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* Brian rolls: 1d6 => 3
Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Adam has connected.
DM: ok, online
Chris has connected.
DM: who has Olivos?
Chris: I do
DM: work out how he will tell you what he is doing in combat
DM: Also, if possible I would like to record this chat log and post it on the facebook page, so anyone who wants can read this game. Would you guys be ok with that?
Chris: sure
Chris: hang on, need to make token
DM: also, Adam, do you have a horse token?
Adam: Let me check
DM: if you have one, plop it down, and plop down your character tokens too. I'll put them in position
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Chris (Player)
DM: you... aren't an elf, you know...
Chris: gah, you know what, fine, just pretend she doesn't have pointed ears
Chris: best I could do on short notice;
DM: Short notice? You had MONTHS of notice about this game
Chris: let me finish
Chris: i didn't expect it'd be nearly impossible to find an image of a sorceress that wasn't either borderline-porn or something out of an anime
DM: that's fair. You would be amazed how many naked cowboys I had to sift through to get the tokens for the guys on the train
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Chris (Player)
DM: stupid porn...
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Chris (Player)
Chris: eh, fuck it, that'll do
DM: good enough
DM: now put yer name on it, and do the same for Olivos
Chris: just out of curiosity...
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Chris (Player)
Chris: damn, that is badass
DM: but it aint no detective
DM: Ok, Adam, where are you?
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Chris (Player)
Adam: give me a sec
DM: also, are you ok with recording Adam?
Tokens dropped onto map 'Greenwater Train Station' by player Adam (Player)
DM: awsome
DM: is stern man Olivos' PC?
Chris: ja wohl
Chris: I also look less like a dude now
DM: actually, only Ignatious is on the train
Chris: okay
DM: and Keyvn isn't in this scene
DM: sorry
DM: you come in soon
DM: ready to start?
Chris: totally random question, do the macharians use paper currency?
DM: yes
Chris: cool
Chris: we're about ready
Chris: buyng crap
DM: over a month, Chris
DM: you had over a month...
Chris: address that to zac
Chris: I don't need jack
Chris: bustin' out some sick rhymes, dawg
Chris: He's ready, I'm ready. If Adam's ready, we can get this show on the road.
Ignatius Stendatem: I'm already in character.
DM: ooo snap
DM: ok, let us begin
DM: It is late morning, and the Spendatem family is about to board a train at Greenwater station, just outside the village of Greenwater, to travel to a retreat in the less cold soulthern regions of the new empire. Ignatius is already aboard, but his wife Constance is still in the lobby, about to catch up.
Hierth Wiltinker: Constance?
Constance Stendatem: ... hm? Sorry, what?
DM: you recognise Hierth, a former student of the arcane colledge, and a friend of yours. You have not talked to him after he left arcane studies in favor of electrical engineering, about a year ago.
Constance Stendatem: Hey, Hierth! It's been a while.
Hierth Wiltinker: It has.
Constance Stendatem: How has your new life been treating you?
Hierth Wiltinker: Well, that's why I'm here. Follow me...
DM: he leads you to a small side room, with some wires and a telegraph.
Hierth Wiltinker: look at this...
Constance Stendatem: What about it?
DM: he holds up a small device. He had showed you some electrical stuff in college before, but nothing this complex.
Hierth Wiltinker: This is an alternating current generator. Remember when we were tinkering with circits?
Hierth Wiltinker: Well, this doesn't work like other electricity.
Constance Stendatem: What do you mean?
Hierth Wiltinker: This current alternates. The energy travels back and forth, and you can get power to travel much more efficiantly this way. See? (shows wireing)
Constance Stendatem: How? You're making it go further, aren't you?
Hierth Wiltinker: The technology is up for review soon. If it gets past that, this could change everything.
Hierth Wiltinker: Long distance electricity, far from the source! This would be big, Constance!
Constance Stendatem: It really could change everything, couldn't it?
Hierth Wiltinker: Yes. That's what I wanted to show you. I knew you would see it.
Constance Stendatem: You always were the clever one, Hierth.
Hierth Wiltinker: Yeah, but it doesn't matter if I don't pass the review board...
Hierth Wiltinker: That's what I need you for.
Constance Stendatem: How could I be of any help to you?
Hierth Wiltinker: The man who is schedualed to review it is Ignatious, your boyfriend.
Constance Stendatem: We're, erm, married now.
Hierth Wiltinker: Ohh.
Constance Stendatem: Sorry...?
Hierth Wiltinker: Doesn't matter. I need you to vouge for me, ok? This technology is what the new empire needs.
Hierth Wiltinker: I could heat all the homes in the northern cities with this, I could-
DM: suddenly, the telegraph comes to life
DM: it begins to type a message
Constance Stendatem: Wonder who this is for...
DM: do you look at it?
Chris: naturally!
telegraph: Train away. Explosive aboard. Mission complete.
Constance Stendatem: Oh dear.
Hierth Wiltinker: What?
Constance Stendatem: R-read this.
Hierth Wiltinker: (reads) winter's plight...
DM: roll init, everyone
DM: except Keyvn
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 17 + 2 = 19
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 12 + 1 = 13
* Adam rolls: 1d20+3 => 11 + 3 = 14
DM: Constance goes first
Constance Stendatem: Everybody off the train! Bomb!
DM: there is a wall there
DM: they can't hear you through it
Chris: moved as far as I can.
DM: ok, Adam.
DM: you don't know any of this is happening, so I assume you sit
Ignatius Stendatem: Grumble Grumble.
Ignatius Stendatem: Taking forever.
Ignatius Stendatem: Grumble Grumble.
Hierth Wiltinker: We have to stop that train!
DM: The train begins to move...
DM: contsance's turn
Chris: now how hard, stupid, and dangerous would it be to get in?
DM: it's going a walking pace right now, it would be a DC 10 balance check. But failure throws you under the train...
Chris: this is me we're talking about...
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 5 + 2 = 7
DM: very
Adam: lol
Chris: welp
DM: you fail to grab the door, and find yourself under the train...
DM: Adam, make a spot check, DC 15
Chris: I press myself flat, hoping for clearance
DM: to see your wife
* Adam rolls: 1d20+0 => 12 + 0 = 12
DM: nope
Chris: frickin' hell, man.
DM: He would like to do something, but he just made a double move
DM: Chris, make a DC 5 reflex save to not get crushed by the wheel.
DM: it's only going at 3MPH right now
Chris: This is ME we're talking about.
Adam: you got this
Chris: you wanna bet?
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 6 + 2 = 8
Adam: cutting it close
Chris: hey, whattaya now
Chris: know*
DM: You manage to roll under the train as it passes over, harmlessly
Chris: brb
DM: so your turn first!
Chris: hm... can I channel without taking my life into my hands?
DM: you mean flat channel?
Chris: and cast, potantially
Chris: probably
Adam: there's only one more car.
DM: make a DC 10 concentration check to channel and cast (only one check) while a train goes over you.
* Chris rolls: 1d20+4 => 19 + 4 = 23
Chris: f*ck yeah
Adam: America
Chris: I'm gonna try to shock something important. What might fit that description?
* Chris rolls: 1d6 => 4
DM: on a locomotive's caboose?
DM: I can't think of anything...
Chris: wheels, brakes, something, anything.
DM: brakes are hydrolic on a train, right?
Chris: at that time, i dunno
DM: Yeah, I don't see anything reasonable to zap
Chris: Then I do nothing.
DM: retroactive trun from adam...
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, I hope she wasn't just in another car...
DM: yeah, why did you just jump off the train?
Adam: My wife didn't come on board. I'm not going to leave without her.
DM: so you abandoned the train?
Adam: Love makes a man do crazy things.
DM: fine.
Adam: Plus, if I see her on the train as it passes, I can try and jump on again.
Hierth Wiltinker: Mr. Stendatem!
Ignatius Stendatem: You there, I need that horse!
Hierth Wiltinker: Constance is under the train, and there is a bomb on the train, sir!
Ignatius Stendatem: Under the...
Chris: that scene from indiana jones just came to mind
Ignatius Stendatem: Is she clinging to the bottom of the train?
Hierth Wiltinker: No.
DM: I coun't that as enough dialouge for a turn
DM: Chris' turn
DM: Chris...
Chris: i can't impersopnate myself
DM: sorry
Constance Stendatem: ?!
DM: try now. I objectified you
Constance Stendatem: Certainly seems like things are up to standard....
Chris: move action to stand, I assume?
DM: yup
Chris: then done
DM: Adam, go
Ignatius Stendatem: Scoot back on the saddle, boy.
Hierth Wiltinker: ok
Adam: I attempt to jump on the horse.
Chris: wat
DM: a quick-mount?
Ignatius Stendatem: I'll be back, honey!
DM: DC 20, if you fail it's a move action
DM: good luck
* Adam rolls: 1d20+3 => 20 + 3 = 23
Ignatius Stendatem: Like a boss
Chris: knew it
Adam: I attempt to hop in the train
DM: DC 5 jump, the horse is the same speed as the train right now.
* Adam rolls: 1d20+2 => 4 + 2 = 6
Chris: cut that uncharacteristically close
Adam: sweet
Ignatius Stendatem: There's a bomb on this train. Stop.
conducter: What?
Ignatius Stendatem: We need to get these people off the train.
conducter: Yes, sir.
Train Rider 7: Badits! They are robbin the train!
DM: 7 takes a shot at Heirth
* DM rolls: 1d20-3 => 12 - 3 = 9
DM: but he misses
Chris: yeah, no
DM: the train slows
DM: Chris's turn
Chris: I'm heading back in and I'm going to spy on anyone who goes into the telegraph room.
DM: Adam's turn
Ignatius Stendatem: Get off the train NOW. There's a bomb on board.
Train Rider 2: How do you know?
DM: Hierth attempts to jump on in the same style
Ignatius Stendatem: Stay if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it. Partner.
* DM rolls: 1d20-1 => 11 - 1 = 10
Adam: intimidate check
* Adam rolls: 1d20+9 => 18 + 9 = 27
Train Rider 2: Yes sir!
DM: as the train goes over the river, riders start jumping out
DM: Chris's turn
Chris: next
DM: make a spot check
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
DM: you see nothing
Chris: Zac's got maptool working. Working on joining.
DM: nice
DM: Adam go
Ignatius Stendatem: Bomb on board! Get off the train1
Train Rider 7: Damn bandits...
DM: they jump
DM: the train grinds to a stop
DM: Chrsi
Chris: I hide
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 9 + 2 = 11
Chris: is the telegraph still here?
DM: yes
Chris: ah
DM: it is currently not typein
DM: Adam
Chris: I mean the message.
DM: also yes
Ignatius Stendatem: Bomb on board! Get off the train!
Train Rider 11: That's what the other guys are doin...
DM: The train explodes.
DM: init mode over, you may act freely
Ignatius Stendatem: Someone call the guard! The train was bombed!
voiceFromOtherRoom: On it!
voiceFromOtherRoom: We saw it all
Constance Stendatem: I was planning on jumping whoever came to check the message, but...
Ignatius Stendatem: Constance, are you alright?
Constance Stendatem: A little dirty, but unharmed. Yourself?
Zachary Olivos has connected.
Ignatius Stendatem: Just fine.
Zachary Olivos: hey so this is what this is like
DM: He's on!
Zachary Olivos: I'm so happy you have no idea
Ignatius Stendatem: I need to find out how that man knew about the bomb.
Constance Stendatem: He saw a telegraph message in here.
DM: You have only heard of one man this good at solving mysteries...
Ignatius Stendatem: I have only heard of one man this good at solving mysteries...
DM: Keyvn something...
Zachary Olivos: Goodfellow
Ignatius Stendatem: Keyvn Goodfellow.
Constance Stendatem: Is he the one behind this?
Ignatius Stendatem: Unlikely, but if there's anyone who can figure out who was behind this, it'd be him.
Constance Stendatem: Then it sounds like we have a plan.
Ignatius Stendatem: I'm sorry darling, but it looks like we'll have to put our vacation on hold a little longer.
Constance Stendatem: Oh, I don't mind. I do love a good mystery...
Chris: fuck yeah, printing press
DM: You didn't need to call inspecter goodfellow, the police already did
Adam: oh, good.
DM: He arrives in short time
DM: Chris, the token
Chris: you're the one that moved it
Chris: ah, thank you
Chris: he's still loading the map...
DM: ok, let's wait
Zachary Olivos: It isn't working
Kevyn Goodfellow: What is this I hear about a bombing?
Ignatius Stendatem: The ruins out by the river are as much as I know. See for yourself.
Zachary Olivos is disconnected.
Zachary Olivos has connected.
Kevyn Goodfellow: What happened?
Kevyn Goodfellow: *pulls out magnifying glass*
Ignatius Stendatem: See for yourself.
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 => 16
Zachary Olivos: +10
DM: on what?
Zachary Olivos: search
Zachary Olivos: sorry thought chris said it
DM: you search the track here?
Zachary Olivos: yes
DM: You see nothing out of the ordinary
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: I'll move down to the wreck then
DM: The crowd has mostly cleared, and the river has washed bits of the train's wooden parts away, but the smell of burning remains in the air.
Zachary Olivos: do I recognize the scent
Zachary Olivos: components
Zachary Olivos: such
DM: no.
Zachary Olivos: ok
DM: Clearly an expolosive was at work, but you don't know what kind
Zachary Olivos: I'll search the wreckage
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 => 9
Zachary Olivos: +10
Zachary Olivos: 19
DM: It would appear that the passengers on this train left in a hurry, leaving many of their things. Some of the furthest forward remaining car is scourched.
DM: The bridge has been destroyed where the bomb exploded, dropping several cars into the river
Zachary Olivos: How deep is the river
Zachary Olivos: well how does the river look
DM: 10-15 ft
Zachary Olivos: fast moving?
DM: medium speed
Zachary Olivos: ok
DM: possible, but tough to swin through
Zachary Olivos: Do I have anyone with me?
Zachary Olivos: who possesses Stranth
DM: ?
Zachary Olivos: like are people following me
Chris: I have 8str
Zachary Olivos: or am I just wandering solo through the wreckage
DM: No, only these tokens are here
DM: just the four of you now
Zachary Olivos: yes
Chris: he can't see the map, remember?
DM: ahh
DM: Chris, screen share
Kevyn Goodfellow: Anybody feeling particularly strong?
Hierth Wiltinker: Not I...
Ignatius Stendatem: What do you need?
Kevyn Goodfellow: Feeling strong enough to swim down to the submerged cars?
Ignatius Stendatem: and do what?
Zachary Olivos: Look for evidence of any mechanical components that are out of the ordinary
Zachary Olivos: wait
Zachary Olivos: you don't exactly know ordinary anyway I assume?
Zachary Olivos: *sigh
Zachary Olivos: (I look around for any survivors)
Zachary Olivos: (that are wandering away from the wreck)
Ignatius Stendatem: I might as well take a look.
DM: there are a few
Zachary Olivos: (I pull one over)
Zachary Olivos: Excuse me sir, official investigation
Survivor: Aye?
Zachary Olivos: were you on the train?
Survivor: Yes, inspector
Zachary Olivos: Can you tell me about the explosion?
Zachary Olivos: In as much detail as you can if you would
Survivor: What do you want to know?
Zachary Olivos: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at all?
Survivor: I was riding along, then this man walks in saying there's a bomb...
Zachary Olivos: well that is odd
Ignatius Stendatem: Honey, I'm going to take a look in the river. Watch my stuff.
Survivor: I wasn't looking, I had just dived into the river.
Zachary Olivos: wait
Constance Stendatem: Okay.
Zachary Olivos: you dove into the river
Survivor: Yes sir
Adam: I take off my armor.
Zachary Olivos: after this man walked in saying there was a bomb
Zachary Olivos: what car were you in
Survivor: Third from front
Zachary Olivos: and he enterred from the front?
Survivor: Yes
Zachary Olivos: very well thank you for your time
Zachary Olivos: please don't leave the area in case I have more questions
Adam: search check.
Survivor: Can I get my things?
Zachary Olivos: and if you find anyone from a car forward from you please send them to me
* Adam rolls: 1d20 => 12
DM: that's useless when trying to dive underwater in one breth
DM: it's just a train car of stuff
Zachary Olivos: ok
Adam: how long does it take to search?
DM: It will be about an hour total
DM: you have to constantly resurface
Adam is disconnected.
Survivor 1: Inspector, I was in the first car.
Zachary Olivos: Oh? and what is your name
Zachary Olivos: (Do I recognize them at all
DM: no
Survivor 1: Garrus
Zachary Olivos: And what did you see Garrus?
Adam has connected.
Survivor 1: Nothing really. I dove in too.
Zachary Olivos: Before you dove in
Adam: I put my armor back on.
Zachary Olivos: did you see or hear ANYTHING
Chris: i assist
Zachary Olivos: or were you just struck by the desire for a swim
Zachary Olivos: mid travel
Ignatius Stendatem: you're so kind.
Survivor 1: An offical steped into the car, yelled that there was a bomb and we had to get off, and I got scared
Survivor 1: good thing too.
Zachary Olivos: he stepped into the first car
Zachary Olivos: from?
Survivor 1: From the engine
Survivor 1: I saw him ride by on a horse
Zachary Olivos: thank you for your time
Zachary Olivos: stay with this nice gentlemen over there Garrus
Zachary Olivos: (point to other survivor)
Zachary Olivos: ok gentlemen
Zachary Olivos: It looks like it is my turn
Zachary Olivos: (I remove my belongings)
Zachary Olivos: except for a rope
Zachary Olivos: (I hand it to Ignatius
Zachary Olivos: Gentleman, you look strong. Pull me up if I start drowning
Ignatius Stendatem: You got it.
Zachary Olivos: (I tie the rope around my waist)
DM: you dive?
Zachary Olivos: Yes
Zachary Olivos: Ah that's cold
Zachary Olivos: (mumbling curses)
Zachary Olivos: do I have to make a swim check to make it out to the engine?
Zachary Olivos: (
DM: The murkey water and current keep you from ever getting a good view, but you can see that the second car has almost entirely disintigrated.
Zachary Olivos: sorry out of character)
DM: you get there eventially
Zachary Olivos: How deep is it?
Zachary Olivos: to the engine?
DM: The engine is only a few feet below
DM: it seems to have fallen off the bridge, rather than truely exploded
Zachary Olivos: Oh
Zachary Olivos: hmm...
Zachary Olivos: GARRUS!
Garrus: Yes?
Garrus: Yes
Zachary Olivos: (I dive and search the disintegrated car, looking for any remnants of an explosive)
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +10 => 14 + 10 = 24
DM: you find a small fragment, after some time, of what may have been a bomb
Zachary Olivos: (I swim back to shore)
Zachary Olivos: Well, gentlemen
Zachary Olivos: and lady
Zachary Olivos: I assume
Zachary Olivos: Something strange has happened here
Zachary Olivos: I use my magnifying glass and Appraise the fragment
Zachary Olivos: (which gives my a +2 circumstance bonus
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +10+2 => 16 + 10 + 2 = 28
DM: it is worth about 1-5 cp as scrap metal
DM: did you mean search?
Zachary Olivos: I wanted to get the bonus from my magnifying glass
Zachary Olivos: which only effects appraise
DM: you can have the bonus to search here
Zachary Olivos: Ok
Zachary Olivos: I search
Zachary Olivos: 1d20+10+2
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +10+2 => 19 + 10 + 2 = 31
Chris: l;ike a boss
Adam: bravo
DM: The piece is a newer model of explosive, recently made, incidiary.
Zachary Olivos: do I find a fingerprint?
Zachary Olivos: (which I totally know about because I'm a detective)
DM: No, it's too wet
DM: and to dry it would wash the fingerprints away
Zachary Olivos: I use Knowledge local to see if I recognize where the components may have come from
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +5 => 5 + 5 = 10
Zachary Olivos: (damn)
Player "Zacary" is not connected.
You whisper to Zachary Olivos: Olivos you know this...
DM: you can't tell
Adam: perhaps I know something.
* Adam rolls: 1d20 => 18
DM: you think that probably came from a weapons factory. It's too nice to be hand-made.
Zachary Olivos: Wait
Adam: I say that.
Zachary Olivos: Yes
Zachary Olivos: A weapons factory?
Zachary Olivos: How many of those exist in the city?
Zachary Olivos: I use my magnifying glass and look for a maker's mark
DM: None are present in Greenwater, but the nearest city has a few
DM: there is no maker's mark
DM: wrong part of the bomb
Zachary Olivos: well gentlemen
Zachary Olivos: And lady
Zachary Olivos: Is anyone up for a journey
Garrus: Nope.
Ignatius Stendatem: My wife and I were just about to go on vacation.
Hierth Wiltinker: I'm not sure how helpfull I would be...
Zachary Olivos: Well not you
Zachary Olivos: Garrus you can go
Zachary Olivos: git
Survivor: me too?
Zachary Olivos: go nurse your deep trauma
Zachary Olivos: no
Zachary Olivos: not you
Zachary Olivos: you stay here... what's your name again?
Survivor: Marcus
Zachary Olivos: Marcus
Adam: Chris has nothing to say?
Zachary Olivos: you have a shifty look on your face
Marcus: but-
Zachary Olivos: no buts
Zachary Olivos: ...
Constance Stendatem: Isn't that a little harsh?
Zachary Olivos: ....................................................
Zachary Olivos: ..............................................................
Zachary Olivos: you can go too
Marcus: Me or the lady?
Zachary Olivos: you Marcus
Marcus: yea!
Zachary Olivos: unless you like standing dripping wet
Zachary Olivos: go home
Hierth Wiltinker: What about me?
Zachary Olivos: where do you live
Zachary Olivos: who are you
Hierth Wiltinker: Hierth Wiltinker, inspector
Zachary Olivos: Will tinker
Zachary Olivos: Will you tinker off then
Hierth Wiltinker: ok...
Zachary Olivos: what city do you recognize
Ignatius Stendatem: Who?
Zachary Olivos: sorry just thinking aloud... what is your name?
Ignatius Stendatem: Ignatius Stendatem.
Zachary Olivos: well Iggy
Ignatius Stendatem: *stern look*
Chris: So, Zac can load the terrain key, but not this.
Zachary Olivos: We are headed to the local city to determine the origin of this bomb
Zachary Olivos: I may have some suspicions already
Zachary Olivos: but I refuse to jump to conclusions
Zachary Olivos: wait a second
Zachary Olivos: MARCUS!
DM: he's gone
Zachary Olivos: Damn
Zachary Olivos: I enjoyed messing with him
Ignatius Stendatem: (whispers to Constance) I can't believe I spoke highly of this guy.
Zachary Olivos: What was that Iggy?
Ignatius Stendatem: Nothing.
Zachary Olivos: Ok, I suggest everyone pack for the trip
Zachary Olivos: I assume you are going to help me?
Zachary Olivos: (I pick up my belongings and start getting dressed from after my swim)
Ignatius Stendatem: Why would you assume that?
Zachary Olivos: Well, could anyone look at this travesty in the face
Zachary Olivos: and not want to gain vengence for those lost
Constance Stendatem: We both almost died because of this little terrorist attack. We can't just let them get away with it, can we?
Zachary Olivos: I'm appealing to your moral nature
Zachary Olivos: yes!
Zachary Olivos: Exactly
Zachary Olivos: What is your name?
Constance Stendatem: Er, Constance. Constance Stendatem.
Zachary Olivos: oh
Zachary Olivos: you two are brother and sister?
Ignatius Stendatem: She's my wife, clod.
Zachary Olivos: oh
Zachary Olivos: that's...
Zachary Olivos: uh
Zachary Olivos: Good for you two!
Zachary Olivos: I always knew one day you'd get hitched
Ignatius Stendatem: I suppose we could help. I did just take a few days off work. Not to mention that I don't exactly trust leaving the whole investigation to you.
Zachary Olivos: good, because I could use some company
Constance Stendatem: (to self) Given that you just thought we were siblings, I'm not sure whether to be more offended or disgusted by that...
Zachary Olivos: some one to swim across rivers for me
Zachary Olivos: *cough*and find nothing
Ignatius Stendatem: I suppose that means I should get out my adventuring gear.
DM: speaking of across rivers, there is totally a dead guy over there
Zachary Olivos: Hey!
Zachary Olivos: Get up!
Zachary Olivos: Oh wait
Zachary Olivos: he's dea
Zachary Olivos: uh
Zachary Olivos: hmm...
Ignatius Stendatem: Down with the ship, I suppose.
Zachary Olivos: * my face gets very serious as I kneel and search the body*
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +12 => 7 + 12 = 19
Zachary Olivos: minus two if I don't get the magnifying glass bonus
DM: he isn't burnt at all; he died of blood loss, probably from the peice of metal in his neck. There is nothing on him but an odd wooden charm.
Zachary Olivos is disconnected.
Zachary Olivos has connected.
Adam: I begin to take pistols and knives out of from behind my back and place them in various holsters and sheathes across my chest and legs.
Zachary Olivos is disconnected.
Constance Stendatem: Er... what are you doing?
Zachary Olivos has connected.
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, if we're going on and adventure to fight terrorists, I'm going to need my adventuring gear.
Zachary Olivos: then go prepare
Ignatius Stendatem: Nothing says adventure like 6 pistols and 6 daggers.
Zachary Olivos: uh...
Zachary Olivos: yes indeed Iggy!
Constance Stendatem: My husband, the action hero...
Zachary Olivos: he is certainly armed
Ignatius Stendatem: That's why you married me.
DM: what I would give to know the tone of that line...
Zachary Olivos: the question is does he have ENOUGH arms
Chris: so many tones fit, too.
Constance Stendatem: True. I guess it is.
Constance Stendatem: . . .
Zachary Olivos: I suggest we prepare and meet here at dawn
DM: at the train wreck?
Ignatius Stendatem: This is an odd place to meet
Zachary Olivos: ...
Zachary Olivos: yes
Zachary Olivos: I meant the gate
Zachary Olivos: silly me
Constance Stendatem: The station works.
Zachary Olivos: Yes
Zachary Olivos: that is what I meant
Ignatius Stendatem: Right.
Zachary Olivos: exactly right Constance
DM: does anyone do anything else prior to setting off?
Zachary Olivos: no I just gather my actual materials
Adam: I take a bathroom break.
Zachary Olivos: I sleep
Zachary Olivos: I forgot that
DM: shut up
DM: so you head off?
Adam: irl, though.
Adam: brb
Zachary Olivos: I also breathe
Zachary Olivos: like
Zachary Olivos: at least 1000 times
Chris: I make sure we've got enough food for the trip.
DM: Chris, you level up
Zachary Olivos: Wait
Zachary Olivos: I thought they had trolleys for that shit
Zachary Olivos: I was just going to eat Bertie Botts
Zachary Olivos: I have like 3 gold coins
Chris: please...
* Chris rolls: 1d4 => 3
Zachary Olivos: that should be enough to repeat the scene in Harry potter where he buys them all
Chris: YES
DM: ok, then you head off now?
Zachary Olivos is disconnected.
Ignatius Stendatem: How bout a quicky?
Zachary Olivos has connected.
DM: really?
Adam: lol. no.
Adam: killing time
DM: right there, next to the broken train?
Zachary Olivos: Ah I'm running it off the website now and I STILL can't see the map
Zachary Olivos: * I appear that night
Zachary Olivos: with a flashlight
Adam: beats breaking out the tentacle monster.
Zachary Olivos: and search the area looking for more clues
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20+12 => 5 + 12 = 17
DM: you find the telegraph, that Constance totally told you about
Zachary Olivos: oh yeah
Zachary Olivos: I read it silently, then go to sleep
Zachary Olivos: right there
Zachary Olivos: at the station
Zachary Olivos: so I don't sleep through it
DM: So... one more time... the next day... we head off?
Adam: aye
Zachary Olivos: yes!
DM: ok
DM: where are you going?
Zachary Olivos: to that city that was named
Zachary Olivos: or not
Zachary Olivos: we're going to check the places where weapons are made
DM: the city is Coelia
DM: alright
Zachary Olivos: Coelia!
Zachary Olivos: Ahh
Zachary Olivos: just smell that Coal
DM: you discover there are three munitions factories in the city.
Constance Stendatem: Might not want to light a match...
Zachary Olivos: Yes indeed constance
Zachary Olivos: I suggest we start our search here
Zachary Olivos: (I point at one of the munition factories)
Zachary Olivos: on the map
Zachary Olivos: that was on the train I hope)
DM: ok
DM: what do you do once you get there?
Zachary Olivos: I examine the layout
Adam: I inform the facility supervisor that we are going to be taking a look around.
DM: they inquire why
Zachary Olivos: I produce the fragment
Ignatius Stendatem: someone blew up a train. We're looking to find out where the bomb is from?
Ignatius Stendatem: from.*
DM: they eventually consent
Adam: They'd better.
Zachary Olivos: thank you kindly good sir or madam
Zachary Olivos: I can't really tell
Zachary Olivos: do you recognize this fragment as belonging to you?
Zachary Olivos: *r factory?
Constance Stendatem: Perhaps we could just take a look at some of the finished products?
Zachary Olivos: EXCELLENT idea constance
DM: the finished products are standard artilery shells, but they are hard to compare to the fragment
Zachary Olivos: do you only make artillery shells?
Zachary Olivos: I search absentmindedly look for evidence to the contrary
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +12 => 16 + 12 = 28
guy at factory: yes
guy at factory: We just support the fight against Xenos
Zachary Olivos: so you don't make bombs
guy at factory: Well, shells are bombs...
Zachary Olivos: Wair
Zachary Olivos: what?
guy at factory: These explode, inspector.
Zachary Olivos: well yes
Zachary Olivos: but at a much lower level of
Zachary Olivos: well
Zachary Olivos: of boom
guy at factory: You aren't an explosives expert, are you?
Zachary Olivos: I don't know, guy at factory, are YOU?
Zachary Olivos: could an artillery shell have disintegrated an entire coach of a train
guy at factory: Possibly. Was the train armored?
Zachary Olivos: ....
Ignatius Stendatem: No.
guy at factory: Then maybe
Ignatius Stendatem: It also destroyed a good portion of a bridge.
Zachary Olivos: did any materials go missing recently?
guy at factory: Well, yes.
Zachary Olivos: can I check your bookkeeping manifests
Zachary Olivos: oh?
guy at factory: I would rather you not
Zachary Olivos: Well, how many went missing then
Zachary Olivos: And I need honesty
guy at factory: It's better this not be discussed. I will present you the official report tomorrow.
Zachary Olivos: if there are more bombs out there we need to stop them
guy at factory: I'm just a worker
Zachary Olivos: You are the manager
Zachary Olivos: take pride in your work Guy
Zachary Olivos: Just because your parents named you with such anonymous nomenclature doesn'
Zachary Olivos: t
Zachary Olivos: mean you can't be your own man
Zachary Olivos: just let us into the bookkeeping area
Zachary Olivos: we won't be but a minute
DM: some level of seriousness, man
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 => 18
DM: that isn't enough
Zachary Olivos: +5?
DM: ok, fine
DM: he lets you in
DM: do the others follow
Chris: yes
Ignatius Stendatem: sure
DM: Ok, there is a report of four shells reported missing.
Zachary Olivos: Okay, this is serious
Constance Stendatem: And nobody is looking into this?
Zachary Olivos: i'm sorry for my behavior Ignacious
Zachary Olivos: and constance
Zachary Olivos: but it appears this is far more serious than I expected it to be
Ignatius Stendatem: Is that so?
DM: everyone to the new map
Zachary Olivos: Yes I can load this one!
Zachary Olivos: no I can't
Zachary Olivos: I loaded the grassland one
Zachary Olivos: this one doesn't work
DM: there should be one called "factory"
Adam: ah
Zachary Olivos: no I went there it stopped again
Zachary Olivos: it says loaded 4/7 cached
Zachary Olivos: but whatever we can just keep going
Zachary Olivos: If there are three weapons still lose, I think we can all agree that this matter deserves top priority
Constance Stendatem: Indeed.
Adam: We don't yet know if these are what we're looking for.
Zachary Olivos: what do you mean?
Constance Stendatem: Either way, we have several potent explosives at large.
Zachary Olivos: It went missing shortly before the attack?
Adam: Is that what the document says?
DM: yes
DM: a few days
Zachary Olivos: I believe so
Zachary Olivos: yes see!
Adam: How often do shells go missing?
Ignatius Stendatem: Does the book say that missing shells are a normal occurance?
DM: no
DM: this is the first time in a while
Ignatius Stendatem: Well, in that case, I suppose you're right. We'd better find the others and quickly.
Zachary Olivos: I have some contacts in this city
Zachary Olivos: I will check with them to see if anyone has been fencing artillery shells recently
Constance Stendatem: What I want to know is how they smuggled something that large.
Zachary Olivos: There are ways
Zachary Olivos: I once knew a man who smuggled a rifle between his knees by pretending to be an old lady
Factory manager: Excuse me, who let you in here?
Zachary Olivos: Guy
Zachary Olivos: 's that work here
Zachary Olivos: not necessarily Guy
Ignatius Stendatem: smooth.
Factory manager: Are you police? do you have athority for this?
Ignatius Stendatem: I have six authorities.
Zachary Olivos: Why yes, we are officials from Greenwater
Zachary Olivos: *produces forged badge
DM: you don't have time to forge a badge
Zachary Olivos: No I have one
Zachary Olivos: sorry. should I roll for the forgery now or just not use it
DM: how did you get this badge?
Zachary Olivos: I have one for use in intimidation in Greenwater
Zachary Olivos: I forged it myself
DM: fine. roll forgery
Zachary Olivos: 1d20 +10
* DM rolls: 1d20+2 => 5 + 2 = 7
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +10 => 10 + 10 = 20
DM: now roll bluff
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20+7 => 18 + 7 = 25
* DM rolls: 1d20+6 => 14 + 6 = 20
Factory manager: and what buisness are you on?
Ignatius Stendatem: Nonya
Zachary Olivos: Sir are you aware that you are missing four artilleryt shells
Zachary Olivos: (intimidate
Factory manager: Nonya?
Ignatius Stendatem: Nonya business.
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +2 => 18 + 2 = 20
Factory manager: Look, I don't know who you think you are, but this is my factory. We had four shells stolen, and I'm not dealing with any funny buisness!
Zachary Olivos: and are you aware that a bomb has killed 15 innocent Greenwater residence
DM: roll bluff again
Zachary Olivos: likely made from the composite parts of the artillery shells YOU lost
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +7 => 18 + 7 = 25
* DM rolls: 1d20+6 => 13 + 6 = 19
Factory manager: You still could have informed me about this!
Zachary Olivos: About the PURSUIT OF JUSTICE
Constance Stendatem: We didn't exactly know where you were.
Ignatius Stendatem: I'm pretty sure I did when we got here.
Zachary Olivos: for the innocents your ignorance has killed
Zachary Olivos: how DARE you sir
Factory manager: You didn't say, "hey, I', going in the records room."
Zachary Olivos: (is this another intimidate?)
DM: sure
DM: but bullying this guy is tiugh
Ignatius Stendatem: It was implied. (can I intimidate too?)
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +2 => 18 + 2 = 20
DM: sure
Chris: lol
* Adam rolls: 1d20+9 => 19 + 9 = 28
Zachary Olivos: (erryday I'm criting skill checks)
Zachary Olivos: (oh now I'm sad)
Ignatius Stendatem: (boom)
Factory manager: Alright, I suppose I can't stop you...
Zachary Olivos: Thank you
Ignatius Stendatem: (I stand guard at the door.)
Zachary Olivos: and if you have any information about the break in we'd be glad to hear
Zachary Olivos: it
DM: why are you so afraid of this guy
Zachary Olivos: (I'm trying to badger for intel)
Zachary Olivos: *whisper to Constance* you be good cop
Factory manager: What do you want to know?
Zachary Olivos: What exactly happened that night? Was there any reports of strange activity?
Zachary Olivos: sounds?
Factory manager: No.
Zachary Olivos: Nothing to indicate who may have taken the shells?
Zachary Olivos: You have a problem with
Zachary Olivos: (I roll Knowledge local to figure out who may have taken it
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +12 => 11 + 12 = 23
Factory manager: No. The crime was done by a true master. No clues left behind.
Zachary Olivos: -2
DM: you get nothing
Zachary Olivos: he may have been
Constance Stendatem: A mage, perhaps?
Zachary Olivos: but do you know who scoped the area out
Zachary Olivos: that is how criminals work
Factory manager: Police detectives
Zachary Olivos: and he may have been less adept
Zachary Olivos: yes?
Factory manager: These were the best. Stolen bombs aren't taken lightly.
Zachary Olivos: So you are saying there was NO calling card of any sort
Zachary Olivos: no evidence?
Zachary Olivos: Were they stolen from this room?
Factory manager: No. They were taken from the warehouse, over there.
Constance Stendatem: I'm telling you: mage. A powerful enough wizard could just lift a bomb from the building with telekinesis, or teleport in, grab it, and teleport out. It would be child's play.
Zachary Olivos: Thank you sir, may we examine the area
Zachary Olivos: Constance, that is a possibility
Factory manager: Do you suppose that an Ordos mage did this?
Factory manager: Why?
Zachary Olivos: We may catch clues YOU missed
Factory manager: Go ahead
Zachary Olivos: and prevent more meaningless death
Zachary Olivos: thank you
Zachary Olivos: Rolling for search
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +12 => 15 + 12 = 27
DM: nada
Zachary Olivos: can I take 20?
Chris: dayum.
DM: sure.
Zachary Olivos: so that is 32
Zachary Olivos: for search
Chris: I'll assist! 34!
Adam: ditto
Chris: Assistance +2's FTW.
DM: You find a note on the ground
Zachary Olivos: Wow
Zachary Olivos: that
Zachary Olivos: was surprisingly hard to find
Zachary Olivos: It slipped in the cracks in the floor that makes sense
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: we read it
Zachary Olivos: what does it say
DM: Make spot checks
Zachary Olivos: shit
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: 1d20+2
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +2 => 4 + 2 = 6
Chris: nope
* Adam rolls: 1d20+0 => 4 + 0 = 4
Zachary Olivos: LOL
DM: ok, continue
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 15 + 3 = 18
Chris: better
DM: ?
Zachary Olivos: wait are we re rolling
Zachary Olivos: what does the note say
DM: I didn't permit that
Chris: Then it didn't happen.
Chris: 11, 6, and 4.
DM: "Take four bombs out of the warehouse, Guido, and move them to 1290 arc street. You will be paid shortly."
Zachary Olivos: I'm going to search the note with my magnifying glass
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 + 12 => 3 + 12 = 15
DM: the vowels are oddly arranged, in fact, they form a pentagram.
Zachary Olivos: Do I recognize it?
DM: you recognise it as a pentagram
Chris: knowledge arcana or spellcraft?
Zachary Olivos: guys there's a pentagram
DM: religion
Ignatius Stendatem: Daemons.
Chris: scheisse
Zachary Olivos: I'm inclined to agree Ignacious
Zachary Olivos: I'm curious who this Guido is
Constance Stendatem: If he's not an invention.
Ignatius Stendatem: One way to find out.
Zachary Olivos: True
Zachary Olivos: Uh
Zachary Olivos: gather information or should we just like go to a library)
Ignatius Stendatem: (the map should lead the way)
Constance Stendatem: We might want to check 1290 Arc Street before anyone gets wind of us poking about here.
Zachary Olivos: why there?
Ignatius Stendatem: Where else?
Constance Stendatem: Well, that's where they moved the bombs. There may be a trail.
Zachary Olivos: oh yes
Zachary Olivos: sorry, I thought that was the location of another factory
Constance Stendatem: In fact, I'd be willing to bet that if they were as careful as this on step one, they'll have gotten slack later.
Zachary Olivos: Likely
Ignatius Stendatem: The exit?
Chris: you can never leave...
Zachary Olivos: yes, let's go to arc street
DM: new map, floks
Adam: HA
DM: the door is locked
DM: also, it is evening now
DM: late evening
Zachary Olivos: Oh
Zachary Olivos: well
Zachary Olivos: allow
Zachary Olivos: me
Zachary Olivos: open lock
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20+9 => 12 + 9 = 21
DM: not enough
Cop: Hey!
Zachary Olivos: scheise
Zachary Olivos: mmmmyesssss?
Cop: You are under arrest, son!
Zachary Olivos: Oh come on, I'm just locked out of my house!
DM: bluff check
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +7 => 18 + 7 = 25
* DM rolls: 1d20+5 => 6 + 5 = 11
Adam: heh
Zachary Olivos: (Mwahahahahaha0
DM: -10 circomstance, due to danger and unbelivability
DM: but you still pass
Cop: why are you using a lockpick?
Zachary Olivos: It's all I had, I left my key inside
Zachary Olivos: silly me
Cop: Wait, this isn't a house...
Zachary Olivos: yes it is
Cop: This is a warehouse.
Zachary Olivos: well, I live here
Chris: so it's a house where you wear things
Zachary Olivos: its cheaper
Zachary Olivos: to rent this space
Zachary Olivos: in this economy
Zachary Olivos: It's not quite a house you are right, I'm sorry
Zachary Olivos: I'm just trying to make ends meet you know
DM: bluff check...
Zachary Olivos: but when did this turn into an attack on my character
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +12 => 8 + 12 = 20
* DM rolls: 1d20+10 => 20 + 10 = 30
Cop: yeah, how about we check if you own this place, ehh?
Cop: come with me
Zachary Olivos: I said I was renting it sir
Cop: Come on...
Zachary Olivos: I don't own it!
Cop: Let's go
Zachary Olivos: Of course it will say I don't own it because I'm...
Zachary Olivos: I'm...
Zachary Olivos: I'm sorry
Zachary Olivos: I was just so cold
Zachary Olivos: you know how the weather gets
Zachary Olivos: and... well
DM: he just gets out his handcuffs at this point
Zachary Olivos: My wife constance is pregnanat
Zachary Olivos: and we just wanted someplace warm for our
Zachary Olivos: SNEAK ATTACK
DM: make the bluff check to distract him
Ignatius Stendatem: SMOKE STICK
Ignatius Stendatem: RUN
* DM rolls: 1d20+10 => 15 + 10 = 25
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 + 7 => 10 + 7 = 17
DM: nope. Normal attack
Zachary Olivos: well, the smoke stick still went off right?
DM: yes
DM: roll init
* Adam rolls: 1d20+3 => 12 + 3 = 15
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 => 5
Zachary Olivos: +4
Zachary Olivos: ok, so I attacked barehanded, so that is 1d4 plus 1d6 right?
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 12 + 1 = 13
Zachary Olivos: oh not 1d6
DM: and 1d3
Zachary Olivos: because no sneak attack
DM: just 1d3
DM: +str
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: ...
Zachary Olivos: ok
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d3 => 3
Zachary Olivos: I do two damage
DM: chris, roll init
* Chris rolls: 1d20+2 => 20 + 2 = 22
DM: you go first
Zachary Olivos: YEAH
Chris: awwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Chris: channel
* Chris rolls: 1d6 => 5
DM: adam
Ignatius Stendatem: (grapple)
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d100 => 77
DM: passes miss chance
* DM rolls: 1d6+1 => 1 + 1 = 2
Ignatius Stendatem: (I thought that was damage for a sec.)
DM: 2 non-lethal
Zachary Olivos: this isn't Oblivion
Zachary Olivos: the guards aren't superhuman
Zachary Olivos: I hope
Ignatius Stendatem: (you and me both)
DM: cop takes a withdraw action
DM: Zac
Zachary Olivos: Still smoke sticked?
DM: yes
Zachary Olivos: Is Iggy grappled with him?
Zachary Olivos: like incapable of retreating?
Ignatius Stendatem: (no)
Zachary Olivos: ok, can I move silently around to the back of the house?
DM: can you see the map via Chris?
Zachary Olivos: not atm
DM: do that
Zachary Olivos: ok
DM: decide what to do when you can see where you are
Chris: (silent move)
Zachary Olivos: yeah
DM: roll it
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 + 9 => 1 + 9 = 10
Zachary Olivos: WTF
* DM rolls: 1d20+4 => 18 + 4 = 22
DM: nope
DM: ok, Chris
Zachary Olivos: wait
Zachary Olivos: can I equip or no
DM: sure, drawing somthing is a move action
Zachary Olivos: but I just moved
Zachary Olivos: so not this turn?
DM: you can take two move actions in one turn
DM: if you don't take a standard
Zachary Olivos: ok I draw my rifle
Zachary Olivos: and end turn
DM: ok
DM: Chris
Chris: I'm gonna fry him.
* Chris rolls: 1d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
Chris: that hit his touch?
DM: yes
* DM rolls: 1d20+1 => 2 + 1 = 3
DM: that fails to save
Zachary Olivos: lololol
* Chris rolls: 3d6 => 6
Chris: wow
DM: he screams in pain
Constance Stendatem: Sorry!
Cop: To late!
Ignatius Stendatem: This isn't good.
Zachary Olivos: don't apologize
DM: it's too late...
Chris: he's chargin' my sorry ass, isn't he...
DM: Adam, go
Zachary Olivos: ok let's do non-lethal from now on
Zachary Olivos: actually nevermind
Chris: wait. nobody in this party has high base attack, do they?
Zachary Olivos: nope
Ignatius Stendatem: (I draw my sword)
Ignatius Stendatem: (done
Zachary Olivos: SHE'S YOUR WIFE DUDE
Ignatius Stendatem: She's got it under control.
DM: the cop draws his pistol, drops his nightstick, and fires
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 10 + 3 = 13
DM: what is your AC?
DM: ahh, 12
DM: critical hit
* DM rolls: 4d6 => 9
DM: 9 damage
Chris: didn't know it had 19-20
Zachary Olivos: Well
DM: you know now
Zachary Olivos: she is alive
Zachary Olivos: lol
Adam: Now I have to kill this guy.
DM: Zac
Adam: Great.
Zachary Olivos: I'm gonna pop out around the corner, yelling "Constance!"
Chris: also,
Constance Stendatem: OWWW!
Adam: move down a bit
Adam: get out the smoke before you shoot
Zachary Olivos: I am I think
DM: ok, Chris' turn
Zachary Olivos: no wait
DM: you fire?
Adam: do it
Chris: oh shit
Zachary Olivos: no but I charge
Adam: ...
Zachary Olivos: jk
DM: ok, roll to bludgen with your rifle
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: good
DM: or are you using a baonet?
Zachary Olivos: bludgeon for non-lethal
Zachary Olivos: ?
DM: ok
DM: roll
Zachary Olivos: 1d20 +dex?
Zachary Olivos: or strength
Chris: does a rifle butt count as improvised?
DM: str
DM: yes
Zachary Olivos: nevermind
Zachary Olivos: I'm going to shoot him
DM: well roll, damnit!
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 => 18
Zachary Olivos: +4
DM: that hits
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: ?roll 3d6
DM: yes
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 3d6 => 12
DM: ok, you killed him. Now chris' turn
Chris: channel
* Chris rolls: 1d6 => 2
Chris: shit
Zachary Olivos: lol
DM: ok, adam
Adam: sunder pistol
* Adam rolls: 1d20+7 => 3 + 7 = 10
DM: that fails touch
DM: ok, cop time
DM: cop whacks you
* DM rolls: 1d20+3 => 5 + 3 = 8
DM: and fails
* DM rolls: 1d6 => 5
DM: ok, Zac
Zachary Olivos: I'm going to move to the door and try to opne lock again
DM: roll it
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +9 => 17 + 9 = 26
DM: ok, you picked the lock
DM: the door opens
Zachary Olivos: I yell
Zachary Olivos: RUN IT'S The Cops!
Ignatius Stendatem: Woah, really?
Zachary Olivos: Well, they'll come out and help us
DM: Chris' turn...
Zachary Olivos: and then the cops will know something sketchy is going down
Zachary Olivos: they'll search the house
Zachary Olivos: and we'll be vidicated
Ignatius Stendatem: you just killed a cop. I don't think that's forgivable.
Zachary Olivos: yeah
Zachary Olivos: I did
Zachary Olivos: you guys didn't
DM: Christopher?
Ignatius Stendatem: I mean, you could swear it was in self defense.
Zachary Olivos: yup
* Chris rolls: 1d6 => 2
Chris: ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Ignatius Stendatem: Actually, let's go with that.
Zachary Olivos: and so long as we stop more people from getting killed by artillery shells I'm okay with cooling my heels a bit
Ignatius Stendatem: I'm sorry officer. This is a big misunderstanding.
DM: is that all, Chris?
Chris: I draw my pistol, as well.
Zachary Olivos: Now they have probable cause
DM: Adam's turn
Zachary Olivos: to search the house
Ignatius Stendatem: Officer, stand down. We are investigating a terrorist threat. One that is inside that building.
Zachary Olivos: I run inside
Cop: What the hell? Drop your weapons!
Zachary Olivos: to force them to enter
Constance Stendatem: You could've said that earlier.
Zachary Olivos: you all nearly shot and killed constance
Zachary Olivos: police brutality!
Ignatius Stendatem: (I put my cane in my back pocket.)
Cop: I said drop em'
DM: that's enough for a turn
* DM rolls: 1d20+3-2 => 3 + 3 - 2 = 4
DM: a cop fires at constance and misses
Cop 1: Everyone clear out! gunfight in progress!
DM: Cop puts away his nightstic and pulls out a pistol, trained at your head
* DM rolls: 1d6 => 2
DM: ok, Keyvn steps in the warehouse
DM: you see stuff, but no people
Zachary Olivos: I'm the bad guy! Trapped in the ware house...
DM: Chris' turn
* Chris rolls: 1d6 => 4
Chris: that's more like it
Chris: done
DM: ok, Adam's turn
Cop 1: We have officer down, hostile apostate! Call in Ordos!
Constance Stendatem: Already here, jackasses!
Zachary Olivos: Is there any kind of secret passage in the room
DM: no
DM: Adam, what do you do?
Chris: right, wannabe
Chris: but I can bluff!
Ignatius Stendatem: I think we all need to take a step back here and try and get some perspective.
Cop: Drop em!
Ignatius Stendatem: I'd rather you do it.
DM: is that your turn?
Zachary Olivos: Guys now is not the time
Constance Stendatem: Fight or surrender, but do it quick!
Ignatius Stendatem: Surrender is the way to go here.
DM: seroiusly, I'm auto ending your turn soon
Ignatius Stendatem: (that's fine)
DM: ok
* DM rolls: 1d6 => 1
Ignatius Stendatem: (if the cop wants to disarm me, he'll have to do it himself. I'm not touching my weapons)
DM: Zac's turn
Zachary Olivos: What do I see
DM: very little. The warehouse is almost empty
Zachary Olivos: Does it look like things have been moved?
DM: No
DM: They are right where they were left
Zachary Olivos: ok
Zachary Olivos: I am going outside and yell
Zachary Olivos: I SHOT THE SHERRIF
Zachary Olivos: And these gentlemen were trying to arrest me
Zachary Olivos: I actually own this house
DM: ok, Chirs
Zachary Olivos: wait
Zachary Olivos: I'm not done
Chris: I assume the houses above me have doors?
Chris: 'cause I'm out of LoS.
DM: there
Chris: ty
Zachary Olivos: I own this house I helped steal three artillery shells that are going to be used against innocent people if you don't search this house right now
Chris: locked or no?
DM: no
Adam: awkward.
citizen: don't kill me...
Constance Stendatem: Good morning, ma'am. There's a gunfight going on out there, you may want to stay inside.
Constance Stendatem: evening*
Zachary Olivos: lol
Chris: same difference
DM: ok, Adam
Zachary Olivos: (I'm trusting you guys to help me out if I take the fall for this
Ignatius Stendatem: You'll be fine. Just don't do anything stupid.
Ignatius Stendatem: (I kneel and end my turn)
DM: ok
Cop: All the way on the ground, arms out!
* DM rolls: 1d6 => 4
DM: Zac's turn
Zachary Olivos: I kneel and liedown dropping my rifle
Zachary Olivos: I assume the position
Zachary Olivos: SEE I'M FETAL
DM: Ok, Chris
Chris: Does the door here have a lock?
DM: no
Chris: crap
Constance Stendatem: I got hit in the crossfire. Can I hide in here til the fight's over?
* Chris rolls: 1d20+10 => 2 + 10 = 12
Chris: fffffffffff
Zachary Olivos: uuuuuu
citizen: Help! The apostate is in my house!
Chris: how would she know?
Zachary Olivos: (kill her)
Zachary Olivos: (jk don't do that)
DM: Adam's turn
Ignatius Stendatem: (I go prone, as directed.)
You whisper to Chris: all she heard is that there as a rogue apostate
Ignatius Stendatem: (end)
You whisper to Chris: she would assume anyone who barges in would be them
DM: Cop readies to fire if you move
* DM rolls: 1d6 => 4
DM: Zac's turn
Zachary Olivos: can no one see me?
DM: you are in a smoke cloud
DM: the one guy with LOS is dead
Zachary Olivos: I can't stabilize him?
DM: nope, you took him to exactly -10
Zachary Olivos: Ok, I'm going to hastily forge an incriminating documen while prone on the ground
DM: have fun
DM: chris
Zachary Olivos: what?
Zachary Olivos: no that is my turn
DM: you are forgine
DM: that's several rounds
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 + 10 => 17 + 10 = 27
Zachary Olivos: ok
Constance Stendatem: Excuse me, officer? I'm not an apostate. I'm an Ordo student. So would you mind kindly not shooting at me?
Constance Stendatem: We were attempting to follow up on an investigation of a terrorist attack in Greenwater, the police there sent us on our mission. Check with them, if you like.
Cop 1: There you are...
Chris: (drop pistol)
DM: do you surrender?
Chris: Depends. Does he plan on accepting?
DM: you don't know
Chris: I surrender, but if he tries anything funny, he's gonna be a crispy critter.
DM: ok, then you all get arrested
Zachary Olivos: do i finish my document and plant it on the dead cop
DM: sure you have time
Zachary Olivos: ok
DM: one moment...
Ordos Officer: So what do we have here?
Constance Stendatem: A horrendously botched investigation, that's what.
Zachary Olivos: I
Zachary Olivos: uh
Zachary Olivos: yeah
Ordos Officer: There are marks of electrical damage on that body, little lady. Do you know what that means?
Zachary Olivos: that. that pretty much covers it
DM: if the box says I'm talking, don't interrupt
Zachary Olivos: sorry my bad
Constance Stendatem: That I'm in for disciplinary action, one would assume. But you probably plan on treating me as an apostate.
Ordos Officer: You are a mage, are you not? And I doubt that that little hohah was Ordos-authorized, now was it?
Zachary Olivos: Sir, if I may?
Constance Stendatem: I ran and hid. He shot me. What was I supposed to do?
DM: he looks in your direction, curious
DM: bad Chris
Zachary Olivos: this lady was attacked by that guard after he found us trying to enter this house
Zachary Olivos: there are artillery shells in the that were stolen from a production factory at this address
Zachary Olivos: *give it to him*
Zachary Olivos: we have reason to believe that a shell was used to detonate a train filled with innocent Greenwatch citizens
Cop: That is this adress, sir.
Zachary Olivos: no not that address
Zachary Olivos: the address of the factory we went to not the letter
Zachary Olivos: though I am getting to the letter
Zachary Olivos: We found this note at the scene of the robbery at the factory
Zachary Olivos: and traced it to this address
Zachary Olivos: at which point this policeman became very belligerent even when presented with official documentation regarding our investigation
Zachary Olivos: he then fired at this woman
DM: roll bluff
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +7 => 15 + 7 = 22
* DM rolls: 1d20+8+5 => 15 + 8 + 5 = 28
Ordos Officer: is that so?
Ordos Officer: Show me this official documentation?
Zachary Olivos: I show him the letter and motion to constance to show her badge
Chris: what badge
Zachary Olivos: what
DM: is this the letter you forged?
DM: wasn't that on the dead guard?
Zachary Olivos: no that was the pentagram one
Zachary Olivos: this is the one I made on the ground
DM: ahg
DM: Ok, are you giving him the thing you found at the factory, or the one you just forged?
Zachary Olivos: the one I just forged
DM: I though you put that on the dead guy
Zachary Olivos: no I put the pentagram one on him
Zachary Olivos: sorry
Zachary Olivos: I should have been more clear
DM: then what does this forged letter say?
Zachary Olivos: It officially charges me with the pursuit of these bombs
DM: ok, now roll forgery. Forgery checks are made the first time someone checks the document
Zachary Olivos: whaaaaat
Zachary Olivos: can't we take the one I already rolled?
DM: no, because that gives you unfair information about how well forged it is prior to it being inspected
Zachary Olivos: fine i guess
* Zachary Olivos rolls: 1d20 +10 => 5 + 10 = 15
* DM rolls: 1d20+10 => 14 + 10 = 24
Zachary Olivos: it should be 27
Zachary Olivos: just saying
Ordos Officer: And tell me, Mr...
Ordos Officer: Goodfellow, why didn't you report this to local city officials first?
Zachary Olivos: I thought there could be an imminent terrorist threat to your city
Zachary Olivos: And I sought to end it quickly
Zachary Olivos: I apologize, I should have come to you all first
Zachary Olivos: but experience has not been kind to me in regards to
Zachary Olivos: if you'll pardon the phrase
Zachary Olivos: burocracy
Constance Stendatem: Yeah, why DIDN'T we go through proper channels?
Ordos Officer: Search them and the warehouse
DM: do you comply to being searched?
Zachary Olivos: yes
Chris: In preference to being shot.
Cop 3: Sir, the official is heavily armed, and the detective has a daemonic charm, as well as a piece of shrapnel.
Cop: Sir, there are three more bombs in there
Zachary Olivos: (oh thank god)
Ordos Officer: And what exactly were you doing with this charm?
Zachary Olivos: We found it
Zachary Olivos: at the factory
Zachary Olivos: right?
Constance Stendatem: On a body at the bomb site.
Zachary Olivos: oh yes
Ordos Officer: Do you think this was cultist activity?
Zachary Olivos: I'd stake my life on it
Constance Stendatem: But why would cultists be interested in exploding a train?
Ordos Officer: Then why... didn't... you... INFORM THE ORDOS MANUASTA?!?
Zachary Olivos: The who?
Constance Stendatem: Because we're idiots?
Zachary Olivos: I thought she was with you to be honest
DM: the ordos manuasta are incharge of investigating ll magical or daemonic things
Zachary Olivos: (ok
Constance Stendatem: Not a full member yet. Just a student.
Zachary Olivos: Well, you could have said that
Zachary Olivos: don't you guys give out lisences
Zachary Olivos: should n't her's be like vertical
Zachary Olivos: instead of horizantal?
Ordos Officer: Inducted members wear the colors, and have a pretty badge. Student's have neither.
Ordos Officer: Tell me, lady, did you mislead them into thinking you were inducted?
Zachary Olivos: I never asked
Zachary Olivos: It was my own fault
Constance Stendatem: Not intentionally. They just kind of went charging on ahead.
Ordos Officer: Even if you are telling the truth, this was reckless and naive. You have admitted to hiding cult activity from the Ordos, and that alone is enough to see you all killed. In addition, there is a man laying dead no more than a stones throw from me. I hope you don't expect mercy form me...
Constance Stendatem: Also, we didn't actually know what that necklace was.
Zachary Olivos: It is entirely my own fault
Constance Stendatem: Kind of an important detail.
Ordos Officer: Imprisonment for all of them. They will await further questioning, then trial if needed. I do not know what has been happening, but I will see it resolved.
Zachary Olivos: (do we have our belongings
DM: not in jail.
Zachary Olivos: but right now?
DM: your weapons have been taken
Zachary Olivos: but my theives tools have not?
DM: no
Zachary Olivos: can I swallow them?
DM: not without getting caught
Zachary Olivos: can I "accidentally" break my smoke stick and do it then
DM: I cannot promise they won't shoot you for it
Zachary Olivos: well...
Zachary Olivos: nevermind then
DM: ok, I think this marks a good stopping point...
Zachary Olivos: ok, sounds good
Chris: all right
Next Chapter...