Name: Toughness
Prerequisite: none
Bonus: You gain one free hit die of this class. It counts as one more HD for all purposes, it adds to your HP, and you do apply CON to it.
Two-weapon Fighting requires DEX 13
Improved Two-weapon fighting requires DEX 14
Greater Two-weapon fighting requires DEX 15


Name: Engage
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1
Bonus: Pick one foe prior to rolling initiative. If your initiative is less then 6 below your chosen opponent, you attack that opponent (but not move) before them, outside of normal initiative. Your initiative remains at your roll for all other purposes.

Name: Improved readying
Prerequisite: Combat reflexes
Bonus: When using a ready action, you may prepare up to three possible actions, under different conditions. Should multiple conditions be met, you must choose only ONE action to preform.

Name:Crippleing shot
Prerequisite: +4 base attack bonus, precise shot
Bonus:When an opponant is hit by your ranged attacks, they suffer a -2 to attack rolls, skill checks, and Dex checks until the arrow or bolt is pulled out (a move action).

Name:Immobilizing shot
Prerequisite: Crippleing shot
Bonus: When a target is hit by your ranged attack, their Dex bonus to AC goes down by 1 (to a minimum of 0) untill the projectile is removed (a move action per projectile). Multible hits stack.

Name: Targeting shot
Prerequisite: Precise shot, engage, ranged weapon
Bonus: For as long as neither you nor you engaged target moves, every miss on your target grants a +1 to the next attack and every hit grants a +2 to the next attack, stacking to a maximum of +5

Name: Protective Shot
Prerequisite: Precise shot, combat expertise
Bonus: If you ready a ranged attack with the trigger of a specific action being performed, the attack occurs, and the attack hits, the target is unable to complete the action, as if an attack of opportunity were provoked.

Name: Defensive swordplay
Prerequisite: Engage, weapon focus(sword only)
Bonus: +2 AC when wielding focused weapon against melee and thrown weapons. This does not double if you are duel-wielding

Name: Improved defensive swordplay
Prerequisite: Defensive swordplay
Bonus: +3 AC with focused weapon against melee and thrown weapons, or +4 if duel-weilding

Name: Parry
Prerequisite: defensive swordplay
Bonus: If an attack misses because of your defensive swordplay bonus (2 or 3 less then AC), they provoke an attack of opportunity from you.

Name: Defensive charge
Prerequisite: Power attack, run
Bonus: no AC penalty for charging

Name: Aggression
Prerequisite: 13 strength
Bonus: +1 attack bonus Vs one of the targets you attack this round.

Name: Counter attack
Prerequisite: Parry, combat reflexes
Bonus: If a melee attack misses you by half your base attack bonus or less (rounding down), they provoke an attack of opportunity from you.

Name: Sundering cleave
Prerequisite: Improved sunder, cleave
Bonus: After a successful sunder, you may cleave into a second sunder or normal attack

Name: Disarming cleave
: Improved disarm, cleave
Bonus: After a successful disarm, you may cleave into a second disarm or normal attack

Name: Reckless
: Power attack, aggression
Bonus: Multiply your STR bonus times two for purposes of dealing damage.

Name: Smite
Prerequisite: Improved crit, weapon specialization
Bonus: No monster is immune to your crits.

Name: Penetrate
Prerequisite: Weapon focus (slashing or piercing only)
Bonus: Lowers all foes damage reduction by\10 (minimum 0)

Name: Slowing strike
: Weapon finesse, Combat expertise
Bonus: Before rolling for damage, you may choose to attempt to slow your foe by 5,10,15, or 20 feet per round. If you do, subtract 1 damage for every foot you attempted to slow their speed by. If the damage is above zero, the target's base speed is reduced by the desired amount until the target is healed of at least 1 damage.

Name: Blinding strike
Prerequisite: Weapon finesse, combat expertise
Bonus: Before rolling for damage, you may choose to attempt a blinding attack. If you do, subtract 12 from the damage rolled. If the damage is zero or higher, the target is now blind.

Name: Deafening strike
Prerequisite: Weapon finesse, combat expertise
Bonus: Before rolling for damage, you may choose to attempt a deafening attack. If you do, subtract 12 from the damage rolled. If the damage is zero or higher, the target is now deaf.

Name: Delaying strike
Prerequisite: Weapon finesse, combat expertise
Bonus: Before rolling for damage, you may choose to attempt a delaying attack. If you do, the target's initiative is reduced by half of the damage roll, but the attack does half damage. If the initiative is reduced below zero, they are sent to initiative count (20 minus remaining initiative damage) in the next round, losing their action if they had not acted this round.

Name: Armed grapple
Prerequisite: Engage, weapon focus
Bonus: If you lose the grapple when grappling with a focused weapon, the enemy grabs your weapon (disarming you) as opposed to grappling you.

Name: Persistent strike
Prerequisite: Cleave
Bonus: If you miss, but would have hit on a touch attack, roll damage against your opponents armor. Any damage past the hardness continues to your target. As a general rule, Metal armor has hardness 10 and leather has hardness 5 (most natural armor is leather)

Name: Act on the move
Prerequisite: Spring Attack OR Shot on the Run.
Bonus: When taking a standard action, you can move both before and after the action, provided that your total distance moved is not greater than your speed.

Name: Defensive shieldplay
Prerequisite: Proficiency with shields
Bonus: When fighting defensively, you add a further +1 to AC if you wear a shield.

Name: Shield Specialization
Prerequisite: Defensive shieldplay
Bonus: Choose a type of shield with which you are proficient (material and size or tower). The shield bonus granted by that shield increases by +1. In addition, when making a Reflex save for half damage, you add your shield's shield bonus (including any enhancement bonus it might have) to Reflex saves you make. You may also add your shield bonus (not including any enhancement bonus it might have) to Tumble checks made to avoid attacks of opportunity. In addition, you may use your shield to block any physical attack (melee or ranged). Doing so uses one of your attacks of opportunity for the round. Roll an attack roll with your shield, opposed by the attack roll of your opponent. Add +1 bonus to the attack roll, which corresponds to the +1 bonus to AC granted by this feat. You replace your AC with your attack roll for this one attack.

Name: Studied Precision [General]
Prerequisite: +1d6 Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike, Skirmish, or Precise Strike damage.
Bonus: You apply full Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike, Skirmish, or Precise Strike damage to creatures immune to critical hits based on your ranks in various Knowledge skills. You need to have at least three ranks in the appropriate Knowledge skill to deal full precision damage with this feat. Use the table below to find the appropriate Knowledge skill for each creature type:
Knowledge Creature
Type Type
Arcana Constructs, Dragons, Magical Beasts
Dungeoneering Aberrations, Oozes
Nature Animals, Fey, Giants, Monstrous Humaniods, Plants, Vermin
Planes Elementals, Outsiders
Religion Undead

Name: Two-Weapon overwhelming
Prerequisites: Two-Weapon Fighting
Bonus: You may forgo your first off hand attack during a full attack, although you still take the normal penalties for fighting with two weapons with your main hand attacks. If you do so, you may designate one opponent you threaten as flanked. This condition lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Name: Shieldsword
Prerequisite: Shield specialization, defensive swordplay
Bonus: You may choose to treat one of you focused swords as one of your specialized shields (with no enchantment) or vise versa until your next turn.

Name: Long charge
Prerequisite: Run
Bonus: Move 3x base speed on a charge

Name: Grappling charge
Prerequisite: Armed grapple
Bonus: You may charge into a grapple

Name: Bonus feat
Prerequisite: none
Bonus: You may take another feat

Name: Improved flank
Prerequisite: Engage
Bonus: Add +3 (not staking with the normal +2) to flanking bonus.

Name: Critical Flank
Prerequisite: Improved Flank
Bonus: In addition to the +2 to rolls to hit, add 4 to all damage rolls when flanking.

Name: Wall flank
Prerequisite: Improved flank
Bonus: Any impassable terrain counts as an ally for flanking.

Name: Envelop
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1
Bonus: When someone misses an attack against you when you hold a reach weapon, you may immediately roll an attack against them (this counts as an attack of opportunity for all purposes) If it hits, no damage is dealt, but you move 5 ft. closer to them, and may still attack them with that weapon, despite normal reach rules.

Name: Skewer
Prerequisite: Envelop, weapon focus with weapon used
Bonus: When you hit on an attack with a reach weapon, you may automatically move forward 5 ft. to an adjacent square to your opponent. Your weapon is now inside your opponent. To remove it, a strength check must be made to take the weapon out of your hands (this works like a disarm, but skipping the attack of opportunity) and then a move action must be taken to pull it out. The opponent's movement speed is reduced to zero until there is nobody holding the weapon used. Also, so long as the weapon is in, the victim counts as unstable. Unlike in Envelop, The attacker still follows normal rules for reach weapons when determining who to hit.

Name: Standing Bull Rush
Prerequisite: none
Bonus: You do not need a running start to bull rush.

Name: Armed Bull Rush
Prerequisite: Standing Bull Rush
Bonus: After hitting with an attack, you may choose to attempt a bull rush as a free action.

Name: Mighty Strike
Prerequisite: Power attack, Aggression
Bonus: When making a power attack, you may also take out of your strength bonus to hit and add it to damage. This does NOT multiply by 1.5 for two-handed weapons.

Name: Thundering Strikes
Prerequisite: Mighty Strike
Bonus: When hit by your attacks, targets must succeed a fortitude save of the damage dealt or be stunned for one round. This has no effect if they are already stunned.

Name: Advanced Crit
Prerequisite: none
Bonus: In the event of a critical hit, you deal 1d6 bonus damage.

Name: Skillful Crit
Prerequisite: weapon focus
Bonus: Add 4 to your attack roll when confirming a critical hit.

Name: Rending Crit
Prerequisite: Skillful Crit, Advanced Crit
Bonus: Upon dealing critical damage (it must beat DR), the target takes 1 CON damage

Name: Weapon Expertise
Prerequisite: weapon focus
Bonus: With your focused weapon, you may reroll any roll of 1 when rolling for damage. Note that a reroll may never be rerolled.

Name: Expert strike
Prerequisite: Weapon Expertise
Bonus: With your focused weapon, you may add you DEX bonus to your critical hit range. Should the character have improved critical or a keen weapon, only the origional bonus is multilpied.

Name: Improved Shield bash
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1
Bonus: When making a shield bash attempt, you do not lose the shield's bonus to AC. This feat does not work with tower shields.