Frip's player rolled a mixed bag of somewhat good rolls, and decided to make a very versitile character from it. His highest score was a 13, which is in Charm. This helps in plenty of interpersonal encounters, but doesn't lend itself to any particular build. He boasts some nice, but not exceptional physical scores, with the exception of toughness.

This lends itself to a glass cannon, which Frip's player is interpreting in an opportunist way. Frip welds two melee weapons, the heavy pick and dagger. Attacking with both in one turn would cost 9 action points, which he could do, but normally it would make more sense to use the fearsome pick twice each turn. Instead, the dagger is there for versitility; there are several occasions in a combat where an opportunity to strike will arise, but not long enough to bring a full sized weapon to bear. In addition, Frip is carrying one weapon good at hitting, and one good at wounding. Some monsters boast a very good armor class in one area, but might be weak in the other, encouraging the use of the faster dagger against nimble foes, and the massive pick against those that trust in armor.

True to his name, Frip the Fool is not a wise man. In addition to making him easy to fool, this also puts him at higher risk when summoning arcane energy. Ironically, his high intelligence makes him great at using each point of energy to maximum effect when he has it. Frip is not a "powerful" wizard per say (unless he gets lucky), be he is a skilled user of magic.

Frip's lack of discipline tends to outweigh his motivation, leaving him slightly faster to go down in a fight. The rest of his soul attributes are decent though. Frip sports three prayers, for a variety of uses, but prayers to dieties that require a disciplined follower are not for Frip. Divine Shield, for example, would convey no bonus whatsoever!

Frip took the "curiosity" trait, allowing him to get an extra 12 educations, equal to his Intelligence score. Since normally his wisdom and discipline would give him just five, that's a must-have for this build. Frip needs lots of educations across the board to make use of all his abilities, including a few of the more "fun" arcane energy types, a couple handy prayers, and a bunch of skills that may or may not come up over the course of the game, including the very dubious "Acts of Kindness" skill. Many GMs would not have forbidden that as too broad, but ours would like to see what trouble this wildcard bard can get up to with it, at least before getting knocked to the ground in his first fight.