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thePeople has connected.
thePeople: hey brian, you there
DM: yup
DM: ready for this?
thePeople: I would like to think so, bring it on, oh, also, at what rate do you get health back
DM: The normal rate, when there is no magical healing, would be 1hp per level per day.
DM: That said, there are clerics to heal you here, and it is long enough that natural healing would recover you just fine
thePeople: finally found my token
thePeople: ok, i think im ready to begin whatever your going to throw at me
DM: is that a challange?
thePeople: please, no, have mercy on me you all powerful DM
DM: About a year has passed from your first expedition to the outside. God has commanded you to preform several other tasks in the outside world, most of which have involved searchinng some ruined building for somthing. To date, you have yet to din what you are looking for, but you have gotten valuble experiance in combat, something not often seen by Writhor.
DM: One day, you are standing by the river doing nothing of importance, when a friend comes to you...
Sitter : Hunter?
Hunter: Oh, hello Sitter, how have you been doing
Sitter : I am fine.
Sitter : It is your brother I must tell you about...
Hunter: What, did he do something wrong, If he keeps on behaving badly, then something very serious might have to be dne with him
Sitter : No. He... God took him. He took hunter to either bliss or agony, as he does when our times come.
Hunter: ... What, he's... dead. How, how did it happen
Sitter : I don't know. He was simply wisked off.
Sitter : I am sure it is for the better. God works in mysterious ways, but he always has a plan for us. I'm so sorry...
thePeople: Wait, i have a question, so in this society, they don't actually die usually, but are sent to either bliss, which i guess is a very peaseful, beautiful area on the world, or agny, which was the wasteland where i was before, right.
DM: You don't know where bliss and agony really are, but you know of them as the afterlife. You don't need to strictly be dead here to be taken away, and most Writhor are taken, body and all, before their last breath. Some do die in terrible accidents, but the peacefull life here means most die of natural causes, allowing the faithfull to live on in bliss in the same body as in life, presumably forever.
DM: Occasionally, someone is shown a brief glimpse of bliss. They describe it as amazing, but have a hard time describing any details.
Hunter: ... I hope he has changed then, if he was still as he was a year ago when he was wisked away then I fear for him, however, i have hope, or atleast i try to, that he has changed. We have not talked much recently, but, I must have such hope.
Sitter : Well, it is kind of your fault...
Hunter: What, what did I do?
Sitter : You disobayed God. You choose your brother over him, and maybe this is punishment.
Hunter: God already said he forgave me after I completed my original task outside. And even if this is punishment, then he still has had a longer time with us than he would otherwise, and in this time, he might have changed enough to go to bliss instead of agony. I still hate myself a bit for what i did, I directly went against god, a truly horrible deed. However, I believe that it might have been for the best for Earthlooker regardless, even if it is not for the best for the plan God has set for us.
Hunter: I truly wish however that i have not disrupted it much however, because if I have, then i deserve all the balme in the world for the additional pain i have placed on others
Sitter : You have cause much talk amung the Writhor, you know... People don't like to hear you disrupting God's will.
Sitter : I would worry less about your brother, and more about your own fate.
Hunter: I do not worry, for myself, if I get punished, then I deserve it for what I have done. I plan o do my best toobey God's will for the rest of my time here however, In order to not interfere wth his will any longer
Sitter : I wish you the best...
Hunter: Thank you
DM: she walks off...
DM: A week passes, and God sends you on a series of missons. They seem incredibly pointless, as if he were just... testing you. Seeing if you will do anything he says. Walking across mountains, scouring the wastes for minor magical items, as if to check your patience.
DM: One day, at the end of a dive into one of the sterile lakes of the wastes, God speaks to you once more...
God: Hunter...
Hunter: Yes, God, what is your will.
DM: hold on, BRB
Hunter: ok
DM: back
God: It is time for you to complete my plan for you, Hunter.
Hunter: What is it God, what do you wish me to do
God: There is a ruin in the wastes. It is like many of the others you have seen, but it contains something of great importance. Something that has been stolen from me by those who do not obey me.
God: You are to retreive it, and bring justice to the theives.
Hunter: I will my lord, I will return this treasure to your hands and punish the wretched fools who would actually steal from you.
God: Hunter, if you serve me, I will reward you will the ultimite reward. You will live in my glory in bliss for serving me.
Hunter: Thank you god, thank you, To be given such an honor, I am unworthy. I will do my best and i will succeed on this quest glorious one.
God: Prepare yourself. Your duty awaits you...
DM: you feel the familiar feeling of being teleported, and find yourself in a large, mostly empty plane...
DM: plain*
thePeople: Whould i do a spot and listen check to seen stuff
DM: no
DM: the only feature of note is a large, rectangular building, obviously very old.
DM: You do see the new map, right?
thePeople: Sorry, was on wasteland for a secon, im supposed to be on ruins, right
DM: yeah
thePeople: ok, im there
thePeople: Do i get a further message from god or am i on my own now
DM: Sometimes God will reply if you pray to him on a mission
DM: but not always
thePeople: ok
thePeople: I just tried to impersonate hunter but it didn't work
DM: try now
Hunter: GOd, are those foul wretches residing in this building?
God: Yes
Hunter: Very well
thePeople: I draw my bow and try to find an entrance in this building while moving caustiously trying to escape attention
DM: there is one door on this side of the structure. It is made of pretty sturdy metal
thePeople: I try to look at the joints of the door to see if i could just break those. Tell me if as i move, anyone sees me
DM: no one
DM: does
DM: The door is sliding. It seems to be made to resist unwanted entry.
DM: Oddly, there is no keyhole.
Hunter: Thats odd, how do people get in here. Ther must be some door on another side of the building, or maybe a trap door of sorts.
thePeople: That was a whisper to myself
DM: kk
DM: you notice that part of the wall is gone here
Hunter: Hm, well, i guess God did say this building was a ruin
Hunter: do i see anything around the edge
DM: no
DM: make a move silently check
* thePeople rolls: d20+9 => 13 + 9 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 14 + 3 = 17
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 2 + 3 = 5
DM: ok
DM: make a listen check
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 19 + 5 = 24
thePeople: sweet
DM: you hear breathing. Very close.
thePeople: I back off a step and prepare my bow to attack anyone who comes around the corner
DM: You still hear the breathing, but no footsteps
thePeople: I stand still for several moments, but then switch back to my sword, approach the end of the wall again, and quickly peek at whats on the otherside
thePeople: preparing to charge if someone sees me
DM: You see two wolves sleeping together
thePeople: I back off a bit in a way so that they don't see me, then I draw my bow and let loose, feeling sorry for these creatures that must now die
thePeople: From back here, I check the area where there sleeping once more before letting loose with rapid shot
DM: you see nothing new
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 3 + 4 = 7
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 3 + 4 = 7
thePeople: crap
DM: the arrow plink against the wall, waking the wolves.
DM: rol init
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 10 + 4 = 14
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
DM: you first
thePeople: I attack again the same way
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 8 + 4 = 12
DM: no hits
thePeople: are they flatfooted
thePeople: no i guess not then
DM: ohh right
DM: one hit
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 6 + 2 = 8
thePeople: both were on the upper wolf
DM: the wolves run at you
thePeople: I switch to my sword, is this enough distance to charge someone or does it have to be more than 10 ft, I always forget how far it is
DM: it's at least 10ft. you are just far enough
thePeople: I charge the upper wolf
* thePeople rolls: d20+7 => 18 + 7 = 25
* thePeople rolls: d20+7 => 10 + 7 = 17
thePeople: does that confirm the crit
DM: yes
* thePeople rolls: 4d6+12 => 13 + 12 = 25
DM: teh other one withdraws
thePeople: I apoligise to the scared wolf, then draw my bow and shoot at it twice
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 5 + 4 = 9
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 19 + 4 = 23
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 8 + 4 = 12
DM: ...that's not quite a crit
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 5 + 2 = 7
DM: the wolf wimpers and keeps running away
thePeople: I shoot again, hoping that there isn't anyone in the room where it's running
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 6 + 4 = 10
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 16 + 4 = 20
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 2 + 2 = 4
DM: are you keeping range increments into account?
thePeople: oops, no, i haven't been, that means the one which hit when it was flatfooted would have missed, the rest would still have hit though i think
thePeople: all would be 2 lower
DM: well, you killed it with taht crit, so...
DM: no change
DM: anyway, the wolf duck behind the corner
thePeople: wait, did i hit it first, or did that not kill it
DM: didn't kill it
thePeople: ok
DM: but still hit
thePeople: i check the wolf in front of me for the arrow that hit it
* thePeople rolls: d100 => 33
thePeople: nope
thePeople: I move forward, arrow drawn and ready to fire
DM: nothing moving
thePeople: anything new that i can see?
DM: hold up
DM: there
thePeople: look around the corner
thePeople: a bit of lag, sorry
DM: ok
DM: stop right there
thePeople: ok
DM: these two readied to charge you
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 17 + 5 = 22
thePeople: wait, if they readied a charge, and i readied a shot, does init solve it
DM: true
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 13 + 2 = 15
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 7 + 4 = 11
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 15 + 5 = 20
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 18 + 5 = 23
thePeople: ouch
thePeople: those hit
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 6 + 1 = 7
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 5 + 1 = 6
DM: damage
thePeople: i activate the writhor blood
DM: and two trip attemps
* thePeople rolls: 2d6 => 9
DM: you have 9 temp HP now
thePeople: i take 4 damage still
DM: now make two dex checks
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 16 + 1 = 17
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 5 + 1 = 6
thePeople: wait, dex checks?
thePeople: i thought thats against my combat defence
DM: opposed trip attempts. Combat defense does not exsist in this version
thePeople: oh
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 2 + 4 = 6
thePeople: crap
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 18 + 4 = 22
thePeople: aleast i tripped one
DM: well, you have to make a strength check against the wolfs dex to trip it back
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 20 + 2 = 22
thePeople: whats that roll for
thePeople: oh i get it
* thePeople rolls: d20+3 => 4 + 3 = 7
thePeople: wait, that was a immediate action that occured as a result of them trying to trip[ e right
DM: your counter trip?
thePeople: yeah
DM: yes
thePeople: ok
DM: you may still shoot, but you provoke AoO now
DM: actually, no, can't even do that. You're prone.
DM: good luck, because it's also the wolves' turn...
thePeople: Wait what?
thePeople: Wasn't those trips and attacks thier turn
DM: you moved, triggering their readied actions.
DM: sorry, you have a standard action left
thePeople: I switch to my great sword as a free action and swing at the one i hit before
DM: -4 for prone
* thePeople rolls: d20+1 => 14 + 1 = 15
DM: hit
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+6 => 8 + 6 = 14
thePeople: ok, thats my turn i guess
* DM rolls: 1d20+7 => 19 + 7 = 26
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 5 + 1 = 6
DM: 6 damage
DM: your turn
thePeople: How does standing back up work again, how long is it and does it get an attack of opprotunity
DM: move action and yes
thePeople: I think i'll try to scrabble back up on my feet
* DM rolls: 1d20+7 => 13 + 7 = 20
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 3 + 1 = 4
DM: and make dex check
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 7 + 1 = 8
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 9 + 4 = 13
DM: ok, you get up
thePeople: I Swing at the wolf
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 1 + 5 = 6
thePeople: and then make a 5ft step back
DM: it steps up and attacks
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
DM: does that hit?
thePeople: miss
thePeople: finally
thePeople: I attack
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 19 + 5 = 24
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
DM: no crit
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+6 => 8 + 6 = 14
DM: it dies.
thePeople: I pant a bit and decide to think about what to do next since im currently in a sorry state
God: Good. They are seeing my vengance...
Hunter: Wait, what?
God: These are the thieves, Hunter.
Hunter: The wolfes? how did they steal somethign from you, or was it just dumb luck and that they took it during a raid. Hm, i guess it doesn't matter, though
Hunter: I will get back what they took, though it migh be a bit difficult as i have taken a bit of damage
God: I have shown you the ultimite mercy for betraying me, and yet you still question me...
Hunter: No god, no, I am sorry, I did not mean to question you, I was just wondering out loud, I am sorry
DM: God does not respond
thePeople: Feeling a bit afraid that god had misinterpreted his wonderings, he draws his bow, and carefully looks around at his surrundings after moving a few steps further
DM: You are in a large, empty, warehouse-like room. There is a large, double steal door ahead of you, and nooks to the left and right. You hear some yelping from the right...
thePeople: I begin moving back, still with bo drawn, preparing to draw out thier attack away from the ruin
thePeople: I yell louldly, hoping to attract thier attention
DM: they don't respond
thePeople: I yell again and wait a few rounds
DM: Still nothing. They must be protecting somthing in there...
Hunter: These beasts show surprising intelligence
thePeople: I start moving back, preparing to shoot at any moment
DM: this is the tough part of soloing. sudden death
thePeople: yeah
thePeople: especilly without heals
thePeople: I shoot both here, (move movement thing to one place), and here, (to another place), hoping to draw attention
DM: but you are outside
thePeople: oops. misplace where the wall still was
thePeople: now i do that
DM: the arrows plink. You hear heavy breathing from the northern nook, but nothing moving
thePeople: can you fight dfensively as a standard action
DM: yes
thePeople: and that gives a +2 bonus to ac and a -4 to atacks, right
DM: yes
thePeople: ok, I switch to my great sword and move slowly forward, preparing to fight defensively
DM: you see two more wolves, guarding a litter of puppies
DM: also, make a spot check
* thePeople rolls: d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 16 + 2 = 18
DM: you also see a wolf in the other nook, looking around the corner
thePeople: also, if its against the wolves i get +2 to that
thePeople: wait, what nook
thePeople: now i see
DM: well you see it anyway
DM: you may go first
thePeople: I back up to an alley so that only one can attack at a time
DM: they don't follow you
thePeople: I shoot at the one in the nook
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 9 + 4 = 13
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 1 + 4 = 5
DM: both miss
DM: it ducks behind the wall
Hunter: sigh
DM: you are the hunter, not them
DM: this door has a handle, and seems unlocked
thePeople: i know
thePeople: what door?
thePeople: i see
thePeople: I go to the door slwly, preparing to attack with my bow if they move, and listen at the door
DM: roll it
* DM rolls: 1d20+4 => 9 + 4 = 13
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 7 + 5 = 12
thePeople: its a 14 if against an animal
DM: you hear a wolf's footsteps
thePeople: wait, on the other side of the door, or somewhere
thePeople: else
DM: other side of the door
thePeople: I stand ready with my sword in case it charges and wait a moment
DM: silence
thePeople: I open the door, and move back with it so that it can't charge me
thePeople: wait does it open that way or the other way
DM: that way. Also sliding
thePeople: ok
thePeople: brb
DM: you still have a standard action, by the way, so you can shoot this thing
thePeople: Back, and i shoot it
* thePeople rolls: d20+6 => 12 + 6 = 18
* thePeople rolls: d*=2 => Invalid expression: d*=2.
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 5 + 2 = 7
thePeople: you there?
DM: ye
thePeople: now what
DM: it charges
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 19 + 5 = 24
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 1 + 1 = 2
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 4 + 1 = 5
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 17 + 4 = 21
DM: not tripped, but two damage
thePeople: ok, I then get a free counter trip, right
DM: wait, no, because wolves have improved trip.
thePeople: oh, ok
thePeople: I then switch to my great sword and seing at it
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
DM: no dice
DM: it returns the favor
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
thePeople: miss
thePeople: I swing
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
thePeople: again
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 1 + 3 = 4
DM: fail
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 9 + 5 = 14
DM: hit
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+6 => 5 + 6 = 11
DM: It wimpers and dies
thePeople: I go in the room
thePeople: bow readied
DM: the room is empty and clean, typical of the ruins you remember.
thePeople: I go in farther
thePeople: do these rooms have any doors or anything
thePeople: just saw one
DM: the east room has a door, and the west one has a 15ft gap in the wall
thePeople: I listen at the door
* DM rolls: 1d20 => 17
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 8 + 5 = 13
DM: you hear nothing
thePeople: 15 if against animal, though it doesn't matter
thePeople: I open the door and hold my greatsword readied incase anything tries to attack me
DM: empty
thePeople: with greatsword ready, i go to the whole in the wall
DM: empt
thePeople: brb
thePeople: back
thePeople: i walk forward, preparing to charge a wolf if i see one
thePeople: i guess i see none
DM: you just see the two by the puppies
thePeople: ok, I draw my bow and begin shooting those 2
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 12 + 4 = 16
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 3 + 4 = 7
DM: one hit
* thePeople rolls: d8+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
thePeople: now what do they do
DM: one charges
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 14 + 1 = 15
thePeople: miss
thePeople: i switch t great sword and attack
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 2 + 5 = 7
thePeople: i then move back 5ft
thePeople: thier turn
DM: it steps up and attacks
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 4 + 3 = 7
thePeople: I attack
* thePeople rolls: d20+5 => 11 + 5 = 16
* thePeople rolls: 2d6+6 => 8 + 6 = 14
DM: that's fatal
thePeople: i move 5 ft forward
thePeople: does the remaing wolf do anything
DM: it stands over it's children growls
Hunter: I am sorry pups but your parents have done a great evil, even if they were not aware of it
thePeople: I shoot twice at the remaining wolf
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 20 + 4 = 24
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 12 + 4 = 16
thePeople: crit
* thePeople rolls: d20+4 => 9 + 4 = 13
thePeople: does that hit as well?
* thePeople rolls: 3d8+6 => 16 + 6 = 22
DM: the arrow goes straight through it's skull, splattering brains across the room
thePeople: what is that blue and white section of wall
DM: see the grasslands map
DM: it's a terrain key
DM: There is a huge door there and two little windows
thePeople: I listen at the dorr to see f theres anything on the otherside
DM: you hear nothing but the puppies whining
thePeople: I prepare my greatsword and enter
God: Your task is not done, Hunter...
Hunter: I know God, I am searching for the item you seek. Don't worry I will find it
God: But vengance is not yet mine, Hunter.
Hunter: What, Is there another wolf who has participated in the theft, I promise to find and kill it my lord
God: The sins of the father are those of the son, Hunter. Those children will grow up to be thieves themselves, and this will happen all over again.
God: You must slay them.
Hunter: The.. The pups, but, but. Nevermind, if it is your will my lord i will enact it, you are right, of course, you always are.
DM: What insues is no battle, mearly killing. The pups are very young, and still standing by their headless protector. They do nothing but stare at you as you enact their doom. You cannot help but wonder why you must do this, but you try your best to hide those thoughts from God.
thePeople: I reluctantly carry out the task, and then return to the door, with gret regret at te action i just committed
DM: as you touch the door, a thought enters your mind. The thought is not yours, it simply enters. The tought says, very clearly, "Scanning... Human. Entrance granted."
DM: and the door opens
DM: a cage lays in the center of the room, slightly sunk into the floor, with glowing lava pulsing at the bottom. A beutifull woman sits cross-legged on top, smiling at you.
Woman: Having fun?
thePeople: Who are you?, what are you doing there! Crap, I have to get you out now before you sink any further
DM: she reaches out her hand
thePeople: Wait, is she in the cage or on top of it?
DM: on top
thePeople: oh, I reach for her hand and try to help her down
DM: helping her down is easy. As you touch her hand, however, you see somekind of energy pass from her to you.
Hunter: Wait, what was that?
Woman: A gift. You will need it later.
Hunter: If, if you say so? Now, if you could, God has sent me on a quest to retrieve a treasure from these ruins, and i have yet to find it, could you help me
Woman: The treasure your god seeks is long gone, but I could grant you somthing that would please him just as well.
Hunter: What? How do you know that. And what is this gift you said you would grant me
Woman: This place was built by an ancient empire. The purpose was to contain a creature that could be harnessed for it's magical energy. They did not understand that this cage would not be nearly enough to hold back it's power.
Woman: That beast is what your god seeks.
Woman: Instead, I can offer you a trinket that grants similar power.
Hunter: Wait, please, tell me, how do you knw all of this, and hw can i know you are speaking the truth
Woman: How would I know about your god if I were just some clueless girl? Did you think it was a lucky guess?
Hunter: Well, God is God, everyone knows of him. And i am sorry if it seems to you that i think that you are just a clueless girl, but I still wonder how you can know of my quest and these aincient things, please, if you may, tell me the sourse of this knowledge.
Woman: Experiance.
Woman: Some things can only be learned that way...
thePeople: Do the writhor believe that there are other aincient creatures besides god and how common do they believe them to be
thePeople is disconnected.
thePeople has connected.
DM: There are those who have betrayed God and been banished, daemon like beings, who are not sent to agony quite yet for reasons unknown, but God is supreme above them all.
DM: This must be a daemon
Hunter: If what you say is true, then, the you must be some kind of Daemon, tell me, why do you appear like this, what are you planning.
thePeople: I ready my sword to attack if she makes a sudden move
Woman: I would love to tell you, but you would never listen. There are some things that a man simply will not hear. Instead, I will teach you first hand. I will keep your eyes open even when you are sleepy.
Hunter: What are you talking about, awnser my questions?
thePeople: meant a exclamation mark not a question one
Woman: Do you want the trinket or not?
Hunter: If it would please god then yes, But I still demand that you awnser my questions, if you are telling the truth, then you are a wretched being that had gone against god. I demand to hear some awnsers
DM: She laughs and hands you a ring.
Woman: This is what you seek. As for your questions, I will answer them with questions of my own.
Woman: If God is so mighty, why didn't he come here himself?
Hunter: He is god, he does not need to explain himself, when he send another instead of himself, i imagine it is likely a test, in order to help them gainn forgiveness or prove themselves to him
Woman: Forgivness for what? Not killing those puppies fast enough?
Hunter: ...What God say is always right, if he wants an action done, then it is in the right to do so. Even if the one enacting it does not wih to, they must, for it is thier duty.
Woman: Why would you ever not want to? Didn't God create the Writhor to serve him? And why isn't he chimeing in right now?
Woman: But enough of this game. It is time for you to return to your people.
DM: she begins to fade away...
Hunter: Stop, come back, where are you going.
Woman: I will see you soon... you can ask all your questions then.
DM: she vanishes
Hunter: Who, or what, was that?
thePeople: I look at the ring, hoping that god will forgive me for not bringing him the treasure he wished for, and hoping that this ring will be just as good
DM: you hear no messages...
thePeople: I then go up to that one room that is left
thePeople: I open the door, weapon drawn, preparing for an attack
DM: It contains skelitons, tons of them,
DM: but nothing else
Hunter: I walk into the room and wonder what happened her
DM: your wonderings are unanswered, but this room looks very secure, like some kind of safe house
DM: but there is nothing in it now, just like all the other ruins
thePeople: I leave the ruin and pray to god
God: I have been waiting for you, Hunter...
thePeople: God, I am sorry I have not retrieved the treasure you have wanted me to, I have tried to, But I could just not find it. Also, that odd women who just suddenly dissapeared, gave me this ring saying that it's power was akin to the thing you were wishing for me to search for. I do not know shat it is however.
God: I see that it is good.
God: It is a worthy substitue.
God: You shall live in enternall happyness in bliss now. You have served me well...
thePeople: Thank you God
DM: you feel that all-to familiar sensation...
DM: and this is our stopping point for the session