Part 1: It Always Starts at an Inn...


Dren and Frip are having a good night making money at the Lazy Leaf Inn, but a very bad night of spending it. Dren, suprisingly, has yet to pick a single pocket tonight. Instead, he's been using his skills of theivery to entertain. One particularly confident (and imebriated) patron has offered him the entire contents of his lock box, if Dren can open it before he can finish his beer. Dren would be a fool to refuse.

Opening a lock is normally either a Dexterity or Intelligece + Dexterity check. In this case, the GM decides to ask a Dexterity + Speed check of the player to represent the extra challange of a shorter window of time. Dren also has the "lockpicking" skill, which obviously applies in this case. The GM doesn't want to come up with an opposed roll for this, so instead assigns an arbitrary DC of 15 for breaking open a normal lock, plus 4 for doing it quickly.

As Dren returns with his gains, Frip is facing his own trouble. The innkeeper is demanding payment for all of Frip's drinks, which unsuprisingly the fool does not have. Thinking on his feet, he decides to fake becoming very sick, and rush out. Surely, no inkeeper would risk a night of cleaning her floors just to pinch a few coins!

This is clearly an example of the "Deception" special rule. Frip will roll Intelligence+Charm. Frip also has "acting" as a skill, which is pretty clearly applicable.

After a little haggling and appologies, Dren manages to pay off Frip's tab, and drags his useless friend to their cots. These two have stayed out of the stocks another day, but they'll need to find some real treasure if they want to keep living like this.