: Odd I've never heard about them. What happened to them?
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, a child grows up and begins his own life, I suppose. After my father died, I didn't have much to keep me in touch with them.
Constance Stendatem: Ah. I... am sorry. Here are your things.
Ignatius Stendatem: I am grateful.
Ignatius Stendatem: and if you wouldn't mind helping me to fix my armor, while we wait for the fuzz to get back, I would appreciate it. It's pinching me in places that I'd rather it didn't.
Constance Stendatem: Very well.
Constance Stendatem: You should know... (whispers into ear) the Ordos detected daemon magic on you and the inspector.
Constance Stendatem: (whisper) That's why they let us go. They want to figure out what was behind it.
Officer Septum: Evening.
Ignatius Stendatem: (silence)
Constance Stendatem: Anything?
Officer Septum: We found some slime on the door, but that's all. No magic traces, nothing.
Officer Septum: You did the right thing, calling us.
Officer Septum: Contact us again if it reappears, but we can't do anything about somthing we can't find.
Constance Stendatem: I thought you could detect even the faintest traces?
Constance Stendatem: Do you mean to say this wasn't a daemon?
Officer Septum: Well, whatever it was, it wasn't casting spells. What made you think the worms were daemonic?
Constance Stendatem: That they appeared from nowhere, and WORMS DO NOT BEHAVE THAT WAY.
Constance Stendatem: I suppose it could've been an illusion, but that means we have an apostate about, and that still would be a call to Ordos.
Officer Septum: Either way, our only option is to keep an eye out. Try contacting that inspector. He might figure somthing out.
Ignatius Stendatem: Perhaps you could station oone of your men here in case they return?
Officer Septum: *looks you in the eye and grins*
Officer Septum: I suppose I can't turn down such an offer.
Officer Septum: Men, head on back.
Officer Septum: I'll see just what trouble I can find here...
Officer Septum: Do you have a room for me?
Sextus: There is my room. I could return to my apartment.
DM: I think this makes a pretty good stopping point...
DM: unless there is anything else you guys want to do...
Adam: I just want to say I'm pretty sure the butler isn't innocent.
Chris: he's up to SOMETHING...
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