Lord of the Dance

Dark is the age of this world. Many of the ancient citys and temples are now overrun with creatures of evil. The forces of order hold sway over a shrinking realm, as every man, monster and demigod seeks only to advance his own fortunes. Great heros have risen, only to fall to the sword or the corruption in their own hearts. There is time left for the world, but it is only time for holding on to a cooling corpse.

Displeased with the world, Dionysus, god of mirth and wine, has sent omens to the world. Heros will be chosen from amoung the people, and blessed with great powers to slay the forces of greed and douchebaggery. Those selected will be those whom display the greatest of all the qualities of man: the capacity to party. For who is more apt to bring hope to a dark world than them whom bringeth joy to a dark bar? What heart is more pure than that of whom bringeth the beer to the beerless? What blade shall not be raised to the aid of the vanguard of joy and merriment?

Their powers shall be unstoppable. Their glory unchallanged. Any they shall be named the Lords of the Dance.

Yjerse has always been a magnet for hero wannabes, being on the fronteer of many realms of evil, but now you have heard legends of Lords being chosen amoung the other realms, and the astounding ability they have demonstrated. Now every adventurer flocks to the temple of Dionysus (the bar) to prove their worth. Sadly though, that costs money, so I guess we have to go raid a dungeon or something occasionally...

This campaign will have eposodic sessions of two varieties: dungeon crawls and drinking sessions. Dungeon crawl sessions will be launched whenever a DM (contact me if you want to DM a dungeon) has an idea and when there are players to go on it. We will try and make sure no player ends up going on way more or way less crawls than everyone else, but other than that we assume that you are all hanging around in Yjerse and when news about a new quest whatever characters hear about it just get up and go for it, and anyone who isn't in the session is just hanging around doing nothing important. I will give guidelines about the maximum treasure a dungeon can have in it, but other than that the game is up to the DM that day.

Drinking sessions require no DM, and you can jump onto this link at any time. action store here
You are free to play it with yourself, but you will earn more of Dionysus' favor if there are other people around to see how cool you are, so try to grab some other players to play against. This part of the game is real time, and to run it somebody needs to run the server jar [LINK COMING SOON] (which requires Java 8).
Your objective is to convert your gold into coolness (your score for this campaign) as efficiently as possible, which can (should) involve stealing from other players. A more complete rundown of the rules can be found here. At some point, and ending to the campaign will be declared, and whoever's character has the highest coolness at the end will be declared the Lord of the Dance. You are allowed to make multiple characters, but you may not send more than one of your characters on the same dungeon crawl.

For both types of sessions, your characters will be written in the NeRP ruleset with these racials and equipment rules. Note that this ruleset is still being written, so I cannot promise balance and can guarentee incompleteness. Feel free to ask me if there is a feature or weapon you think should be in there but isn't.