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Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
thePeople has connected.
DM: awsome
thePeople: Ill make my token now
Tokens dropped onto map 'Wreiph'
DM: So, I would like to record and save the transcript of this game, and post it on the facebook page so I don't have to list every detail of what happend. Would you be alright with that?
thePeople: sure, but why would you have to list the details, or is that so others can see how the story is going
DM: It's so others can see the story. Remember that this campaign is only a chapter in a much greater tale.
thePeople: ok, sure
DM: ok
DM: So, are you using that generic token?
thePeople: by the way am i in the location where im going to start right now or should i move somewhere else, and i dont particularily care what the token looks like it, i mean, it works, and i dont see an archer or ranger or warrior token
DM: ok. You are right here at the start
thePeople: ok, and since my guy will be fighting both at range and mlee do you think quickdraw was a good feat choice
DM: it may very well be
thePeople: ok, well, lets start then
DM: You are Hunter, a talented but inexperianced young youth of Wreiph. You are sitting by your favorite natural spring, a place of quiet meditation, when you hear a voice...
DM: is God
God: Hunter..
Hunter: wait, who is this, is this, you almighty one?
God: Yes, Hunter. I speak unto you.
Hunter: What do you wish to tell me, I promise to listen well.
God: You must serve me today, Hunter.
Hunter: what do you wish to be done
God: There is a beast in the lake. You must slay it, by the end of the day.
Hunter: I will, but, may I ask for what reason.
God: Did you create the Earth, Hunter?
Hunter: no, no i did not, I should not have questioned you
Hunter: Please forgive me
God: You are forgiven, for I love you. Now go, do as I demand.
thePeople: wheres the lake
DM: there is only one lake in Wreiph, it is to the east, by the edge of the caveren
DM: if you zoom out you can see it
thePeople: ok, thanks
thePeople: can i just move hime right there
DM: sure
DM: you walk twards the lake.
DM: The weather is warm and calm, as always...
thePeople: at this point, my character sarts trying to listen for and spot the beast
DM: roll it
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 4 + 5 = 9
* thePeople rolls: d20+1 => 11 + 1 = 12
thePeople: the first was listen, the second was spot, may my character repeat these till he finds it
DM: eventually, you see a crocidile.
Hunter: Is this beast the one the great one was speaking of? it does seem mighty, whether it is or is not, it looks like it will provide a fair amount of food for my clan.
thePeople: I then draw my arrow and shoot at it
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 5 + 5 = 10
DM: you miss
DM: roll init
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 12 + 4 = 16
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 12 + 1 = 13
DM: you go first
Hunter: Its noticed me, if i do not stirke it down when it is still far away, this might not end well
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 8 + 5 = 13
thePeople: does it hit?
DM: No
thePeople: i move back 30 ft
thePeople: oops, i should have also considered the distance
DM: The croc moves in full speed
thePeople: I shoot again
* thePeople rolls: d20+5-4 => 15 + 5 - 4 = 16
DM: this hits.
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 8 + 2 = 10
thePeople: sweet
DM: It runs on despite the arrow in it
thePeople: i shoot again
* thePeople rolls: d20+5-2 => 19 + 5 - 2 = 22
thePeople: crit
* thePeople rolls: d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
DM: not with a bow
thePeople: , comfirmed
DM: bows are 20 only
thePeople: i thought that rangers got 1 more for thier crit range?
DM: right
DM: I forgot
DM: roll damage, you sly dog
* thePeople rolls: 3d8+6 => 7 + 6 = 13
thePeople: well that wasnt a lucky roll
DM: The creature falls to the ground, bleeding heavily
thePeople: i move towards it, keeping my eyes on the surroundings in case something else appears, and checking the beast as well in case it still has some life in it
DM: It doesn't, but you do see your brother, Earth-Looker.
Earth-looker: That is mine!
thePeople: What, I am sory brother. Do you mean that is your hunt or is that a new campanion you have found, and if so, please stop finding such dangerous ones
Earth-looker: It is my hunt. I was commanded to slay a beast by the lake.
Hunter: I was as well, do you think we were supposed to do it together, and if both of us were asked to work together, then I am afraid that it is likely something more dangerous than this poor beast
Earth-looker: If so, I will find it!
Hunter: Brother, don't be so reckless, we dont know what it is.
Earth-looker: You are right, brother. I must not let this lead to my doom.
Earth-looker: I'm sorry.
Hunter: Don't worry, everyone is impatient sometimes.
Hunter: Before we look however i just wish to make sure this crocidile is dead so we wont have to worry about it eating any of our fishers later.
thePeople: i shoot at it again
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
DM: Crocidiles are actually extremely rare, as are all carnivores. They normally only emerge when God demands someone be punished.
Earth-looker: Then let us bring it back, and present it as a feast to the Writhor.
Hunter: Yes brother, but we still have to search a bit onger in case this is not the beast god asked us to find, how about you or search for it in the local area for it while the other skins the crock, and if one or the other see it, we well yell out for whoever is not present
Earth-looker: I agree. I will skin this creature.
Hunter: Very well, I will search the surrounding area.
thePeople: Should I constitently make spot and listen checks as I move or should I just move and then you will tell me when to make them?
DM: just move
DM: now
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 12 + 5 = 17
* thePeople rolls: d20+1 => 11 + 1 = 12
thePeople: listen then spot
DM: you see no beast, but you see that Earth-looker is gone
Hunter: Brother, where have you gone, did you see something?
thePeople: i start moving back to where he was
DM: you see neither the crocodile or your brother
Hunter: Brother, seriously, where are you, I am starting to get worried, did you hide in the lake or something, Brother!
DM: you hear only your echo
Hunter: Where is he, could it have been the beast god told me about, but how did he take my brother befoer he could even make a sound
DM: You search the lake, but he is not to be found.
Hunter: Calm down hunter, Calm down, there are 2 likely options here, he has either returned home with the crok to scin it there, or somehow the beast has gotten him, I will search the lake for a hour more, and if i have still not found him I will return to the village
DM: you only search half of that time, before Planter comes to you.
Planter: Hunter! See what Earth-looker has done!
Hunter: What, what is it, Ive been looking for the last half an hour for him here, He told me that he would stay by the lake and skin a crok i killed while i searched the lake in case it was not the beast that the great almight one had commanded us to kill, yet i could not find him, did he return to the village after all
Hunter: what did he do?
DM: She leads you to the sacred plot, a small patch of dirt where sacrifices are made.
Earth-looker: Behold! I have slain this creature by Gods command!
God: I see your sacrifice, and honor it. You truely are the greatest of you two brothers.
Earth-looker: Do I make you proud, God?
Hunter: But brother, it was I who had slain this beast.
DM: The others who have gathered look at you in shock.
Earth-looker: Of course you are not brother.
Hunter: What are you talking about, I was at the lake, having already caused it to be on the ground bleeding with my arrows when you chanced upon the beast and i, then you said you would skin it while I continued to search the lake in case that was not the beast God had asked for us to kill.
Earth-looker: You are only jealus that you failed to produce a worthy sacrifice. God, if I slew this crocodile, send a sign that will show us all the truth.
DM: Suddenly, the creature returns to life. It rises, it's wounds healing instantly, and eyes Earth-looker.
DM: It then slips into the river.
Hunter: Amazing, the wonders of God.
Writhor: Behold! Earth-looker has pleased God!
Hunter: But, i still do not understand, i had killed, that beast, or maybe not,did i only bring it to near death
Hunter: That must have been it.
DM: the croud disperses...
Hunter: Brother, you know what happedned, while I admit it may have been possible that the beast was still barely alive when i left it and that you may have given the final blow, it was i who had brought it down to its helpless state, yet you acted like i did nothing, and was just a jealous onloker trying to take the credit for myself. Why?
Earth-looker: Because I'm a better warrior. Don't you see? God's commands were not so we could work together; it was a competition. You only killed it because you found it first.
Hunter: But did i not then win the competition, how would that show you are the better warrior. Even then, why would you try to humiliate me like that, I know you have always been a bit of a prankster but this is going to far
Earth-looker: It's too late now. You have seen that I have pleased God. Forget about it.
DM: He walks off.
DM: what do you do?
Hunter: Whywhy did he do this, I admit that there has been an uneasiness between us recently, but this, this, huh. Also, why did god accept his sacrifice, I killed the beast, surely god had seen that, surely he had know, what is going on.
Hunter: I'm not sure if I can show my face to the village for a little while after this accident, i think I will camp outside near it instead for a day.
DM: night is quick to fall. Luckily, there is no inclement weather here, making shelter unneeded.
thePeople: My character does as he said and goes near the village, but not into it and prepares to sleep for the night, unworried as, as you said, carnivoruos beasts are extremely rare and I had justkilled one, so surely there wouldn't be another
DM: the night falls, and soon you here a voice.
God: Why are you alone, Hunter?
Hunter: I am ashamed god. My friends and family have all heard about how my brother had slain a beast by your request while I just tried to steal his credit. It is one thing to attempt to take credit for anothers option normally, but to do it for an act commanded by god is much worse, I am not sure how I can show my face to them with what they think happened> I have many questions, but i know it is not my place to ask them.
God: You were not brave enough to confront your brother?
Hunter: I did, I told everyone what had actuaully happened, but no one believed me, I have never been the best with talking to others, and I do not mean any blame to you, but after your miracle, no one would ever believe me, no matter what happened
God: There is only one way to prove what he said is false. You must show you are the greater warrior, by defeating him in a duel.
Hunter: ... If you wish so god, I will, I do not like fighting with my fellows, but if you deem it the right thing to do, then I shall, I just pray that neither of us will end up permanently harmed. Even after what he had done i still and always will care for my brother. I will go now god
DM: where do you go?
thePeople: To the village to comfront my brother, though i have no idea where that is
thePeople: Also, i go sword drawn, ready to challenge hi
DM: I actually don't know where the village is either, never drew it. Would they even have a village?
DM: You are essentially all inside
thePeople: IWell i go to wherever my brother and i live
thePeople: Brother, I challenge you to battle, you have humiliated me publicly by claiming the kill was yours when it was actually i who had slained it. For that, I challenge you, so that the truth may be revealed
Earth-looker: I accept. We fight at dawn.
thePeople: oops, didn't impersonate
DM: nbd
thePeople: very well, I will see you then
DM: Do you do anything important over the night?
thePeople: I prepare myself metally for the fight to come, and check my food and drink carefully, I would not think that earth-looker has done anything,but he has beeen acting more selfish and ruthless recently
DM: everthing seems to be alright. It appears his only crime is his lies and pride so far.
thePeople: Brother, you have wronged me, for that we must fight. I do not wish to harm you, and I do not wish to be harmed, however, this is something that must be done.
Earth-looker: God has shown that I am your superior, brother... This is a fool's errand,
God: You must strike him down, Hunter...
Hunter: ... If it is your wish, it shll be done, however I hope he will forgive me for my assault later, andthat things will go back to what they once were.)
Hunter: that was a thought
DM: roll init
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 11 + 4 = 15
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 7 + 2 = 9
thePeople: I charge him with my great sword.
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 3 + 6 = 9
thePeople: i miss i guess
DM: yes
DM: he swings with his battleaxe...
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 2 + 2 = 4
thePeople: miss
DM: duh
thePeople: I swing once more
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 5 + 4 = 9
thePeople: this is a lt of misses
DM: Earth-looker steps back as a withdraw action, reacing for his bow.
thePeople: how does withdraw work again
DM: he doesn't provoke attack of opportunity from the first sqaure he leaves
thePeople: ok, i charge him once more
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 14 + 6 = 20
DM: hit
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+4 => 11 + 4 = 15
DM: he is out cold
Hunter: Crap, i struck him harder then i intended, i use my heall skill to try to stop his bleeding
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
God: Hunter, you must let him suffer.
God: He has sinned against me, and must suffer...
Hunter: but, but, he is my brother, He has wronged you true, but I beg of you, please let him live, please give him a chance, I am sure he can change in time, please, i beg of you
DM: Earth-looker continues to bleed...
Hunter: please godc
thePeople: To the village to comfront my brother, though i have no idea where that is
DM: ?
thePeople: oops meant to say i check his pulse to see how long he has and ready an action to heal him if good gives permission, accidently pasted something else
DM: ahh
DM: he has about 30 seconds before he is beyond you.
God: As his crime was against me, so must his punishment be worthy of me.
thePeople: Please, I know you are angry, he has done you a great harm, but I love him, sure, he has done much wrong recently, but he is my brother, he has been with me my whole life, he has taught me how to hunt and track and fight when i was young, he has played with me when I was lonely because it has been hard for me to make friedns, please god, please, i don't want to be responsible for his death. Please, i will do anything, anything. please...
God: He is but one man, and he has interfeared with the task I have commanded you to do.
thePeople: would anyone go aginst god for any reason in this community, because i think my character is about to, or would that really screw up everything
DM: You have neither heard of, nor seen such an act done before in the history of time.
thePeople: that does not mean my character wontbe the first, i think i'll do it, however if this screws up your plans, feel free to overwrite what i say.
DM: This is D&D. The plans are made to be screwed up. This is a story we both write, never forget that.
Hunter: God, i am sorry, I can't obey you this time, I love him to much, i beg you forgive me, and him, but, I am sorry, I must do this.
thePeople: I then start to try to heal him and stop the bleeding,
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 5 + 5 = 10
DM: nope
* DM rolls: 1d10 => 1
DM: he goes to -8
DM: next turn
Hunter: No, he can't die like this
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 16 + 5 = 21
God: You disobey me...
thePeople: Sorry god, sorry
DM: he stabilizes.
Writhor: Earth-looker was never the better warrior...
Writhor 9: It was Hunter the whole time!
thePeople: does god do anything, or should i continue begging for forgiveness for a while until he responds, or i ask them to bring him back to the community
Hunter: God, im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry, but i had to do it> there was no other option in my mind, to not do this was the same as to not be who i am. I am sorry
DM: God does not respond...
DM: The people appear to have heard none of this, and carry on thier lives
DM: you mother and father tend to Earth-looker
DM: you level up to 2
thePeople: I stand, suprised but thankful that thier has been no punsihment, but still i plan to sleep away from wherever i live tonight in case he wishs to punish me later, so that i wont drag my family into it
thePeople: ok, i'll start changing my character for it
thePeople: or should i do something else an wait till later
DM: how well can you multi-task?
thePeople: reasonably well
DM: ok
DM: let's try that
God: You disobeyed me today.
thePeople: I am sorry god, I know what i have done, and i know it is unforgivable to go against you, yet i still healed him. I should not even be asking for forgiveness for this
thePeople: i am not worthy of it
thePeople: really need to remember impersonate
DM: yeah
DM: really
God: You deserve a seat in Agony for what you have done.
DM: Agony is the bad afterlife of this world. Bliss is the good one.
DM: just a side note
Hunter: I know god, I know, If thier is anything I can do to quell your rage, I will.
God: You must leave this land, and go to the wastes beyond. There, you must seek a treasure hidden by the foul beasts.
God: If you return it to me, I will forgive this sin, because I love you.
Hunter: Thank you god, thank you, I will leave at once
thePeople: I leave a not on the tree i'm next to explaining things to my familiy, since they wuld look here for me, then I prepare to go
DM: Leaving is a matter of asking God for a teleport, but same difference
DM: level your guy and I will set up the new map
thePeople: ok
DM: do you feel up for your first dungeon tonight?
DM: otherwise this is a nice stopping point
thePeople: I'll do it, i have the time
thePeople: Going from level 1 to 2 is easy
thePeople: just had to change health, saves, skills, and chance to hit
thePeople: so, are you ready with making my new location yet
DM: yes
thePeople: then bring me there, and lets start this thing
DM: you are in a canyon, cold and dry. The dark brown represents the high parts, walls from your point of view
thePeople: can you move my guy there
DM: he is there
thePeople: how do i look there
DM: go to "select map"
DM: upper right
thePeople: just saw it
thePeople: I look around the area, take a deep breath, and begin to move carefully, trying to be undetected as i begin my travels in this new land
thePeople: do i make move silently rolls when i begin to move silently or when someone else might notice me?
DM: when you begin. Otherwise you know if you are being watched
thePeople: ok
DM: I will be making listen checks that may or may not be decoys
* thePeople rolls: d20 +8 => 19 + 8 = 27
* DM rolls: 1d20+4 => 18 + 4 = 22
thePeople: do i need to keep making them or is that one enough until someone catches me or i do something else
thePeople: brian
DM: let's say that's good
thePeople: ok
thePeople: i am also constantly listening for anything that may be around me, should i rollthat the same way
DM: yup
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 20
thePeople: and i guess spot as well, i will do both, listen first, then sppot
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 17 + 5 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 1
* thePeople rolls: d20 +3 => 20 + 3 = 23
DM: you see and hear nothing
thePeople: ok, will i need to do new checks as i go
DM: change of mind. I will do rolls of program when they are needed
DM: this will take too long
thePeople: ok
thePeople: do i see that
DM: yes
thePeople: does it seem to see me
DM: no
thePeople: i move forward, not attacking it incase it is friendly, since the arrows noise might be noticeble, however i ready an action to attack it if needed
thePeople: ill just keep moving till you start typping something so that its not as long
DM: stop
DM: it sees you and swoops down
DM: roll your attack
* thePeople rolls: d20 +6 => 17 + 6 = 23
DM: hit
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 6 + 2 = 8
DM: that is fatal
thePeople: i go and pick up my arrow if it is still usable since i wont be getting any more soon it seems like, i think its a 50% chance ot be useable still
DM: yes
* thePeople rolls: d100 => 23
thePeople: , thats a no
thePeople: , i move on
DM: stop
DM: an Eagle charges you
thePeople: did i hear it ahead of time
DM: no
thePeople: ok
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
thePeople: miss, i switch to my greatsword and seing at it
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 8 + 5 = 13
DM: miss
DM: it withdraws
thePeople: i switch back to my bow and shoot at it if i can still see it, can i?
DM: nope. It went above the canyon
thePeople: ok
thePeople: wait, just checking out rapid shot feat for a second for future battles
thePeople: back
thePeople: whats t the right of me, can i see
thePeople: i meant right here
DM: wall
thePeople: ok, can i see anyfarther to the left
DM: the eagle is back for more!
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 4 + 3 = 7
DM: or not...
thePeople: shoot at it twice with rapid shot
DM: that provokes
thePeople: actually no, i just swing with my sword
thePeople: i meant to say that before shoot
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
thePeople: miss i guess, oh well
DM: it flys off
thePeople: , i eep moveing but for every turn i ready an action to swing at the bird or any other enemy if it attacks
DM: ...and it's back
thePeople: i use my readied action and swing
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 20 + 5 = 25
* thePeople rolls: d20 +5 => 13 + 5 = 18
* thePeople rolls: 4d6+8 => 14 + 8 = 22
DM: aww shit
thePeople: its dead
God: You hunt well...
thePeople: thank you
thePeople: it just said i couldn't impersonate hunter because im not his owner
DM: try now
Hunter: thank you god
thePeople: thanks
thePeople: i move on
thePeople: i ready my bow in case i see anything as i move
DM: stop
DM: Eagle time
thePeople: use my readied action to shoot
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 20 + 6 = 26
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 8 + 6 = 14
thePeople: , does that crit
thePeople: also, does the favored enemy bonus damage for a crit as well?
thePeople: brian?
DM: hold on
DM: I would say yes
thePeople: ok
DM: but you didn't crit this tim
thePeople: ok
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
DM: still one-hit it
thePeople: i see if i can recover my arrow
* thePeople rolls: 100 => 100
thePeople: thats a yes
thePeople: i move on
thePeople: still readying an action to shoot like bfore
DM: You are in a huge area now
thePeople: well i suddenly see a lot
DM: your canyon gives a nice view
DM: make a spot check
* thePeople rolls: d20+3, if its an animal i get +2 more => 8 + 3 = 11
DM: you see some ruins on the far side of the lake
God: This is what you seek...
thePeople: very well, I lets ee what I will have to face
thePeople: ill just move him all the way there but he's still going silently, or do you want otherwise
DM: you walk over to about here without event
DM: here
DM: now roll init
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 11 + 4 = 15
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 18
thePeople: aw
* DM rolls: 3d6 => 9
* DM rolls: 3d6 => 6
thePeople: remember, i have a ready action to shoot stuff, so if its a caster, i can mayb use that to interrupt his channeling
thePeople: , if i can see him
DM: you can't
thePeople: ok then
thePeople: do i notice anything wrong or do i keep going
DM: nothing seems to be wrong
thePeople: that and the readied action is my turn
DM: a stranger steps out and fires a crossbow at you
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 19 + 1 = 20
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 3 + 1 = 4
thePeople: hit,
DM: no crit
* DM rolls: 1d8 => 6
DM: 6 damage
thePeople: ok, i then shoot back
thePeople: as a readied action, not as my turn yet
DM: wait, ready action goes first
thePeople: oh, oops
DM: you can negate his hit by killing him
DM: go
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 17 + 6 = 23
* thePeople rolls: d8 => 7
thePeople: , i take it tht that is not enough
DM: not quite
thePeople: ok, i take the damage
thePeople: , then on my turn i switch to my great sword and charge him
* thePeople rolls: d20+7 => 17 + 7 = 24
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+4 => 7 + 4 = 11
DM: he drops
DM: you see two fleshy lump-creatures
thePeople: do they do something or is it my turn
DM: it's your turn
thePeople: I do a knowledge nature check to identify them
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 15 + 4 = 19
DM: never seen the things before...
thePeople: ok
thePeople: , do they look like they have any sry of myind or something because if they don't my character will just leave them be while still beign careful
thePeople: i mean if they do
DM: what is a sry of myind?
thePeople: sorry, meant sort of mind, you know like a dog, or do they seem mindless, like an ooze or piece of flesh without the brain
DM: they seem mindless
thePeople: then i use rapid shot and shoot 2 arrows into the closest one
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 14 + 4 = 18
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 10 + 4 = 14
DM: both hit
thePeople: are they animals
DM: no
* thePeople rolls: 2d8 => 12
DM: the closest one dies
DM: the other starts to waddle away
thePeople: i shoot it as well
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 5 + 4 = 9
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 13 + 4 = 17
DM: it's out of LOS
thePeople: oh, if i move forward 5 ft is in in sight
DM: No. Can you see that wall?
DM: the one near the lump you shot?
thePeople: it just looks like a flat stone ground, or do you mean that purple thing
DM: this wall
thePeople: now i see
thePeople: what is that new thing i see
DM: It's a medium-sized flying creature, pteridactyl-like
DM: it stares at you.
thePeople: I ready my bow at it in case it attacks me, then end my turn
DM: sure enough, it goes right for you.
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 12 + 6 = 18
thePeople: its an animal right
DM: nope
thePeople: nem
* thePeople rolls: d8 => 1
thePeople: crap
DM: it attacks
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 2 + 1 = 3
DM: and fails
thePeople: I swng with my great sword
* DM rolls: 1d10 => 7
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 20 + 5 = 25
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 11 + 5 = 16
thePeople: is that a crit
DM: nice
* thePeople rolls: 4d6+8 => 14 + 8 = 22
thePeople: same as last time
thePeople: i got a crit with the sword
DM: roll reflex
* thePeople rolls: d20 +7 => 4 + 7 = 11
thePeople: are these the samethings i fought in the encounter I helped test
DM: yup
DM: it explodes in a burst of acid, dealing you « 2d4 = 6 » damage
thePeople: ooh, below half health now
DM: forgot to use your blood, BTW
thePeople: oh, can i use it now, i forgot
thePeople: can i?
DM: This would be too late, but I will say you remembered before
thePeople: thanks
DM: doesn't matter now anyway, the combat is over.
* thePeople rolls: 2d6 => 9
thePeople: oh, ok
thePeople: whats the purple thing
DM: This structure is very old, but appears to be made of a solid peice of stone. Various fleshy things lay on the ground, and the roof is almost all gone. In the center lies a lecturn containing a few things. One is a necklace, and another is a stone. There are also some crossbow bolts in here, oddly.
thePeople: i look at the neckless carefull, then pick up everything and put it in my back pack if there was nothing odd with it
DM: there doesn't seem to be...
Hunter: God, i have done what you have requested of me, is there any other deed that you wish me to perform while on this quest
God: No. I shall bring you home.
Hunter: Thank you
DM: God only requests the stone, and lets you keep the necklace. You also seem to be forgiven for saving your brother, and the village is proud of you.
thePeople: I return to them, and explain the things i have seen to the elders, or just to the average people if there aren't any elders, but either way not in front of children in case it might scare them. I say that they likely can never hurt us since we are in these protected lands, but it never hurts to know more
DM: they listen, but seem interested in what is "outside"
DM: is that all?
thePeople: I talk to my brother and ask him if he has considered what he has done
DM: He has. It is clear his envy and pride are not subdued, but he now accepts you are the better, and will admit he lied about the crocodile.
thePeople: My character is happy that, even though his personality hasn't improved, that at least he has stopped deceiving the others and likely wont do it anytime again soon, he then goes to wherever he lives and looks more closely at the necklace to see why it would be part of the treasure that god asked him to look for, and checks the bolts as well just in case, he also asks the village elder or mistic to look if there is one
DM: the bolts are just crossbow bolts.
DM: The necklase doesn't have any decernable powers, but is magical. You have no clue what it does.
thePeople: I prepare to sleep for the night, curious as to wondering what is magical about the necklace, and hoping that i will get to find the means to discern it soon
thePeople: the bolts are added to the villages armoury
thePeople: if there is one, basically its now public use
DM: ok
DM: with that, I say we call it a night.
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